Buddhism & Psychology Student Union @ University of Toronto:”Metamodern Era – Self realization for all!” – a lecture of Dr. Andrei on Saturday, February 4th: 4pm-6pm (Free & Public)

“Metamodern Era – Self Realization for All!”

Description of the Event – from dr. Andrei:

“From Buddha and Socrates to modern day psychologists and scientists like A. Maslow and J. Eccles, the target for our inner evolution has been Self Realization. We will engage in a journey of wisdom and expound the reality of the meta-modern era, where the jump into the next stage of evolution is not only desirable, it is both imperious and achievable. The workshop parts of the session aim to allow everyone present to attain the experience of mental silence as the first palpable step in the actualization of our Self. A verified framework of individual and collective pursuit of inner growth based on this experience will be shared.”

When: This Saturday
: 4:00pm until 6:00pm
: The University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice, 2nd floor, multi-purpose room, 569 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON
What:  On Saturday February 4th, under the auspices of the Buddhism & Psychology Student Union, Dr. Andrei will be giving a FREE lecture (open to all) on: “Metamodern Era – Self realization for all!”  from the Series of Free lectures grouped under the title:

Bridging Science and Spirituality

1)Go to Spadina Subway Station on the Bloor-Danforth Line
2)Catch the streetcar from inside Spadina Station
3)Exit at Willcocks Street and exit onto the east side of Spadina

Parking if Driving (see map below)
Options for parking

1) Street Parking on Russell, Huron, and Spadina Streets
2) Paid parking inside Spadina Crescent (One Spadina in Centre of Spadina Street)
3) Underground parking in the Bahen Centre on Huron Street between Russell and College

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  1. adrian

    It was amazing to hear Dr Harabor speak at the Multi-faith center.

    He took us through a brief history… from 8000 BC to the present… and simply to show how humanities… “evolutionary need to seek”… has brought us to this point in time to receive the message and guidance of Shri Mataji.

    Then Andrei took us through a simple meditation… and I loved the way he used the metaphor of “children’s love for chocolate” as the metaphor for our child-like innocence in constantly seeking that “candy”… that is the “mothering” energy(kundalini) to put ourselves onto or into the path of truely remembering who we are, and why we are here.

    After that Dr. Harabor created that bridge into the realm of science to show, through some clinical data… the importance of meditation, and how that connects with our spiritual essence.

    Very simple, very enlightening and all from the heart. Andrei spoke with such forthrightness and a magnetism… very loving.

    To be enjoyed.

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