About Buddha’s “Atheism” & Realization and Modern Times – What are we Searching for?

So he (Buddha) went into various areas of search – as today we find many seekers have been going to many people to find out the truth – and he was tired, very tired. He thought all his seeking, all his working hard, all his efforts, everything had just made him tired. And he thought it was all fruitless. So, he was lying under a Banyan tree, and there the Adi Shakti (the Goddess /the Holy Ghost/ the  Mother Source for our Kundalini energy)  gave him realisation. When all your searches are over – people search in money, in power, in love, and all kinds of things. Ultimately people start searching in various groups, cults, gurus, all kinds of drugs, alcohol, whichever ways are possible they try to search. But when human beings try to search something, then in their movement they either go to the left or to the right. And he (Buddha), being such an ardent seeker, such a truthful seeker, he could see very clearly that this is not the point of going left or right. But there has to be some ascent, but how to achieve it? Who is going to give him self-realisation? All that tiredness he laid down himself under the tree and suddenly he got his realisation.

When he got his realisation, he started understanding why these problems of conditioning and ego is there. He found out one thing: that people when they read too much, and try to understand through ritualism God, then they develop their ego. The other side, he found out, that when people just get some desires, go on praying to God, “Give me this, give me that”, they become mad. And when he realised it, then only at that moment when he was tired, he got his realisation.

This is exactly what is happening today in the modern times. That those who were seekers have been seeking the Divine on the left and right hand side. Nowadays they are jogging. I don’t know what they’re going to achieve through jogging. They’re jogging like mad. Then there are ardent Christians, ardent Muslims, fighting the whole world for their religion, for their God, for in the name of Mohammed Sahib, in the name of Krishna, in the name of everything. Then they think their religion is in danger. I mean it is not. Neither the prophets nor the incarnations, nobody is in danger, not at all. How can they be? And no religion if it is true religion can be in danger. But this he only realised after his realisation. But his followers who came did not see the point that ultimately it is self-realisation is talked about. Actually he took all the care to see that people should get their self-realisation first. Then, anything else.

First of all he said,’You are not going to worship me’. As you know we don’t allow people to come for my Puja unless and until they are fully established in Sahaja Yoga. So he first said, that you should be fully established in your self-realisation, that’s all. He would not talk about God, because once you start talking about God, then he saw all these horrible religions coming up in the name of God.

When I first came to America, you will be surprised, I did not talk of God, I did not talk of bhoots, I did not talk of any religion. I just talked about self-realisation. The reason was, I thought, if you get your Self-Realisation then you’ll understand the rest of it, but no use talking to you about God or about Divine because first thing is you must have your eyes, you must have the light, otherwise what’s the use of talking about these things. But it is so happened that Buddha did not give anybody realisation. So it was alright to Him to talk about the Spirit and not about God or any religion, to such an extent that people say that Buddha was an atheist. He did not believe in God. No, it was a matter of His policy that He did not want to talk about God.

So today we have to pray for the whole of America which is really suffering from this nonsensical, mythical ego, which is being exploited by everyone. People are befooling them. .. everybody is befooled, because they’ve got ego. If they had no ego, they could not have been befooled. All these advertisements and all this hokus-pokus that’s going on, is because human beings have ego and they can’t see it.

So we have to sayMother, please take away this curse of ego from Americans and America. That’s why it is nice today we have this Buddha Puja.     May God bless you.
(Excerpt from a speech offered by Shri Mataji on Buddha’s life and teaching in 1988-07-23)

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  1. Rabi Ghosh

    What a beautiful Realization i had again today . It felt as if receiving Realization again. Although had the blesings of reading the transcript before also. But it is always so refreshing to read it time and again. Everyday is a discovery within as everyday our mind starts seeking a different aspect and everyday if we get connected with the source, is a matter of self realization that it actualizes within.

    Thank you Ioana for this wonderful article.

  2. Hitesh

    Really nice article about Buddha. When he was not attached and when he was tired, there was a force which took this humble seeking child into its arms and gave the enlightenment. Though he was not an ordinary human, he also had to go through every hardship, that everyone as a human had to go, and the point when all his ego dissolved into a true prayer of the middle channel, then he got his realization. What a great lesson for us all. We keep on fighting inside and outside, little that we realize that the balloon is expanding and when we realize it and let the force do it for us, then like a Mother’s arm and Father’s wisdom, the force gives you joy comparable to none.

