(New VIDEO!) Free Yoga Meditation Classes for Children and Parents in HALTON/HAMILTON: COOL KIDS @ Lawfield School on TUESDAYS @ 7PM)

Cool Kids -Lawfield 1

(WATCH) VIDEO by SHULIN – “Life De-Stress Program for Youth with Sahaja Yoga Meditation”

Cool Kids 2

(click!) Cool Kids on Earth Day 2014 @ Girl Guides of Canada (THANK YOU LETTER)

We received a Thank you letter for ou Cool Kids  program!

(Photos) Children LOVE to MEDITATE @ Halton Eco Festival in Oakville

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  1. abigail and sophie

    this is such great news. We are not even 6 months yet but we look forward to having Sahaja Yoga Meditation when we start going to kindengarden and school. How lucky would we be to already have this done for us – We hope many many schools will do this big thing for children. we need this meditation so badly in life to preserve our innocence and bring a transformation not only in our lives but also in others’. thank you to our auntys and uncles who are working this out for us. We are so grateful.
    Lots of love,
    Abigail and Sophie

  2. paula

    So inspired to see young kids, eager to meditate, ready to feel the “cool breeze” and share the energy with others! I absolutely loved this video, especially the young girl who I met raising her mother’s kundalini energy! Yes she is giving her mother a chakra workshop, and they both can feel it, what a bonding moment…so sweet! more than that…Such a nurturing of innocence to let children know they have this wonderful power inside which is supported by their naturally strong root chakras. Children are born with this innate connection…and they remind us that we all have it…and we all can take a few minutes in Sahaja Yoga meditation, and spontaneously feel the flow, the wisdom that comes from innocence, to feel in the present and protected…we all have access to it…so let’s all open our doors to the possibility that we are connected to the unlimited in thoughtless awareness…and this is a wonderful natural way to teach children to meditate. Have you ever seen such attentive kids? Absolutely amazing! It improves every aspect of our lives, and can make our youth feel protected, loved, inspired and enthused
    about a few minutes of quiet meditation every day. Looks like the parents are letting them be, and loving it too! Way to go Kathleen, Holly, Isabelle, Ioana, Shulin, Samantha and everyone who volunteers every week to share this light with everyone.

  3. Elsie Kuly

    How fortunate for these children to learn meditation techniques which will greatly help them deal with the stresses of this present world.

    I wish my two granddaughters who attend Postmaster School in Oakville would have the opportunity to learn Sahaja Yoga meditation. There is so much pressure on children today in our complicated world Everyone seems to be in a rush. People drive too fast and talk too fast Social contact is controlled by talking on cell phones and texting. Stress levels are high. I would like my grandchildren to learn about the inner peace, joy and strength they would find in meditating with other children in a Sahaja Yoga group

  4. Kruti

    It feels so good to see young children enjoying meditation and feeling the vibrations on their figure tips. It would be awesome to have Sahaja yoga as part of their curriculum. They would be much calmer and joyful.

  5. Shakti Visser


  6. Claudia

    This is verry beautiful. Meditation is definitely helping the children with their attention, which became a problem these days, at school, at home basically everywhere. It is so precious to see the calm, joy and the sparkle in their eyes when they are meditating. Nothing can compare with that.

  7. Marius Iulian

    Very nice! Really cool 🙂

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