Today Meditation is Top News in Burlington!

Enjoy this Article that appeared today on May 6 in Burlington Today online newspaper

Today May 6th when we received the Burlington Today news, we;ve seen our own meditation event from May 5th making the Top News!

Enjoy some snippets from Today in Burlington: own photos as well from the Local News

Photo by Ioana P. today on May 6th in Burlington at the Royal Botanical Garden,, enjoying time with yogi friends visiting from Montreal

We will continue sharing the Burlington top news of today that were about the Festival of New Beginnings, a free annual spring festival created almost 10 years ago by the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network based here in Burlington.

Last year this group of Halton volunteers initiated a beautiful community initative called ‘100 Seeds of Joy’. The Festival of New Beginnings 2024 was very much centered around it. Enjoy the article published today as a Top News for Burlington, bringing Meditation in everyone’s focus. Well deserved and much needed! Thank you Burlington Todaay for your support!

Burlington Mayor’s beautiful Address for The Festival of New Beginnings 2024, congratulating the 100 Seeds of Joy team of volunteers for receiving the 2024 Halton Volunteer Impact Award:

The three recepients for Burlington: 2024 Halton Volunteer Impact Award. Among them is Ioana Popa from the 100 Seeds od Joy community iniative created and supported by the Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers

Let’s listen to the beautiful congratulations received from The Mayor of Burlington:

More excerpts from the Top News from Burlington Today on May 6th 2024

City Councillor Paul Sharman is knocking the Easter egg with the Consulate General of India representative, Mr Saklani during The Festival of New Beginnings on Orthodox Easter Sunday (May 5, 2024) at the Burlington Lions Club’s Banquet Hall.
More photos from Brianne with the “New Beginnings” Easter Sunday wishes and Egg knocking experience with representatives from many countries from around the world

Enjoy photos from the Top News Article from Today’s Local News intertwined with Photos from today in Downtown Burlington

May 5, 2024 — The Festival of New Beginnings was inspired by the Teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Indeed as mentioned in the Burlington Today news, The Festival of New Beginnings was well represented with City officials, high diplomats, as well Burlington Lions

Photo from the Top News today: We had the priviledge of meditating together with Burlington citizenss, among them there were City representatives as well the Honourable Head of Chancery from the General Consulate of India

Testimonial from Sargam, a 3 month- old meditator that attends the 100 Seeds of Joy meditations

More from Burlington Today’s Top News about Meditation multi-cultural Event offered by 100 Seeds of Joy team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network

Greek Dance prepared by the Group of Meditators from Burlington’s Orchard Sahaja Yoga Meditation class
Again such beautiful photos, we have great talent in Burligton media!

Awards Awarding moments alternated with other Celebratory moments, all filled with Joy

The Festival of New Beginnings 2024 brought Spiritual Experiences offering Inner Peace through Meditation, Dance, Music and Collective Exercises of Connectivity

Last photos are from Today when we wrapped up our Festival of New Beginnings tour around the Burlington City Hall with our yogis guests visiting from Montreal – they can’t wait to visit again!

Ozgur from Montreal and Ioana from Burlington — they both love to meditate
Photo by Ioana P today at Burlington City Hall’s beautiful tullips. Feeling so grateful to be an host on behalf of Burlington forour visitors from Montreal

Enjoy two short articles that share Testimonials from our classes that might change your mind about Meditation — for the Better!

(click!) Take a Peek into the Flames that Speak of Inner Lights

(click!) My nephew is eight years old and Meditates on the School bus!

We are always interested in your feedback. Drop a comment if you wish!

Note: more articles will come about The Festival of New Beginnings 2024. This one is about the first day after in the Top News.

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  1. Ritika

    It was a beautiful event. So happy i was there to enjoy it❤️ congratulations to the team for pulling off a great event

  2. Helen

    Reading and seeing the pictures fill my heart with so much joy!!.
    Can feel the fun and happiness vibrating so strongly.
    Thanks to all who organized this event!! Fantastic!!

  3. Paula

    This joy is absolutely contagious! The peace and the efforts to unite our community are felt! Seeing all your faces here in the moments of spontaneous happiness is healing and life affirming. Wonderful greeting from our mayor too, wow! I will never take these classes, these events for granted. I know what they did for me over 12 years ago…meditation classes changed my life forever for the better. Bravo to the entire team with many branches, many talents many thanks to all who made this Festival of New Beginnings a much needed fresh start to spring.

  4. Kruti

    I felt very fortunate to make it to this meaningful event with my family. The love, the joy, and the cool vibrations were clearly felt during the event. The guided meditations and the amazing performances of all the artists uplifted the spirit to the next level. A big thanks to the whole team for this amazing work in the community and to all the officials who could make it to the program to encourage them.

  5. Sahar

    I’m sad I couldn’t make it for this event, as I’ve first hand experienced the amazing uplifting energy of the Sahaja Yoga gatherings!

  6. Florin Meșca

    Se întâmplă lucruri minunate la voi, Ioana! Nu pot să nu observ entuziasmul participanților, sahaja yoghini sau ne, bucuria cu care se implică toți în toate acțiunile. Lumina de pe chipuri și transparența și curățenia faptelor voastre i-au determinat pe oficiali să vă ia în considerare și să vă asculte „vorbele”. Sincere felicitări și succes în continuare!

  7. Anjali

    Can Burlington get any better!!! With all the wonderful support that came from many officials, the city, and also many new volunteers that joyfully worked so hard to make this event so beautiful, It was like how Shri Mataji said that when blossom times come you see the flowers turning into fruits. This is how I felt seeing all the amazing new volunteers of 100 seeds of joy campaign and the city, the officials endorse the positive impact this campaign has on the community. My girls and I throughly enjoyed the meditation, the music and the dance performances. My daughters are 10 and they didn’t realize how the time passed so fast they were able to sit through for 1 hr:45mins. They truly felt they were part of some joy giving work happening in Halton in such a fun way-can meditation be this fun and easy they wondered!. They were in awe to see the video from our Mayor and as a mother I feel that such support and creativity is sure to encourage the young ones to become fruits from flowers and contribute to the community’s wellbeing. Thank you every one what all that you do.

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