  3. Sharadindu Tripathi

    What a Co-incidence ! recently i visited Bodhgaya( BIhar)- the place of Lord Buddha’s preaching & self realization and Pawapuri-25 kms away( The place where Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana). As a Sahajayogi, it was a different experience altogether on vibratory & awareness level. We had a Seminar also for Sahajayoga in Oct.,2010 at Bodhgaya. I wanted to know more about Lord Buddha from Shri Mataji & from Sahajayoga point of View. And here is your article! Thanks to Mother & the Collective Consciousness.

  4. adrian

    Shri Mataji on Buddha… he understood that it is about our “ascension”… not about ritualism or about who has the correct religion. These lead one into Ego… this way/that way and hence their own doubt.

    Ascension starts with SELF-realization… and then expands beyond the self to the ALL…

    So to others Buddha seemed like an athiest… because he needed to be by himself… to be silent… to allow the seed to be grown and nurtured from within.

    1. adrian

      Oh… and by the way… it is OK to go for a nice jog… as long as you are not running away from yourself… yourSELF.

      1. adrian

        The Banyan Tree…

        Trees make wonderful connections…

        The Tree of Life… our subtle system

        The next time you lie under a tree, close your eyes… see that tree within yourself
        … then see yourself within that tree…
        Then remember the story of Budha lying under that Banyan Tree.

        … and feel the vibration within.


  5. Shulin

    so nice :)) the lights and the eyes are needed, otherwise you can’t see a thing.

  6. paula

    It is crystal clear…give them self-realization first…when they feel the vibrations through connection…then we see the whole world with new eyes…with a feeling of oneness…connection to everyone and everything…the protection settles in…day by day… and one experiences miraculous shifts in one’s life, one witnesses the power of “thoughtless awareness” thereby accessing the collective consciousness and “live-streaming” the witness power…where we see that without reaction coming from the past baggage and future worries, that we become detached from our problems, and often the problems are dissolved or help us to evolve our personalities in surprisingly positive ways…just with pure desire and a surrender of that problem, we get help…the key is not to be attached to a certain outcome. Because a better solution can present itself, not by our limited mind, but rather our unlimited connection with the all pervading power…that flows, organizes, loves, and spreads joy and love everywhere…and we start to see the beautiful play, and on all this stage, we are the players…when we start to trust that more and more, then we can understand, because we have experienced many proofs.

    So, it starts with self-realization…that is the key…for those who want to know what is the potential of humanity, we turn the switch on…to let it flow. It is worth taking our time, to let it all sink in deep into our souls…and peel off the conditionings built up over, sometimes decades, that keep us from realizing our connection to everyone and everything…that keep us in the dark about what it takes to feel pure joy through yoga…the real yoga…Thank you for this timely article.

    1. adrian

      I realize my Self
      as… Love,
      in that…
      Love is the universal force of preservation, that
      manifests in creation.

      How is that Love realized?
      Do I give cheerfully of my Self?
      Do I gratefully receive of my Self?

      Why do I give and receive?
      to become Self aware…!
      Do I listen to my Self?

      What am I listening for?
      Do I know the subtleties of
      lying and hating to myself !

      Then I have the opportunity to
      act on my knowing and

      When I do…
      I realize my connectedness
      and I am.


  7. Angie

    May Shri Mataji bless You.

  8. Jolanta

    It is helpful to know that Buddha received the true light when he gave up, or surrendered, after trying so hard. I think it could be a lesson for people not to despair over failures; as long as one has tried really hard to overcome obstacles and fought the battles for something really important they believe in, next step is to surrender. Or perhaps I am over-analyzing this, in which case it would be my ego, wouldn’t it?

  9. Oresta

    Thank you for the article on self realization. It has to come first so you can see that you are connected to everything and that everybody is divine. It helps you to see through your conditionings and break free from your ego. Many years ago I experienced a feeling that I had everything that anybody could want but the joy was missing from my life and I realized what I was missing was the connection with the divine, with my spirit. That gave me true joy. As Shri Mataji says you can only find true joy with this divine connection.

  10. NITI

    It is an amazing article about Shri Buddha,and about his teaching, and came to know why he didn’t talk about God because without self
    Realization if people came to know about god that will dafenately turn into false religion and false knowledge which is the base of all kinds of war and racism going on in present day situation.Shri Budha talked about the Spirit once we connect to our spirit we don’t get caught in the hands of ego and also we don’t get caught in hands of foolish desires which lead us into deep sorrow.I really thanks to Shri MATAJI for letting us the true meaning of religion and the teaching of all the prophets and Gurus.

  11. Helen

    So refreshing to read this and become part of the new awakened reality. Thank you.

  12. Kartikeya

    The seekers of truth will in due time find the source of life the are looking for. The comforter has come and people will get their self realization as shri buddha did because that is the only path to god.

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