What is a Mother and How we repay her (Blood, Vibrations and Chakras) – Answers from Islam’s Prophet and Sahaja Yoga Meditation

What is a Mother and How we repay her? Meditate on Mother’s Day with Answers from Islam’s Prophet and Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Even as a Girl


You see a child, you see a girl who is innocent. What interests her is her little dolly. She’s the mother, out and out.  If she’s properly brought up, from very childhood she’s a mother.

And Motherhood is the epitome of Womanhood.”  Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga

Cool Kids are the best gift for Mother’s Day (Gibran’s Quote)

Even in Islam’s Hadiths

“Paradise lies under the feet of your Mother”

 “Be at your Mother’s feet and there is the Paradise.” (Ibn Majah, Sunan, Hadith no. 2771)

“On another occasion, the Prophet said: “God has forbidden for you to be undutiful to your mothers.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

“A man once asked the Prophet to whom he should show the most kindness. The Prophet replied: “Your mother, next your mother, next your mother, and then your father.” (Sunan of Abu-Dawood)

“A man once consulted the Prophet Muhammad about taking part in a military campaign. The Prophet asked the man if his mother was still living. When told that she was alive, the Prophet said: “(Then) stay with her, for Paradise / the Garden is at her feet.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

** Hadith are narrations originating from the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (wikipedia)

She is a Gardener

“A mother is like a Gardener, she has to prune also; she has to cut also, so the growth is all right. If your child is spoilt you’re no good a mother, useless you are. “(*)

“Tropic of Cancer is the one which represents the Motherhood, the Motherhood of the Earth. This Tropic of Cancer has passed through quite a big area of land, while the Tropic of Capricorn has not. And the area through which it has passed it has created different beautiful manifestation of the Mother qualities on this Earth.”(*)

“You know that Lakshmi (the subtle energy/divine principle governing the Nabhi chakra)  is shown to be a lady, and lady who is a mother. Mother doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor. If her one son is rich and another is poor, she’ll pay more attention to the poor and ask the rich to give his money to the poor also. She is not bothered. If somebody is in need, she will be the first to help the person who needs. “(*)

“So many of you aspiring to ascend to that state where you would have complete joy, bliss and peace. This is what I could give you, and a mother is only happy when she can give whatever she has to her children. Her unhappiness, all her restlessness – everything is just to achieve that end, to gift all that she has.” (*)

She is our first and last Guru

“I am just a Mother. And Mother is the first and the last guru for everyone. That’s how I’m your Guru … But you have to become your own guru. ” (*)

“Why, why, why should we make ourselves so cheap? We are mothers and we should be proud of our motherhood. Motherhood is the highest thing a woman can achieve. I mean, I have achieved it, because I am a Mother for thousands. And I think that is the greatest thing that can happen to a woman is to be a mother. And Mother and a Guru, you can imagine my plight? It’s much worse that you have to tell your children something to be done, and you love them so much that you don’t want to say that, then you have to play some little sweet tricks with them to bring them round. It is such an interesting and a beautiful life to be a mother, we should be proud mothers.” (*)

She is Part of our Being – How?! What is our Mother giving us?! Complex Answer with Knowledge about Vibrations and Energy Channels

“Now let us see what does the mother provide us with? What part of our being she is. I would say that she is everything. But your personal mother who has given you this birth, this body , your own mother who you know very clearly that she is your mother. As you know she gives you the nourishment when you are in the fetus state. And later on when you grow up, she gives you all the physical nourishment that is needed for your growth and she enjoys it. Otherwise she feels overburdened. She wants to give it and everyone appreciates that. It’s a collective enjoyment. It’s going on and it could be seen from all the paintings of the world, all over the world in every language, in every country, every religion. The mother and the child has been the main theme of paintings and expressions of the most joyous moment for painters. Poets also have written such a lot on that. Every way of manifestation of joy in all the human endeavor has been on this thing, we’ve all been on this thing. But the mother who is your own mother, whom you know as your own mother, who gives you physical birth is the mother who gives you much more than you know of. Because her blood has a vibration and when she gives you her blood, she gives you her vibrations. She gives you her sustenance, she gives you her desire and also she gives you a push in your evolution if she is an evolved person. Now in mother and child relationships, mother gives a lot. She makes your complete left side (the left subtle energy channel in our subtle  energy system). She creates all the left side in you because she has desired for you so she creates that. On the right side she gives you all the beauty of delicate things and also the hunches that you get in your business, are all the flexible moments of your life that you think from where unknown I got something. That’s your mother’s blessing on you. You choose your own mother too, when you are born. So no use condemning your mother because she’s like this, she’s a horrid woman, she’s this and that. Now you have children so better have it. And she is a very big part of you I must say. But she has to be also something to be a mother.”(*)

Even more than a King

“It’s a most responsible position is that of the Mother. It is even much more responsible than that of a king, to be a mother. Because a king can only go up to material level or up to physical level. And up to rational level at the most a philosopher can go. And the emotional level may be fulfilled by the wife.

