The Rock Within – Connections to Qualities of Chakras

The Rock of Innocence Connection to Root Chakra (Mooladhara) & Lord Ganesha & Highest Thing

“It’s all on a shifty sand we are standing, all the time, and your mother is another one who tries all kinds of tricks. 🙂 The reason is, I want you to Stand on Rocks. And this Rock is emitting Love, is emitting that Divine Love. And the Joy of that Love is really so Beautiful.”

says Shri Mataji – greatgrandmother and founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“If you cannot love children, you cannot love anything. I have not come across anyone so far who says that they don’t love children—luckily! But maybe some might say: ‘We love flowers.’ Why? Why do you love flowers? Because they are innocent. Because that beauty of innocence is within them.”


You love Nature—why?! Because it is Innocent. But the greatest Innocence is seen among human beings who are Sahaja Yogis!
It is easy to be cunning, very easy to be cunning. It’s very easy to be clever. But to be wise, one should understand the beauty of being innocent. Possibly one may say: “Mother, one can get exploited if you are innocent.” No-one can exploit an innocent person. They may believe that they have done this, they have been very aggressive and all that, but they cannot. It is like a
rock. It is like a rock that is not prevailed by any ocean of anger or any kind of revenge. It’s the rock that is being looked after and nourished by Shri Ganesha. I’ve told you before also, that the innocence within us never gets destroyed. Very surprising. You may be a sinner, you may be a very cruel person, you might be anything: but it does not get, it cannot get it. After innocence. It is a very, very secret thing that is put in us by the Divine. We play with our innocence very much. We think that by behaving any way we like, “It’s alright, after all it’s my own desire, my wish.” And we’ll go on, we go on all the time reducing our power, or we can say the hiding, or covering our power of innocence. And we think that we have done a great job, that we have be-fooled all the people by our tricky nature. This tricky nature cannot give you any satisfaction. It is not self-sufficient.”

“When you try to trick someone, this trick works on you, it is repelled on you, and destroys your faith in Innocence—which is the greatest faith, the greatest help or, we should say, the greatest power on this Earth.”

Amazing Meditation Experience & Recognition Captured in Stone @ First Burlington Class


Artwork realized at Burlington meditation Class – in Halton region – by a person that came that day for the very 1st time to our beginners class! This seeker had intuitively shown  great respect for Shri Mataji, only because during the Meditation & Chakra Workshop that was offered to this lady, she had experienced clearly energy waves flowing everywhere out of her Crown Chakra .. so she tried to translate this experience through these colours and words she had picked .. during the art-crafts workshop that followed the meditation and workshop exercises. I found it so beautiful this experience and what beautifully was expressed, in paying homage to the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation – without even knowing anything in particular about Shri Mataji. Simply Amazing, isn’t it?!

“Those people who do not respect their Innocence because they think it makes you weak, have not seen the power of innocence—how it works, how it acts. But, so far, I think the human beings are not conscious of the power, power of innocence. But it is the highest thing to be innocent. And it acts as if the whole understanding, whole working-out of the being is so beautifully achieved.”

( — excerpt from the Talk on Root energy centre and its subtle governing energy represented by Shri Ganesha — Cabella — Italy –22/09/2001)

Are We Building on the Rock of the Spirit? Why Should We?!

But the beauty within you is that you are absolutely independent of anybody else. You depend only upon yourself, upon the source of your Spirit, the joy of your Spirit. You don’t expect others to give you joy.
Supposing somebody tomorrow comes and abuses me. I’ll say, ‘All right. It doesn’t matter, never touches me because I am with myself. He is saying these things. He will suffer or not suffer. That’s not my department.’ 🙂 When you start depending only upon yourself, just imagine a house which is standing on rocks. Like that, you are. Try to feel it. Feel the rock within you. Try to understand. You are not going to behave like other people. It’s all right, people who have built their houses on sands have to worry. Not we. We have built on rocks. So we have to be very courageous. You have to be very bold. At the same time, extremely humble.”(Diwali Talk, 1991, 10 November,Cabella, Italy)


Standing on Rocks of Enlightened Faith & Sahaj Miracles – Jesus Christ as Ideal Model

