Kids and Parents from Halton Families give GREAT Feedback about Sahaja Yoga Meditation session @ The ROXY: “Restore Your Balance”

Enjoy the GREAT FEEDBACK received by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network from Kids and Parents (check the Photos and the VIDEO-CLIPS are a must!)

We received such great feedback from the Kids and Parents we met during the “Restore your Balance” meditation workshop offered by our Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team in Milton at The ROXY. This opportunity came when we received the email invitation from the reputed organization Halton Families for Families to be of service for their clients. We invite you to be thorough when further exploring this article. It will be a great journey ending with your heart opening and smiling inside out!

(video below) Thank You Letter to Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteer Team from Family Engagement CoordinatorThank you Letter from Families for Familie - 2015-web

Prepare to be Amazed: Meet Chris from Halton Families for FamiliesThe “Inspiration Run” for our Article

Chris from Halton Families for Families

(MUST watch this videoFresh Impressions after Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class @ The Roxy 

Poster for Halton families

Thanks from Halton Families for Families -October 2015-1

Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation group had been contacted by Darlene, the Family Engagement Coordinator  from Halton Families for Families  organization to offer a program that restores balance and introduces meditation to participants that are facing mental health problems (especially with their children or youth), or other disturbances in their lives. It was indeed a very special evening for us, and we are humbly sharing the joy of knowing this sister organization in Halton, with some photos and collected feedback. We hope the article captures the successful social evening at The Roxy in Acton, Halton.  


Kids were very eager to provide their feedback-1
Kids were very eager to provide their feedback about our meditation class in writing as well 🙂
Chris 13 - Thank you for Sahaja Yoga meditation
Chris 13 – Thank you card he felt to hand out to our Sahaja Yoga meditation team of volunteer instructors; he also wrote some feedback in our notebook.

Christopher (Age 13) : “I really enjoyed this. It was the most calm and relaxing thing I have ever done! Thank you.”; “My teacher needs it”; “My mom needs it; I want to meditate more, I think I will meditate in the car”.

Carys (Age 5): “I’ve felt calm; I’ve enjoyed it.”

Brooke (Age 11) : “I LOVED IT!!”

Cheyenne Purdy (Age 10): “I Loved this class”

Gavin (Age 7): “Relaxing”

Kids are eager to provide their feedback -2

Feedback received from Parents and Staff (Adult participants to our Meditation workshop):

“Freeing, Renewed, Lighter”

“I don’t know how to thank you enough,”

“I want to join the class in Milton,”

“I will definitely join the Oakville class,”

“My kids have ADHD and usually cannot stay still for 2 min and I cannot believe it how they sat in the class and loved it.”

Note:  this simple, easy, natural (as per its Sanskrit name, ‘sahaja‘) form of yoga meditation that we practice and teach for free, is truly effective and beneficial for children, youth and adults alike. We share down below few videos where research was done with Sahaja Yoga meditation for children with ADHD.

PHOTOS and THANKS received for our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshop 

Darlene Halton Families for Families 1

Thank you Card

We received this Thank You Card from Darlene and Halton Families for Families and We from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation are giving back our Thanks for such a beautiful opportunity! 

Note: The children from Halton Families for Families, after participating to our full fledged meditation class with energy balancing techniques workshop, asked me if they can be in the photos with our volunteer team; they really wanted to be with us, so we also asked their parents’ permission. Even in the photos we could not be separated :-), they definitely seem to want to be around our energy. It was a wonderful experience for everyone!

ASfter meditation Volunteer and Youth participants -1

Shulin -Colleen -Chris is 13 old participant - Ioana and Peter from SYM-Halton
(from left to right) Shulin -Colleen -Chris (13 old participant from Halton Families for Families), followed by Ioana and Peter from SYMN -Halton volunteer team 
Volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Children fro Halton Families for Families-1
Volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Children from Halton Families for Families (children asked to be IN the photos AND to Take the photos for us :-) 

The Roxy in Acton is not for profit

  THANKS to Darlene, Halton Families for Families (with their amazing children), The ROXY and Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers.

thankyou birdWe’ve felt honored to be part of the October Family night social and we are very thankful for this opportunity of contributing to our Halton community. Hope to meet you all again, soon and looking forward to continue our ‘Run for Inspiration’ while ‘Being and Feeling at Peace and Self-Realized’, working together to promote and achieve optimal mental health in kids and families.




(VIDEO 2) INNER PEACE DAY @ Burlington’s Dr Frank Hayden HIGHSCHOOL (FEEDBACK from TEACHERS and STUDENTS for the Program offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

(VIDEO 3) Royal Hospital ADHD Children MEDITATE 

A reminder to all: sahaja yoga meditation Halton family of volunteers is fulfilling on November 5th, 10 years of community service in Burlington, Halton, Ontario. We will celebrate @ Burlington Class with “Diwali – Row of Lights” Potluck Seminar.

“For a person who is a yogi, the Whole World is his own Family.” Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation


Photo from the 10 year celebration of Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation here at the Art Gallery of Burlington!


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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    …bringing the benefits of sahaja yoga meditation to younger generations .. congratulations and keep up the good work!

  2. Kruti

    This is just awesome. Children were so alert and noticed the difference in them after doing meditation just once. I really hope this meditation becomes a part of their regular curriculum, which will eventually bring peace in the world one day. Great work guys.

  3. paula

    I am just floored by the interviews of the children!! So wise and innocent! As we talked about these qualities just recently in the Barrie class, their connection to sahaja yoga is absolutely transformative! We can all learn so much about how nurturing our innate innocence can make us as wise as these shining children. I am so impressed with the kids and their words, their sincerity, their images are so full of pure vibrations. It is like they have been waiting all their young lives to reach this connection point. The children are truly content, calm and at peace. This is a revolutionary method of helping children to feel inner peace. These are are future leaders. There is nothing they can’t do!!

  4. Sam

    Wow, such so amazing. So good to see kids recognize the change in themselves, and the change for the better. They are so sweet and genuine.

    Hope we get to see them at their schools someday soon 🙂

  5. Jon

    What a fantastic Sahaj/community success story! We often talk about the transformative benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation, but it is wonderful to see that it can have such a profound and immediate positive impact. Great job everyone!

  6. Constantine

    This is so great!

  7. Mohinder Sidana

    that is where sahaja yoga should grow
    so that the innocence can be preserved in this world

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