Blessings as Temptations – Solution from Antar Yoga: The Knowledge of the Root versus That Garden of Eden

Shri Mataji: “When they get any blessings of material wealth, it will happen ..again the same that garden of Eden is coming back to you and when it starts coming back to you again, you go back to the same stages.

 Now you must understand, that you have to be supreme, so you must master all this. Nothing is important, nothing is important, only the Spirit is important. Then only you can get out of. This also can act as a Temptation for you, you see.

  All the Blessings that are coming to you are Temptations. So you should be prepared.

The-Third-Temptation- by William Blake (realized soul and artist)

 Nothing more is important than the Spirit, you see. We are prepared for any kind of thing to achieve the spirit. We are not bothered as to what blessings we get and everything. But what we want is the Freedom of Spirit  which is not hankering after anything – hankering after human things…

 So you will be like a lamp, which is giving light, without getting involved into the lamp itself, whether  it is of gold or silver or anything. It can burn the light even if it is made of clay ..

Diwali -Clay Lamp -photo by Akhil Tandulwadikar

That’s what is to be achieved by Sahaja Yogis .. (what is) to be understood. Because this is a very precarious stage where I find people are again drifting down.

So now we have to humble down ourselves. To say: ‘I have not .. anything in my life so far. I have to know.’

 Because, this is the Knowledge of the Root, which you do not know, this is a new knowledge for you. What can you question about?! You don’t know anything..

You have to know about the Knowledge of the Root, so humble down yourself and then only you will receive the Blessings of this New Growth. That is: the growth that is inward, inside the Antar-Yoga. Unless and until you humble down, it won’t work out. You have to humble down.

 Because as soon as you start asking questions, it’s your Ego that is asking questions. So humble grow further with the Knowledge of the Roots.” Shri Mataji (on 26/09/1982 – during the first visit to Viena, Austria – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation had a powerful meeting with the local sahaja yoga practitioners ..  lots of  subtle knowledge was shared)

This article is based on an excerpt from Shri Mataji’s powerful talk on 26/09/1982 in Viena, Austria. Actually that talk has triggered more articles that will come out soon… Meanwhile let’s further  enjoy/meditate upon the following related essays  and important questions ..

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  1. Mary Joy

    Thank you very much!
    Can you please give the reference for the full date of the talk for this excerpt?
    ** answer: it is already there:) just added the info

  2. paula erskine

    A profound and ancient example we can apply to the illusion of materialism and it’s overbloated importance in modern society. I have never made this connection with the story of Adam and Eve and the “temptations” we are “offered” in the form of “blessings”. It is true that certain types of success have made my ego bloat, and if I don’t humble down soon enough, it harms me on the spiritual level. But once I humble down, the blessings return, and then you can appreciate them with awe. We have to be vigilant when it comes to “running away with our ego”. For as Shri Mataji has taught, ego is limited. And without ego trappings, we have the power to be limitless! Beautiful art, thank you for this reminder from our teacher, Shri Mataji, a truly enlightened personality of our time.

    1. adrian

      You are becoming your own teacher.

  3. Debbie

    It is so simple yet we are sometimes blinded by the illusion we create for ourselves. Ego is nothing more than our selfish need and false pretences to be better than others – we must cast this away deep into the ocean and let Mother help to “humble us down” and allow the pure spirit to illuminate our lives and those around us.

    Lots of love always.

  4. adrian

    As we expand into ourselves… we understand there is no need to ask questions… then it is only about allowing ourselves to flow… much like light flows… brilliant, just let that silence of voice and action BE… just BE.

    1. adrian

      Just let the silence of voice and action BE… just BE… like Light… it is Silent and Loving

      1. adrian

        I feel I have seen it written on a number of occasions… By Sri Mataji… and others as well… That all we need to do is to “listen to the innocence of our children… their innocence is silent… they smile… and the beauty of their smie is brilliant. Why do we think that we have to teach them anything! Why aren’t we listening to them… they already know… and not the knowing of books… they already know. So when a child comes into the world… there is this gift for us to realize what we forget… because we think we have to grow up! Says who? Where does it say!… that we have to lose our innocence… Each new birth is the wisdom for us to experience our own rebirth or ressurection…

        So… just BE… silent… and allow the Light to expand from SELF into self… and then truly experience………

  5. Philip Taylor

    I am nothing and I am everything.

    I am the PURE SPIRIT!!!

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