The Grand Finale with Exceptional Yogis Artists

Enjoy The Grand Finale with Exceptional Yogis Artists from Holland and the UK at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation group had invited two wonderful international artists that are also practicing sahaja yoga meditation, to join the events offered in Burlington during Canada Culture Days.  

Marie-Joelle  is an amazing singer and composer originally from Holland, currently established in Belgium. Tim Bruce  is an actor, singer and producer from UK. With the great support of Angela Paparizo  – Burlington Manager of Arts and Culture, Adam Belovari – Culture Coordinator and Robert Missen – Host and Curator, these two artists had been included in the amazing show: Burlington Resounds – the Grand Finale for Culture Days  @ The Burlington Performing Arts Centre on Sunday, Sept 27, 2015

                                                (VIDEO) Now, let’s ENJOY their Live Performances including a Surprise Energy Exercise as well the Appreciation for Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation expressed by the City organizers of this mega event!

In the above video, one can watch and grasp how very successful were these performances! Note: Marie- Joelle’s musical act  is intertwined with a simple yet effective meditation exercise of activating the kundalini energy in all participants through the awakening power of pure desire combined with the enlightened sound of music.

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Tim Bruce’s rendition of the ‘Impossible Dream’, accompanied at piano by Kristine Pearson (local yogini artist) represents ..a dream coming true for all of us here in Burlington! A Big Thank you to All that made it coming true!!  Stay tuned, more videos + Photos are coming; plus wonderful stories from these Canada Culture Days celebrated in Burlington!

A big Thank you to Shulin – from our Halton Youth Sahaja Yoga Meditation team – for participation so keenly in this marathon of community events that happened for three days in a row here in Burlington. Such a great success in an out!

Shulin on Burlingtons Shore of Lake OntarioIt’s about Time to relax and .. meditate in Burlington! 

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  1. letitia

    Ce bucurie imensa am simtit citind aceste vesti minunate despre cresterea si deschiderea sahaja yoga in toate activitatile vietii sociale,felicitari. Multumim Shree Mataji pentru toate aceste binecuvantari.
    Jai Shree Mataji! ce voci minunate.

  2. Sam

    So beautiful… Their voices are both incredible… Marie Joelle has such a beauty to her voice and Tim has so much depth. They express so much passion when they sing, it’s been such a pleasure to get to know them and to see them preform, it just takes you above and beyond the thoughts in an instant. It has been an experience I will take with me for many years.

    Humbly I want to thank you both for coming all the way to Canada, and to Burlington and sharing your beautiful talents and personalities with us, it’s been such a pleasure.

  3. Kruti

    I had a privilege to meet all the artists last week and despite being so talented, they are so humble. Their performances have so much vibrations, it’s simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ioana

      Thank you Kruti, you are always a great support despite your hectic family/work life! We missed your little boys at our outdoors event; hope to see you all soon.

  4. Kavita

    Burlington is blessed with an incredible team that works tirelessly to promote and spread Sahajayoga. Given their pure divine intentions they are hugely successful in every event they organize. The Burlington cultural event was one such. Being part of the team I had the privilege of meeting the great artist and ardent Sahajayogis Tim Bruce and Sia. Both are incredible ans inspiring. Their talent is a gift and it but urged us all. To all the seekers out there please note your journey starts here at Sahajayoga. This is my message from Burlington team.

    With love


  5. Sandra

    J.S.M.! What a talent, dedication, and surrender. They sacrificed personal comfort, and replace it with a generous ongoing giving of music, to vibrate Burlington, delight all of us, and call the seekers. Thank you, so much, yogis/nis from abroad and local for this unforgettable program.

    1. Ioana

      Thank you Sandra and Navdeep for all your support! Stay tuned, we’ll offer a big community event: One Tree One Heart – to rise ecological awareness and share meditation within our communities.

  6. Colleen

    Thank you so much Shulin for filming all of these incredible performances. I was unable to make it to The Burlington Preforming Arts Centre so I’m grateful I’m able to see it, fantastic!!

  7. Tim

    What a great day! Thanks to everyone in Sahaja Yoga Halton, and especially Ioana who made it all possible!

  8. Anja

    Thank you all for beeing such wonderful instruments of devine power and bringing Sahaja Yoga meditation to the seekers in such and amazing beautiful and comforting way!

    Great job! Wish you success and hope to see you in Europe ­čÖé

    1. Ioana

      Thank you Anja! Indeed we brought few of Europe’s finest artists here this year :-). You’d better come to Canada to see more of them (Europeans! :-)) .. in 2016. We celebrate 10 years of charity/volunteering service in Oakville – the sister town to Burlington.

  9. paula

    Marie-Joelle has a voice that melts into your soul. It certainly appeals to the heart and soul, and she simply demonstrated the simplicity and power of Sahaja Yoga with such a quiet, still force you can feel. It was a deep inner silence and peace followed by heavenly music!

    I had never really heard the Impossible Dream and fully understood the span and range and depth until practicing Sahaja Yogi and artist Tim Bruce sang on stage in Burlington…that it is a call out to every person’s purpose, will to live, actualizing a dream of true awakening of the spirit in this lifetime, coming from a deep place of inspiration, where poets and artists draw their inspired works of art that are enlightened and lasting. It was all a monumental slice of heaven! These wonderful vibrations are also felt every week, at our weekly classes, where we reach this place inside we all have, and feel the power and beauty of our existence, and at the same time, raise each other up higher and higher. Incredible vibrations that grow within and expand every day, adding more joy topping feelings every day. Thank you also to Christine the pianist, it was a magical weekend of Culture days infused with Sahaja Yoga’s mixed flavours of artists, activities and experiences.

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