How to Meditate on Root (Mooladhara) Chakra and Awaken the Principle of Innocence (Lord Ganesha)? ** LEARN PROTECTIVE MANTRA **

This article may represent a deep meditation as well a  ‘going deeper’ opportunity/lesson about the Root chakra and its main energy supplier / divine principle/ archetype: Shri Ganesha. We recommend you to explore every link provided in the Collection below .. and read the prayers out-loud from the heart, after each, remain with the hands open, facing upwards .. feel the energy that was created by the ‘calling’ of the innocence, wisdom, purity and spontaneity — qualities of this first chakra, that connects to Mother Earth and supports our motherly healing energy, Kundalini.

Shri Ganesha - meditation during Togetherness weekend at Niagara Falls 2011

The statue is representing Shri Ganesha – the child with an elephant head, the ruler of the Root Chakra within us – Snapshot from the North American “Sahaj Togetherness/Oneness  & Shri Vishnumaya Puja” great seminar at Niagara Falls, 2011

** (click for in-depth information) Shri Ganesha represents the divine principle that is governing the Root chakra – its left and centre aspects -in our subtle energy system, also representing the Innocence within. Below there is a diagram that deciphers for us his general depiction.

Prayers for Awakening the Principle (Lord/Deity) of the Root Chakra

(Sitting in meditation, with the left hand open in the lap, open towards the source of vibrations/meditation-photo and the right hand on the ground)

Shri Ganesha, I am going to be worthy of Your attention,

Please make me innocent, so that I am in Your attention.

You who are Shri Ganesha,  please give me wisdom and discrimination.

Affirmations for Strengthening our Mooladhara Chakra

(Sitting in meditation, with the left hand open in the lap, and pointing towards the source of vibrations/meditation-photo and right hand on the ground)

Mother Kundalini, by Your Grace, I am the powerful Innocence of a child.

Prayers to Shri Ganesha

  • (Sanskrit) Shri /Sri/Shree is  a title of respect used before the name of a man, a divine principle/deity, or a sacred book.

Lord Ganesha, I am going to be worthy of Your attention.
Please make me innocent, so that I am in Your attention.
Shri Mother, You who are Shri Ganesha,
please give me wisdom and discrimination.

(Shri Mataji provided it during an evening with sahaja yogis at Rome Ashram)


Shri Ganesha, please be kind and merciful and forgiving,
that You manifest within ourselves.
Let all these hypocritical things,
all these conditionings,
and all these wrong ideas we have,
or all the wrong life we have had,
just disappear like thin air;
and let the Beautiful Moonlight of Your Soothing
Qualities of Innocence
be manifested through us.

(Shri Mataji provided it during an international meditation seminar  dedicated to Shri Ganesha, in Lanersbach, Austria, 26-08-90)

Promises to Lord Ganesha &  Common Ego Traps against Ascent

“The another oath we have to take today that we’ll respect every Sahaja Yogi from our heart, because they are made in the form of Shri Ganesha.

We’ll not make fun of them, we’ll not laugh at them. Do not put your ego on other people. Don’t think that you understand everything. Don’t think that you know everything. Respect each and every person, not for what he has read or for what he has learnt, but because he is a great soul.

I feel the whole West suffers from one, one simple disease, that is, they do not know how to respect anyone. Whatever doesn’t suit their mind they will never accept, nor will they respect. With their ego they want to judge everyone and condemn everyone. So, get out of it ! And tell yourself: ‘I don’t know anything. I was a stupid fool with my ego.” Humble down yourself in your heart, open your heart, and love each other.

Respect and Love (for each other) are the two things you have to promise to Shri Ganesha!

If you cannot do that, your ascent is going to be very difficult.”

(Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

(Video with EN SP Lyrics) LEARN Shri Ganesha Atharva Shirsha Sahaja Yoga’s PROTECTIVE MANTRA

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 Listen to Shulin! Benefits of Meditating on Root Chakra !

