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Photo taken from “around here” in Halton region – Canada. It evokes early cherished wonders from childhood

We are sharing with you dew drops made of subtle knowledge that comes directly from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. There are many connections that are important to be revealed, then known and absorbed as our own personal truths validated through our direct experience and introspection. Let’s see what you found to be relevant, please, don’t be shy and leave a comment by the end of the article.

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Photo taken from “around here” in Halton region of Canada. Such a magical world is awakened by the arrival of Spring!

Discover the Importance of the Opening of Sahasrara chakra and God’s Will

“Without opening the Sahasrara chakra, God itself was a myth, religion itself was a myth, all talk about divinity was a myth.. People believed in it but it was just a belief.. Now through Sahaja Yoga, you have for the first time, felt the Will of God.. After Realization, you have discovered the Absolute Science which is the Will of God.

Shri Mataji’s lecture on the Crown Chakra

Here there are Explanations from Sahaja Yoga Meditation about “Divine Computers”

measure of a man fullfilment by measuring his kundalini
Measuring the Kundalini energy’s rise ?!

Shri Mataji:

“Only thing I would like to say that you are like a computer, you are already made like a computer, only thing is that you have to be put to the mains. If you are put to the mains then the computer starts working by itself, but it is the way you understand a machine.

You are a human being, you know what is Love. To a scientist I cannot talk of love. I am talking of Divine Holiness, the Love of God which has created you, which wants you to know Him. Through science you cannot do that. Every scientist must be loving somebody if not his children at least, his dog. He must be loving flowers, if not flowers he might be loving his horses, but he knows what is Love. And if he can understand that spark of love, from where it has come, Love that I am talking about is a Synthesis of All these Powers.

Excerpt from ‘ CREATION, MAN AND HIS FULFILLMENT’, Shri Mataji’s lecture at Delhi University in 1979
Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – in meditation after a public lecture

Science’s Limitations: The “Drop and Ocean” Lesson

Science deals with only a very little portion, I will also tell you which part of this power deals with our physical being and out of which how much a scientist knows. You will be surprised that if knowledge is an Ocean, the scientist knows only a drop. And to know the Ocean, the drop is to be dissolved in the Ocean. But a drop cannot by its own effort, become the Ocean, the Ocean has to dissolve the drop. And that is what Ocean has to do..

Human Beings: the Fulfillment of Creation

Creation has to have its fulfillment and His beautiful creation is manifested in the human being.

The human being must find out his fulfillment. If he cannot find out his fulfillment, he cannot reach perfection in anyone of his endeavors. God, Himself will not rest till he does that. For, who would like to destroy one’s own creation?! In thousands and thousand of years of time this has come to its fulfillment and if it is to be done by me, if I am the person who is supposed to trigger your Kundalini, why should you have any objection?

Thank God, I was not a scientist, otherwise I would have finished my life making an atom bomb. Thank God, I am not a psychologist, otherwise I would have gone mad, listening to mad people. Thank God, I am not a politician, you know how they are.

Thank God, I am none of these, I am just your Mother, concerned, absolutely concerned, about your ultimate well beings and NOT about superficial things. May God bless you all.“

Excerpt from ‘ CREATION, MAN AND HIS FULFILLMENT’, Shri Mataji’s lecture at Delhi University in 1979

Shri Mataji: “So, the awareness, again I talk about the awareness within you should be that:

‘How much we have come to know about ourselves, how much we have come to know about others, how much we know about our own being, how much we know about chakras, is such a short time how did we come to know about it?!’

Like we should know, if you are dealing with a computer and you know how computer works, how it acts, how it is programmed everything. Without programming it, without working it out, without building it up. I mean if you build it up you know how it works but without doing that just you know a computer how works and all the machinery about it is a tremendous knowledge.

And THIS is what has to be there for all us to know:

what we are as human beings and what we have to do to emancipate the other human beings.