All these things may be done by other people but spiritual level you can only achieve from your mother.” (*)

She gives us Goods and Bads 🙂

“Any hampering you get in your spiritual ascent could be from so many other problems. But basically it could be from your mother’s side. So mother also can give you her nervousness. She can give you her irritated nature. She can give you her bad temper. She can give you a very cunning nature. She can give you all that is bad in her, just in a bundle. But you can also give her back something special. Supposing a child which is a realized soul is taking birth in a mother. And if the mother is not a realized soul then the child will try to clear the nabhi of the mother and give her lots of vomiting by which she clears out, or diarrhea, or something like that and try to clear the nabhi and the void of the mother. If she has been going to some guru and all that, the child will take full care to see that she gets rid of all the bad things she has received from a bad guru. And tremendous things happen when a woman conceives a realized soul. But even a non-realized soul when a mother conceives, her face just starts glowing. You can see she’s creating something. It’s the special blessings of God come on her.” (*)

What Gift can we give her as Sahaja Yogis ?!

“But as Sahaja Yogi, when you are reborn as Sahaja Yogi, you have your vibrations. Then what you do is to give back to your mother by giving her realization. Giving realization is an obligation which cannot be repaid. Every obligation of this world can be repaid back. And the last obligation is the obligation of mother giving you birth on this earth, can be also repaid back by giving her her own second birth.” (*)

Answer: becoming the Mother for our own Mother

“You becoming the mother of your mother is the best way you can repay her back. And so though it is a difficult thing under the circumstances as they are. I know you are all quite worried about this, it’s not easy. Because due to war or whatever it is in the western countries, the mothers have lost their position, they have lost their moorings, they have lost their significance and they think that they have not been alright as mothers. They think that they have not been very helpful to the society by only being mothers. But they can be brought round gradually by showing that you’re so significant yourself and that they are the mother. They are the mothers who have brought you to this world. Once they start realizing that significance within themselves, I’m sure it will work out. And that’s how you are going to pay it back. And once you have done it, you have done the job. So you don’t have to worry about other things, you have repaid it. So be happy about it those who have done that and those who have not done it, will be doing it.

Today is a unique combination of Mother’s Day in many countries and Sahasrara Day for Sahaja Yogis.

So on this day of Mother Day I would like to bless you, that now you have to give birth to so many thousands of people.

So the power that your Mother [in this case Shri Mataji refers at herself as the spiritual mother for sahaja yogis] has of giving birth, the spiritual birth, was bestowed upon all of you so that you do this work with the same grace and with the same patience and love and enjoyment. May God bless you.” (*)

This Wednesday, on May 17, at the Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class, you are invited to join us for a Special Event:  “Sahaj Mother’s Day” dedicated to all mothers as well to Kundalini energy.

From this event’s Agenda: beautiful video talk on Kundalini as Mother for chakras, sharing personal stories with Shri Mataji, and Bhajans (Songs with Vibrations).

(*)  represent quotes from various talks offered by Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

This article is also a try to help us removing our blindsides and Realize that all  people from every path of life have love & respect for Mother(s) and it is really useful to introspect on the subtle connections revealed above.

Wishing Happy Mother’s Day to All!

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  1. Elke Wirth

    Thank you for these wonderful words – and thank you for posting the view of Islam on the mother and on women. We tend to see Islam as a women suppressing religion (due to wrong interpretations and wrong ideas on women), while Mohammed seems to have highly respected the woman!

  2. Hitesh

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful compilation and amazingly heartily decorated words and sentences. Indeed Mother is a word no dictionary can hold, Mother’s love indeed is the greatest blessing and boon, a human can get. Nothing compares it, nothing! Thanks O Dear Mother for being the Warmth that You are!

  3. Debbie

    First of all, happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you who are moms – it is truly a blessing. Shri Mataji’s message cannot be any clearer on the importance of Mother.

    My beloved mom died unexpectedly on Jan 31st 2010. I wished I had more time with her, just to hug her again, touch her soft cheeks, see her smile…I was very blessed to have a mother who was so kind, caring, loving, understanding, compassionate and had a heart bigger than her body. In my opinion, the love of a mother cannot be compared to anything else nor can it be replaced. For everyone who is so blessed to have their mom with them, please never take a moment with her for granted. Worship her and do whatever you can for her, make her happy not sad.

    Lots of love always.

