Meditate and Cultivate Joy along Miracle at Live Well Family Wellness Expo 2024

For You to Discover: how was our experience at the Wellness Fair Expo on May 9, 2024?

Last night We cultivated Joy at the Burlington Central Highschool alongside Mosca and Miracle

On the evening of May 9th, 2024 a small team of volunteers from our our 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative had the pleasure of participating in the Live Well Family Wellness Expo 2024 hosted by the the Burlington Central highschool.

In fact, we added this evening to our May Calendar of Events right after and in connection to The Festival of New Beginnings that was offered on Sunday May 5th at Burlington Lions Club.

Shivangna from 100 Seeds of Joy team is conducting an intro to meditation with self-realization steps to a group of adults participants and a student leader.

Miracle and Ioana are Birthday Twins and share a “Cultivator of Joy” destiny

The invite came to us on May 7th which, coincidentally, is Ioana’s birthday, who volunteers for the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative dedicated to offering free mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness workshops in Burlington and around.

Yesterday, our team of volunteers who planned to offer “Meditate & Play with Clay” sessions to the visitors shared the same space with another amazing group of volunteers: St. John’s Ambulance team, who of course brought their service dogs.

That’s how Ioana and Miracle met, and found out that they are Birthday Twins brought together by this Serendipity play.

Miracle is a young gentle lady coming from the Golden Retrievers nation, and Ioana has very close family ties to this nation, through Maxi, who is a gentle playful soul. You can check some videos for yourself!

Definitely Miracle and Ioana also share some traits too: they both love to offer support and joy to whoever comes their way.

Miracle, Ioana and Mosca — photo of their first encounter as “Cultivator of Joy” neighbours at the 2024 Live Well Wellness Fair.

Meet the Cultivators of Joy that brought Meditation and Play (at time with Clay) to Live Well 🙂

This time we had Kathleen, Shivangna and Ioana that represented the 100 Seeds of Joy team at the Live Well Family Wellness Expo 2024. At times everyone was busy talking to interested students, parents, and vendors that wanted to find out more about our activities and even give it a try on the spot. We enjoyed the thoughtful space provided to us by the organizers, as we could conduct even two meditation classes at the same time.

For example, it happened for Kathleen to be busy doing a meditation and play session with a little child and her parent at one table, while at the next table Ioana was doing a meditation mini-class for two students, grade 11 and grade 12.

We received positive feedback, and some students were surprised that the “thoughtless awareness” state of meditation is a reality that can be achieved within a very short time even in a busy and noisy space! For others, finding out that there are free classes available “around the corner” as well online was Good News and we are waiting to welcome them there.

Once Shivangna was able to join our team, we had a bit of “free time” to take some photos. Enjoy!

We also had the pleasure of talking to the vendors that were participating in the Wellness show, learning about their contributions and being able to have meaningful conversations. We must say that the Team of volunteers from St. Joseph Ambulance were the “neighbours from heaven” and we constantly visited them in between our own “joy cultivating” sessions,

As one can see, this article is as much about them as it is about our participation to this memorable evening.

Thank you Card received from the Live Well Team – We Thank you and Dania for Inviting us!

We are sharing the Thank You Card received from the organizers of this wellness fair, along with the “business card” received from Miracle, showing her May 7 birthday.

Our Meditate & Play with Clay wellnesss station

It’s time to say Thank You and Good Bye to the entire “St John Ambulance” Team including Mosca, Miracle and Wonder. May we meet soon again!

From left to right: Ioana, Mosca, Shivangna, Hunter, Miracle and Kathleen on the first row; in the second row are the handlers for the three service dogs: Brad, Heather and Joanne who so kindly talked to us and teached us about their dogs.

Also congratulations to Burlington Central School for their amazing student volunteers and staff who made sure that we have all that we need at our own “wellness and play” station. The overall organization of this event exceeded all our expectations!

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Sharing the bundle of joy and eager volunteer that our Maxi is!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article. Drop a comment if you wish!

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  1. Helen

    The ‘cultivators of joy” are so adorable. I can feel the joy!!
    Congratulations to all who took part and made this such a successful, joy giving event!! The vibrations are flowing strongly. So much love and fun.
    With much gratitude to all, thank you very much for sharing. Such strong vibrations so health giving!! Fantastic!!

  2. Paula

    Omg the cutest dogs next door! What lovely neighbours you had! Congrats to the team for spreading hundreds of seeds of joy by making meditation simple and lighting the way to more life joy. It really is awe inspiring to see the team take hours out of their work days to teach and share meditation yoga tools to navigate life’s ups and downs. Wish I had known about it in high school!

  3. Isabelle

    The photos have so much joy in them. Also.. the two paintings such a connection to Mother Earth.

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