Shri  Ganesha Clay Statues  – “Innocence” Project of  Sahaja Yoga -Halton

Floriana - Shri Ganesgha gift to Yogis from USA - CANAJOHARIE Shri Ganesha Puja 2014

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  1. Jos Boven

    When Ganesha’s blessings descend
    upon us, wisdom will reign
    and we shall know how to mend
    the broken links of the chain.

    When Ganesha’s grace brakes through
    the ramparts of doubt and fear,
    we shall be able to hear
    the music that reverts our view.

    When Ganesha’s bliss pours down
    on us, we’ll beam with balance
    and dress in the gorgeous gown
    of inciting innocence.

    When Ganesha acts within us,
    He will make us pure and chaste
    and for others auspicious,
    adverse to all destructive taste.

    When Ganesha’s favour fills
    our hearts with joyous boons,
    our celestial Spirit thrills
    with humble-holy tunes.

    When Ganesha’s benison
    settles down into our soul,
    our hearts beat in unison
    for the whole of the haul.

    When in harmony we stand
    out for the world, we defend
    Ganesha’s own holy land,
    to which modestly we bend.


  2. Shashidhar

    O Mother, please awaken the Ganesha principle in all human beings. May the innocence, auspiciousness and divine wisdom of Lord Ganesha remove all obstacles in the path of transforming all humanity.


    Iaona……thank you very much for sharing these treasures…

    Shri Mataji…please make us worthy of your love and blessings…

    Ma please awaken the great quality of powerful innocence of Shri Ganesha in all your children and let the joy flow in all directions of the earth.

  4. adrian

    Shulin the “Silver Smithy”…

    Your wisdom is in the clarity of your own reflection…
    I am reminded of the importance of the purity of innocence…
    To uncover what is already there, and then to realize…
    That love is the universal force of preservation…
    That which creates and manifests.

    I am grateful to listen

    1. adrian

      And in so doing…
      To “Know My Self”.

  5. Sandra

    Thank you for the article full of fragrance. Congratulations Halton family for all the achievements! In one day you have a “marathon” hard to pair even in a month.

  6. Sahaj

    If the roots are not strong enough the tree can easily fall down. More stronger and deeper our roots are, easier the assent of spiritual tree is.

    1. Kyla

      I seem to be quite vulnerable to ‘falling down’ in these past 7 challenging years, and I often get caught up in fear of the next ‘fall’ or sensing that I’m headed towards another ‘fall’, which I fear I won’t be able to sustain. I’ve seen myself repeat this cycle.
      Thank you for this clear remedy, I do need to strengthen and deepen my roots! = ) I truly believe this.
      My spiritual, my stable, pure and evolving sahaj roots. And these types of roots can detach “me” so I am connected to a universe of roots, to our security and our love. This network of roots develops a tree with a much stronger and broader base, that is not just one individual, much much less vulnerable to being knocked down or suffering a traumatic or despairing fall.
      I believe it very strongly, that these roots make the good and worthy life much more sustainable. And I guess would make the ascent more balanced and less jagged or less of a rollercoaster….
      I desire the clarity and love to devote my time to the practices that will strengthen my roots.
      I’m open to suggestions and guidance from others.

      1. Kyla

        I think the title of this article is the answer: learn the protective mantra! hahaha

  7. Jyoti

    So beautiful!

    May Shree Ganesha bless all of us with His qualities ?

  8. Helen

    So helpful, clear and cleansing.
    Thanks very much!

  9. Jolanta

    Thank you Ioana for posting the video of the Sahaja Yoga’s PROTECTIVE MANTRA Shri Ganesha Atharva Shirsha. So much needed, especially during these unusual times of global COVID 19 pandemic.

  10. Kyla

    I love Shulin’s video and her telling the story of the silver polisher and explaining the metaphor. I’ve watched it a few times over the years. It’s also nice to have a recording of the Halton group singing Ganesha, Ganesha at the end- another reason to go back to it regularly!

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