  4. Param Dhillon

    Thank you MOTHER for showing us and telling us in so many different ways that all the sahaja yogis have to be like a mother to all the new seekers. Please bless all the sahaja yogis with motherly qualities. May we all carry out YOUR work till our last day on this Earth

  5. Sobik

    I do not have words to say at this moment, but I am satisfied that I have paid back the obligation by giving realisation to my mother. The respect and love has grown more and the understanding that womanhood is the epitome of our society and motherhood is the epitome of the womanhood.

  6. ene garva

    What a joy!

  7. mhin t, umlas

    Thank you Mother for being there always anytime , i can feel you , that you guides us, and with realization it can give more ideas, strenght for us..

  8. Anjali

    I had desired my mom’s self-realization for a long time now and this desire was fulfilled just a couple of days after Mother’s day…totally unexpected – As I read the talks of Shri Mataji today, I realized how Sahaj everything was…that my mother was to get her self-realization as her mother’s day gift…the most precious of all gifts. I am so very grateful to Mother for making this happen. It really was a difficult task…but Shri Mataji made it happen..and that too with my mother’s own desire. Mom her self came up to us (my sister and I)and asked for the Kundalini awakening. That same night Shri Mataji came to my mom in her dream and gave her an answer to a mind boggling question she had…My sis and I just slept with such big smiles that night.

    Thank you Shri Mataji for this gift and may we always be in your divine attention and are able to deepen our connection with you. With Nirmal love, Anjali

  9. paula erskine

    Thank you for these wonderful wise words from the guru who teaches us to be our own gurus. Thank you Debbie for sharing about your mum, you honored her so beautifully and it demonstrates that we have to appreciate our moms every second. Debbie you have such a pure essence that your mom shines through your being. Anjalie your story was so amazing, the power of vibrations and your desire came to your mother in a dream! After two years of Sahaja Yoga meditation, I encouraged my mom to come to class. She actually went to a class to watch a performance and got her realization when I was not even there. She absolutely LOVES the classes, she never misses them, and she loves to conribute to pot luck celebrations with her loving recipes. We call her Mama-Carmela, I mean all of us. She raised me beautifully and was my teacher. Helping her to realize her spiritual side, and exploring the fourth dimension together has added another dimension to our relationship that is evolving in every way. My mom has been on this path for a long time, so she was very open to manifesting spirituality through meditation. Thank you to my mum for recognizing the guru without doubts and taking this journey with me.

  10. Rabi

    Thank You Mother for everything for what I am today. Your blessings have soothed most of the agony in my life expressing as joy of being with You. You had been my inspiration and You are verily my Guru. You are the Mother of all mothers. Mother we love You as You always loved us all unconditionally . Your compassion helped us to scale the pains and rise up to recognize the joy within. Thank You Mother again and again.

  11. abhishek

    sea of vibrations,left side could actually get cleansed all the more merely by reading this beautiful collection.

  12. Sahajapra

    “Mother please be in my hearth
    Let us all be in your hearth”

    ‘Happy Mother’s Day To All’

  13. Debbie

    A Mother’s love, devotion, beauty, kindness, compassion, greatness, gentleness, humbleness, humility, guidance…the greatest gifts that God has given to Mankind.

  14. anaic

    So sweet and so true……Thank you for sharing these beautiful Hadiths

  15. Aldo

    What a wonderful article, thank you for putting it so nicely together dear Ioana, it is so inspiring!

  16. Jolanta

    Dear Ioana, Thank you for sharing this article containing excerpts from Shri Mataji’s lectures. I always find it useful and helpful to hear/read Shri Mataji’s words.

  17. Anjali

    Above in my comment from 2010 I had mentioned how beautifully my mom asked for her self realization and it was not easy for my mom to get to this stage to ask for it. My sister, brother and I had pure desire for her to get her self realization but my mom had been through horrible times in the name of God. I believe my true seeking also started because of what we went through as a family. we were desperately looking for a solution. After her self realization she has been so connected to Shri Mataji and is growing through regular meditations at home, by attending collective gatherings when she can and now via online meditations. She is such a force for me. A few years ago I was going through some challenges and my mom became such a force to help me get back to regular footsoaks and meditations via the phone (as she is in Montreal and I in oakville). So as Shri Mataji said “she gives you a push in your evolution if she is an evolved person” Now during online meditations she expressed how she found her family in sahaja yoga and how blessed she feels for these opportunity to grow through collective meditations.

  18. NITI

    Thanks for this remarkable compilation about mothers,the mother who represent the creation and sustenance not to only her own child but to the whole society by making them good citizens,righteous person and by showing them highest path towards spirituality. Very nice stories
    From the Islam,and their view about mother.

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