“So now, you see in Sahaja Yoga, many people who are very steady, who are upright, who are very valuable, they are like the people who know they are standing on the rocks. But those who are not yet so steady are the people, they think they are still dwindling on some sort of a funny waters of this life. The rocks are big there, standing on the rocks and also that has come out of faith, that nothing can disturb us, that faith, (that) nothing can trouble us. As far as Christ is concerned, naturally, I mean, He knew everything, so He was sure about it. He never bothered. He never dwindled. He never doubted. He knew that, that He is the son of God. That was the fact that He knew very well and He never challenged it, He never doubted it, nothing. It is so and that’s why He, I say, was standing on the rocks. This faith is to be understood. This is an enlightened faith. Supposing I have someone on whom I have faith. Naturally I will give him all the work. I will trust everything. I’ll keep the keys with him, or the money with him, never doubt such a person. In the same way, if you have faith, faith in yourself, faith in Sahaja Yoga where you are established. You will be surprised how things will work out, how life will improve and you will be standing on the rocks. You’ll feel that way. You’ll have no doubts. You’ll have no problems, no diseases. So, this is such a state, only with faith. But now, this faith, how do you get? The problem is how to get to this faith. There’s no course about it. There’s no literature about it. There’s no lecture about it, but there is an Awakening within you which will ask this ‘What am I,’ this awakening, ‘What am I? What have I achieved?’ See, this will question, ‘What is it that I have achieved? What have I got out of Sahaja Yoga?’ All these questions will come to you. But if you have faith, not the blind, but the enlightened, which is established by many miracles in life, many things in life. Small, small things you’ll find, there have been miracles — small, small things. There have been Miracles even in big things, in so many things where you never expected this will happen.”

(excerpt from a Talk on Easter – Rome, Italy, 1993  with Miracle Photo – See the Orbit of Light at the level of the Third Eye chakra – this appeared during a Collective Foot-soak in lake Ontario, in Oakville (Halton region of Canada) after the “Experience India” Public Program – sahaja Yogis were standing under the beautiful cooling moonlight, reciting Mantras & Meditating)

The Foundation Stones for An Ocean of Joy – Pettiness versus Greatness?!

“You are the foundation stones of this work, who should be solid, dedicated people, otherwise the whole building will remain unstable. When you slip over in petty things, how will your Pettiness bring you Greatness?! If you will try with your pettiness to become great it will be like a frog trying to become a bull. If you do not have the strength of great heart, then what work can I do? You must enter into this ocean of joy in everything. In every city, at every time, at every function, the waves of joy will be continuously rising through you because you have become submerged into the Ocean of Joy.”

** hope you’ve enjoyed the connections and the symbolical reference to Rocks and Stones. Today is a Tuesday – the week day associated to the Root chakra, that is connected to Mother Earth, plus, particularly this year at our meditation classes & seminars in Halton and Huron area, we started to feel the magnetism coming from such tiny parts of Mother Earth and this article was born from the (re)-discovered Love for the energy and beauty emanated by Rocks & Stones. Please, drop a comment if you feel to “talk”/share/answer to this article. All above represent excerpts from various talks of Shri Mataji that was a motherly teacher and The Rock of Love & Spiritual Support all her lifetime for so many around the world..

Swan Lake Video & How to Meditate and Why with Yoga Master’s Photo, Why Foot-soaking is Important?

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  1. Umen Kumar

    Amazing, Rocking articles.Love it and will continue loving it .Always take time to read whenever I can.
    Thanks. Thanks and many Thanks

  2. adrian

    So much in these words/pictures/feelings…

    I see in the last photo… the large white rock, surrounded by water. And on that rock… stand sunning many cormorants, all looking to the Light.

    The cormorants, they know/knowing… in Native American Indian folklore the cormorant is a Totem/symbol/archetype of one who is not afraid to “dive into the unknown”… waters that is. They do not hesitate to dive in so to speak.

    They are fearless… because they just KNOW.

    Yet to some they may appear as ugly/black and useless birds. That is the illusion, their beauty is in their KNOWING

    And their collective Home is on a ROCK.

    We see what we want to see, and then/perhaps we see what we really want to see.

    1. adrian

      Fear is the block to the healing power of the love we have within.

      The Cormorant teaches us how to overcome that fear.

      “Do not hesitate… just dive into the unknown”

  3. adrian

    I see the aura around the members of the Halton family… seeing the reality

  4. Lavanya

    What a beauty and love flows through these lines! It is such a joy to read these articles 🙂

    Much love

  5. Elsie Kuly

    An inspiring message, Shri Mataji tells us to stand on rocks not shifting sands and how this will improve our lives. If we have faith in ourselves, in Sahaja Yoga we will be standing on rocks and there will be no doubts, no diseases. Our lives will be filled with joy, How beautiful

  6. Draupadi

    Thank you for this wonderful article with this very special photos – REALLY GREAT!!!

  7. Tushar kpoor

    Article on ” Rock of Innocence ” (Shri Ganesha) was superb.