Of course I shouldn’t say that every Sahaja Yogi’s of that level, no, but everybody’s trying. Nobody’s denied Sahaja Yoga, nobody has said it’s not true, everybody is trying to get higher and higher state of spirituality which doesn’t speak. It acts. It doesn’t manipulate, it acts. You’ve seen it acts, in so many miracles takes place. So, first to know about all these things after feeling that Paramchaitanya is different from just to talk about it. Many have talked about it, but you have never felt it. Now you have felt it, you have verified it, you have experimented it and you have found it that this is something absolutely Real.”

Excerpt – Navaratri 1994, Cabella Ligure, Italy – Shri Mataji’s explanations about the Divine Love manifested as the Universal Mother

Photo captured in May 2022 in the Royal Botanical Garden *Burlington, Canada

Follow the Q&A from this Radio Interview, in London, the UK, 1989 – “Question of Belief with Laurence Spicer” having Shri Mataji (S.M) as his guest in the studio

Q: Right, can we then come onto the point of in Sahaja Yoga obviously there are certain recommendations as the way you should live.
S.M.: There’s no recommendation at all but as I told you that as soon as you see the light . . automatically you become your own guide, you see, because you start feeling the Cool breeze of The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is The Mother, you start feeling it and once you start doing anything wrong, they just disappear, you become like a Divine Computer and the answering machine stops, so then you come back to normal, you don’t have to tell anybody: “Don’t do this, don’t do that”. They themselves stop it.

Q. :So we are talking also about a real physical feeling?
S.M. Yes of course, you feel the cool breeze on your hands every finger tip, you can feel the different centres that are within you and if you know how to correct them you are alright, I mean we have definitely cured cancer, we have definitely cured epilepsy, we have definitely cured many, many diseases.. has been long established by Delhi University and there are three doctors have got M.D. out of it.

Q: But how do you do this then?
S.M. This is as simple as this that, you see when you go to extremes you go either to the left or to the right, if you go to the left you get emotional problems, you go to the right you get mental or physical problems, simple as that when this Kundalini rises, she pierces through all these centres enriches them, it’s a vital force, so enriches them and also put then together, so that all the time the energy is flowing to them because it is also connected to the mains.

Q:. But it also demands a faith and a belief, doesn’t it?
S.M.: No not at all! Faith and belief is outside, is mental. It’s a mental projection that has done much more harm than good.

Q.: But if somebody comes along and says ‘I am ill’ and is desperate because they know that they are very mortally ill and says ‘O.K. Let’s try it’, that doesn’t necessarily mean to say that they will actually get this feeling.
S.M.: They have nothing to do about it, the person who is going to help them can only put the hand on their head or could be on their back and then cure them. It’s so simple because fundamentally we are very simple, if you know the fundamental points about ourselves that there are seven centres which are to be controlled, of course in the medical terminology you can say that there are plexuses, but they’re on the physical side, also on the mental side, also on the emotional side, these centres are, if you know how to correct the centres you are alright.

“Question of Belief with Laurence Spicer” having Shri Mataji as Special Guest (Radio Interview’s script, London, the UK, 1989)
Sahaja Yoga Meditation diagram of the subtle system and its corresponding plexuses

Q.: But back we come to this thing, how does a person get to the stage where they can give this sort of help to others? (the Q & A continues after this image)

S.M.: That’s what I’m saying that once supposing I raise your Kundalini and you get Realised Soul you can do it, only to we have to know a little bit decoding that’s all.

Q.: But there must be a realisation within a persons mind?

S.M.: Not before, is after, before is only mental or emotional, but how does this happen to a person because it is already built in, it is something like now you have this machinery if you put to the mains it works because it is built in. Surely though there is a point where, a person realises that they have got a gift, or otherwise they just go on through life doing what they were doing, See there is no question of anybody having any gift of anything, it is a question of you being a human being first of all second point is that having the desire to know the truth, that’s all.

Q.: I’m still I must say slightly confused as to the point I and many, many other people, a lot of our listeners will be want, going about their business in their homes on the streets and so on and what you told me is that within them they have the Kundalini, right.

S.M.: Of course.

Q.: But of course, they are probably unaware of that.

