What is Kundalini? Answer with Miracle Photos & Numerology Info (HOW TO Establish my Self Realization?!)

Kundalini as Strands of Energy /Spiral Rope piercing through the top of the head Sahasrara chakra

Miracle Photo - Collective Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Outdoors -International Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Russia 2009

“Now, this Kundalini is the Primordial Power which is reflected within you..

And within you, in a human being, it is like many strands of energy. So it’s like a rope and these energies are all twisted together to form this Kundalini.

In a human being these strands are 3 into 7 — that is 21— raised to power 108. But when your Kundalini rises, one or two strands out of this come up and pierce the fontanel bone area (at the level of the 7th chakra = Sahasrara chakra). Only one or two because it has to pass through the innermost Nadi (subtle energy channel), known as Brahma Nadi. It’s all a spiral throughout because Kundalini is a spiral and these nadis are also are like a spiral … So the innermost Nadi is the Brahma Nadi. The outermost Nadi is the Right Side (subtle energy channel) and the second innermost is the Ida Nadi (the Left Channel).

So, through the Brahma Nadi, She (Kundalini) starts sending those threads (of subtle energy). By that, they relax the centre. By the relaxation of the centre, the sympathetic nervous system also starts relaxing and when it goes to the Agnya Chakra (the 6th chakra at the level of forehead), then your eyes start relaxing, your pupils start dilating and your eyes can become like mine, very black, absolutely relaxed.

So, you can easily see in a person how far is the Kundalini. If it has pierced the Agnya, then the eyes will be completely dilated and will be shining and then She (Kundalini) enters into the Sahasrara.

Now, (Kundalini) it is absolutely Pure light of Knowledge, Love, Compassion and Attention. All these three things are in that energy.”

(Excerpt from Shri Mataji’s speech on Kundalini – Weilburg, Germany, August 11, 1991)

Scientific fact & Comparisons:

Just to give you an idea of the number of strands it has, see below:
It is a phenomenally large number and is equal to (7*3) to the power of 108, that is 21x21x21x…….x21 (108 times).

This number is reproduced below:

630 49817 12741 68789 20379 39308 04828 38280 94091 75992 95791 41921 35315 98775 71193 74999 35477 82037 42004 55106 04015 71289 19695 46110 60638 69746 94738 11259 61361

 that is, it is greater than 630 followed by 140 zeros.
We are not used to how large this number is so to give you an idea of its size, here are some large numbers in real life
Cells in a human body                                                  10  raised to power 14
•Stars in the observable universe                          10 raised to power 23
•Size of  the observable universe (metres)      10 raised to power 27
•Atoms in the observable universe                      10 raised to power 82
•Strands in the Kundalini                                            10 raised to power 142

(7 min VIDEO) What is Kundalini and How to Establish Your Self-Realization (TIPS from YOGA Master)


Sahaj Exercise for Vibratory Awareness:

Please, keep the hands towards the screen, empty the mind of any thought and check if you feel clear sensations in the palms. These photos emit actually a gentle clear cool breeze when there aren’t strong obstructions in the energy centers.

Enjoy also the photo below as a Good Bye gift 🙂


Wait a Second! You can read also about the connection with Carl Gustav Jung and Kundalini as Tape recorder here.

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  1. armaity

    How many times have we read this excerpt from Shri Mataji’s talks. But each time it continues to give us a sense of awe and profound knowledge !!
    Thank you dear Ioana for reminding us, time and again of what Sahaja Yoga is really all about !

    1. Rambilas Banerjee

      Humans must realise the spirit & soul so that Kundalini will ascend from Muladhar to Angya chakra.

  2. Carmen

    Dear all: I am feeling the cool breeze at this very moment. This experiment works as soon as you start reading.

    What a bliss!


  3. ann

    As dear Carmen felt, as soon as I opened the email a calm peace and cool breeze settled in my kundalini just emiting from the picture and strong vibrations from the article.

    Love Ann

  4. Monica

    Waw, I felt the vibrations as soon as I opend the email, but the cool breeze in the palm was amaizing. I even checked if my palm is cold.

    Thank you, Ioana for the wonderful experience and for all the wonderful emails that are giving me such a joy.



    1. abhay

      whats a miracle i cant say any thing

  5. Shashidhar

    Isn’t it amazing how a simple Camera is now able to capture these Divine events?

    A very vital post as Kundalini awakening is THE ONLY WAY a human being can be connected to God – no matter which religion one may claim to ‘believe’.

    1. Adrian

      We are connected regardless… however we have the opportunity to remember with more clarity why we are here and what we are capable of experiencing through our awakening or self realization.

      1. Nehemiah

        Dear friend, we are not connected unless we have our self realization. Sure the param’chaitanya or all pervading power of God is within us and without us, but until that power is felt on our central nervous system, it is only a mental concept. We must be connected to it through our awareness. If you haven’t done so already, get your realization on your tube for free by searching: “Shri Mataji gives self realization”. It may change your life completely like it did mine. 🙂

  6. haliun

    wow, really,
    i read it,
    and started feel immediately my Kundalini,
    so gently and tenderly inside..
    and when pictures came afterward,
    vibrations flowing could be felt clearly…
    like very much new experience
    Iona, this website is like enchanting divining rod,
    really truly brings alive experiences.
    Should thank for that experience,
    really thank you 🙂

  7. ashok kumar misra

    we r so lucky to feel the vibrations

    praying.. to give me wahtever required so that i spread the technique of sahaja yoga around the world, for the benefit of all!!

  8. Prof.K. Narsimha Reddy

    It is really amazing experience.Seeing is believing. There are no words in a dictionary to describe the experience

  9. Rajesh Nair Hyderabad India

    Mother has ensured that each one of us have a compass active inside us which will auto navigate us !!!!
    The best way is to completely surrender and experience this bliss!!!!!!!!!!

  10. RAMYA


  11. M.Shangar

    i have enjoyed myself in self realization from sahaja yoga. good piece of mind some changes in life. by shangar from Pondicherry, India

  12. Elsie

    I have reread this article again and again Kundalini is pure light of knowledge, love, compassion and attention are in that energy. There is nothing more beautiful than that I do get a tingling in my palms but cannot confirm that what I feel is a cool breeze yet, but I will continue to clear my mind of thoughts. I know that I will feel it. It gives me peace to read these words.

  13. Rajiv

    In the midst of my office chaos when I read this I felt cool all around me. Thanks Iona for reminding me that the bliss is all around … always.

  14. Rajeev

    Dear Blog manager, what your are doing is something great. recording great messages fro Shri Mataji.

  15. nitya singh

    seriously amaging experience i am really thankful to god who has given shri mataji in my life…………
    and i am speechless and can’t say anything about these miracle photos…just thanks a lot for shri ma for being a part of my life…………

  16. Malti Menon

    Wow, This is an amazing e-mail. So much vibrations. I am drenched with cool breeze. Thank You Shri Mataji for awakening our Kundalini and showing us the path to Nirvichar. This picture shows the vibrations so clearly. What a joyful experience.


  17. Manisha Dhanve from Pune

    It’s amazing thing one should experience it.
    It is a way enjoy the divine play.

  18. as i read all the comments of the sahajogi’s and saw the miracle kundalini photos i m been in thoughtless position . thanks

  19. Pushminder

    It is very relaxing reading this mail.Heartly thanks to IOANA for the amazing pic.

    1. Sanjay Wani

      As i saw this mail & read it I got too much cool breeze of vibrations.
      This picture shows the clear vibrations from sahastrara.Thanks beloved mother

  20. Jolanta


  21. Bhanu Vohra

    This is so divine and powerful. Thank you for sharing Ioana.

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