    It Cleared my doubt as i also used to think that innocence is exploited.


  8. Rabi

    What a day to start with!!!. The article instantly provided me with inspiration as if an inner voice within was letting me learn and swear ‘ let us have faith within and the essence of the innocence….it works…Divine looks after everything thence forth’. It is just not a mere question of imbibing innocence…But it seems more like a happening within… It is almost like the happening of a sprouting of a seed that has more power than a dried up seed that may wither with time . While, a sprouted one however may be exposed to external attacks yet it gives rise to plants and trees that bears the flowers of fragrance and fruits of wisdom at the end of the day.

    Thank you Ioana, I was reading through the entire article and it was so well articulated punched with excerpts from Mother’s speeches that I felt as if I was looking at a mirror (that is the only gift my most holy Mother blessed me with in this life time…my Self Realization). It is indeed the most precious tool to introspect inside with this reflecting mirror blessed by God. And today after reading this article I certainly feel that I got so much to go aghead with my own introspections and see my own defects…..It is ofcourse an inner feeling of sprouting and not feigning to understand it intellectually or very emotionally for a moment…It is with a feeling of surrender. Personally I felt I have nothing to loose, ‘if I have it’ and there is always everything to lose ‘if I donot have it’.

    Thank you once again for providing a very special trigger to my very inner feeling in teh wake of forthcoming Shri Ganesha Puja from this well articulated composition.

  9. Betty Cooper

    Thank you for so many lovely references of our dear Mother! You are like a rock for us Iona. Constantly bringing our attention back to the timely qualities that Mother so lovingly provided us. Thank you for this reminder of the roots.
    Love, Betty Cooper

  10. adrian kraayeveld

    There is a very beautiful quote by Shri Mataji immediately below the photo of Paula.

    Interesting that I only notice it this time around!

    “the beauty within you is that you are absolutely independent of anybody else around you.

    You depend only upon yourself, upon the spirit… etc”

    This is your rock… being your Self first.
    I like to refer to this as “honoring Self first”

    If there is no Self… there is no other thing to experience.

    Shri Mataji goes on to say that that is the foundation for everything else… otherwise you are like drifting sand!

    Honour Self first… that is in the same sort of language as saying I am my own Master…

    The Self implies that you are more than self. the self… with a small “s” means you are not aware that there is more than. The self with the capital letter denotes that you are embodied with spirit… or rather that spirit is with self in which case It is ItSelf.


    1. Adrian/Arie

      It is always in the most appropriate moment…
      To re-read this article about the steadiness…
      Of our ROCK…
      The ROOT…
      The SOURCE…

      And when we realize the importance of the SELF…
      As Shri Mataji says…
      Then we may also choose to understand the source of our wisdom…
      In our ability
      To take initiative…
      Through our courage…
      To discover our purpose…
      To simply…

  11. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji says that if we cannot love children then we cannot love anything. Their innocence is the innocence of flowers. How beautiful! The picture of her surrounded by the children touched my heart.

  12. vijaya


    Beautiful offerings….Innocence…self…standing on the Rock…

    Thank you very much.

    vijaya (Malaysia)

  13. Mahvash

    If you could get rid
    of yourself just once,
    The secret of secrets
    Would open to you.
    The face of the unknown,
    Hidden beyond the universe
    Would appear on the
    Mirror of your perception.
    Jai Shri Mataji
    Mahvash (Austria/Iran);-))

  14. Jayanthi

    It was an amazing experience when we were foot soaking, the sun was setting the cool breeze from the ocean brought strong vibrations I could feel my whole body filled with energy surrounded by wonderful yogis.

  15. Shulin

    How steady and powerful is that to stand on the hard hard ROCK built out of FAITH!

  16. Anjali

    Thank you for this beautiful article. Innocence is our power, protection and joy. Feeling elevated after reading this. Was transported into meditation. The pictures are so suiting and beautiful.

  17. Philip

    The innocence of the Mother Earth is felt. She nourishes us, sustains us, and provides for us.

    She bestows her blessings upon us everyday.

  18. Colleen

    Beautiful article, I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

  19. paula

    I still feel the waterfall drenching me with vibrations…how Sahaja Yoga has become a rock on which to stand…yet I carry it weightlessly. A guiding force…always with me, pouring vibrations through every cell…what a pleasure it is to be collective with other enlightened seekers…and to meet total strangers and connect immediately because it is the knowledge they too have been searching for…

    “The bonds that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.” Richard Bach, Illusions: The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

  20. Jolanta

    As always, I enjoyed reading the excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks, especially the analogies to rocks vs sands and their inherent symbolism.

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