S.M.: They are unaware.

Q.: And they don’t know how to use it.

S.M.: Of course.

Q.: So what point and how do they actually come to use it?

S.M.: It has to be awakened first of all, as I said it is to be connected to the mains, that say my job or could be the job the job of John or somebody who has got realization and who knows about Kundalini, we call them Sahaja Yogis. Nowadays see I cannot travel all over the world, I do, but we are now working in thirty nations, so these people are doing it, they don’t take any money for it, there are. What can you charge?

Q.: What then is the mission, then?

S.M.: Mission is to emancipate human beings to transform them, if you have to bring people to some sensible situation, we have to see that they receive to truth which is absolute We live in a relative world, that’s why all these problems are there.

Q.: Don’t you find Mataji from time to time that the problems of the world are so enormous, there’s a disaster here, a disaster there, few people fighting each other over there and killing each other, people taking hostages and so on, is there a point when you say, isn’t this is too much?

S.M.: Too much I know but, you see, but because everybody has gone amuck, if you can just somehow or other get them to the Absolute Point and if they become the divine computer everything will fall in places, everything!

S.M.: We have done it. I mean you will be surprised now we have Jews, they worship Christ and they love Muslims, the other day we had one Iraqi and one Irani, hugging themselves, you see they observe, so wonderful to see these people, there’s no more these artificial boundaries, no hatred nothing.

Q.: But were talking at the moment of the exception rather that the rule.

S.M.: Now? No, no, no, there are many, they are in thousands, they are in thousands, it’s not exceptional, they are not exceptional people, they are very ordinary, actually exceptional people are lost in their ego mostly, in their success, so they never come, they never come to Sahaja Yoga, they’ll go to false guru, whom they can purchase, they can give money, like, to me only those people who have real desire within, themselves come, but somebody has a desire to earn money, or to have some sort of a power, I mean political maybe, they go to somebody like that, here it is the question of spiritual power.

Q.: But talking a lot I would have thought equally about self knowledge.

S.M.: Yes. So you know the self knowledge, because you know about your centres, you know where you lie with yourself, you face yourself, you know that you have this problem, physical, or this problem which is emotional, or this problem which is mental, last of all a spiritual problem also you may have, all these problems you can see yourself and then only you can correct it and you become so peaceful, for example now if you see in the normal state we think, all the time we are thinking, now supposing there’s a red light I see, I start thinking about it, something must come into my head about it, it would not be a silence there, with this happening what happens, a thought rises and falls, another thought rises and falls and we are jumping on the cusps, in the future or in the past, when this happening takes place what happens, that in between there’s a little space that is the Present, we just stop there, that’s the peace, we are so peaceful, despite all this is happening around you, you are extremely peaceful, you witness everything and because you are out of the problem you can see it clearly and you can solve it also, it’s like jumping out of the water in a boat and seeing it, but if you know how to swim you can save others also.

Q.: It all sounds so easy.

S.M.: It is the easiest, has to be, all vital things are easy! Supposing for our breathing if we had to go to library what would have happened?! It is truly so vital for us! We are all in that Power and that Power has to see that whatever it has created has to come to the stage and the human beings are the epitome of that Creation. We are at the epitome and we have to just jump a little, of say the little breakthrough and we are there, but one has to open the mind to see that there’s a chance.

Q.: Is there then any hope that were going to get at some point to the perfect world?

S.M.: I have all the hopes, all the hopes, when I visit other countries I am amazed …

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and you can hear her on Monday the 31st. July and Tuesday 1st. August at  The Porchester Hall which is in Bayswater at 7.30 in the evening admission is totally free and I am sure you will find the evening really worth while.” (end of transcript)

“Question of Belief with Laurence Spicer” having Shri Mataji as Special Guest (Radio Interview’s script, London, the UK, 1989) 
Shri Mataji – who talked about the “Blossoming Times” for the World through the en-masse Self-Realization offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Watch essential video about the Divine Computer connected to the Will of God and the Collective Consciousness (Sahasrara Chakra in Depth lecture)

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