Meditate on Appreciative Echoes from Halton Forest Festival – Conservation Halton (!)

Meditation: Flowering of Seeking, from Within

Trillium from Halton Conservation parks

Flow of Vibrations after Self realization -the Cool breeze“It is a living process. It is a growing process, which works out, but with human beings there is a very big problem. They always identify with imperfections, with wrong ideas. Only in human beings this happens. But there is a way, already placed within you. Be free from all these things.

Open yourself. You all have to be aware of the Whole. You all have to get your Self-Realization.

You have to seek your wholesomeness.  If total vision is what you are seeking, then you are a seeker. You get your powers and you understand yourself.

You get your Self-knowledge. You understand the whole.

It is such a great thing you are asking for, which is the flowering of your seeking from the amoeba stage to the human stage.”

– Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation(excerpt from “Journey Within”book) 

Meditation: Good for You, Good for All Humanity

Meditation is the only way you can grow. There is no other way out because when you meditate you are in silence, you are in thoughtless awareness. It is then that the growth of awareness takes place. It opens out. You have to do it because it is good for you, to begin with, and then it is good for all humanity.

You are transmitters. Every time you are sitting in meditation, you are transmitting Vibrations.  Now what are these vibrations? That is the love. So the communication is like this: if you have the light you can see things. So when you see things, the light is there and light gives you the perception, gives you the vision to see things. In the same way, when you are enlightened, what happens is that these vibrations start flowing – just like the light, and in that light you can see things which are good and which are bad.

If at that time (of meditation) you are thinking of your job and other things which you had been thinking of before, the transmission is poor.

Think of love. Think of the whole country. Think of the whole world at that time of meditation. You are transmitters of these waves of love and love will flow from you.”

 Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditatio(excerpt from “Journey Within”book)  

Good Bye, Halton Forest Festival 2015

Volunteer Tent at Halton Forest Festival

Appreciation Email from Halton Forest Festival Organizers to Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton Volunteers

Email Appreciation to Sahaja Yoga meditation from Robert Leone - Halton Forest Festival 

Checking the Inner Cool breeze after meditation

Sahaja Yoga meditation booth at Halton Forest Festival 2015

Appreciation Email from Conservation Halton

Email from Robert Leone -Halton Forest Festival 2015

Many Halton Conservation organizers has tried Sahaja Yoga Meditation at  Halton Forest festival -> and everyone enjoyed it!
Many Halton Conservation employees and organizers have tried Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Halton Forest festival -> and everyone enjoyed it!

Shulin Sam Peter Ioana and Robert -Day 1 at Forest Festival 2015

 We say thanks again to Robert and everyone in Bronte Creek Project / Conservation Halton organizing team of the most beautiful and rewarding Halton Forest Festival 2015. We are looking forward to our next collaborations! 

Haton Forest Festival- Entrance 1

Photos & Stories: Meditation Workshops at Halton Forest Festival

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