‘My nephew is eight years old and Meditates on the School bus!’ — Auntie Iwona’s Testimonials on Sahaja Yoga Meditation’s Benefits

‘It Really changed my life’ & Why isR.A.I.N. to heal M.E.’ Important

Children Love Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Darius Kasowski Jackson (8 years old)

“I took my nephew, Darius Kasowski Jackson who is 8 years old to the meditation class in St. Catharines and wanted to send this testimocatlovessahajmeditationjpgnial. I was not sure how to post it. I assisted him in writing the following words from his experience:”

January 3rd meditation experience at the St. Catharines class. Before the class I was nervous when my aunt invited me to the class. I was nervous at the beginning of the class. While meditating I felt coolness in the middle of my head and in both my palms. and I shared this with the class. This feeling made me confused. After sharing with the class I was not that nervous and less confused about what I felt because the leader  (Ray) explained this feeling to me. Since the class I have meditated 2 times a day for 9 minutes. When I meditate it makes me feel calm. I meditate on the bus and at home when I come home. I meditate on the bus because it is loud. –  Darius Kasowski Jackson (8 years old)
(Iwona’s feedback sent to [email protected]– on our blog)

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  1. cheryl

    Darius, thanks for sharing your experiences. what a very good idea to meditate on the bus. we can all take your good example and meditate whenever we are in loud or uncomfortable situations. You are lucky to have such a wise Aunt who cares and teaches others about this planet we live on and how we are so very connected with Mother Earth.

  2. jayanthi

    Dear Family, what a blessing from our divine Mother who has given us the strength and the solutions to humanity so that we can collectively march together like Penquins towards betterment of the world.
    Lots of Love.

    Loved the program.

  3. Chandra Sekhar

    Through these “R.A.I.N” events, our Ma has broke the century old curse of injustice to our natives.

    We were not fully “WE” until now. Now we are completely “WE” under the blessing umbrella of Ma.

    Ioana, Ma worked through for decades to achieve this.

  4. Mohinder Sidana

    By practising sahaja yoga on regular basis we can meditate anywhere even in a big noise we can be thoughtless that is my experience and everyone can experience the same
    wonderful experience of a 8 year old child

  5. Elsie


  6. Elsie

    How amazing that an eight year old child could learn the benefits of meditation. I wish my young granddaughters could have this experience

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