Ioana’s Interview @ FYI TV SHOW: “Bridging Science and Spirituality (MORE VIDEOS)

(VIDEO) May 7, 2014 @  F.Y.I TV  SHOW (Inside Halton)

Since January 2014, there were 3 invites to be on the F.Y.I. TV Cogeco Show in regard with the active presence in Halton region of our not for profit and charitable organization, known as Sahaja Yoga meditation. In the previous occasions on the show, there were announced the “Life De-Stress for Youth” on-going programs as well the new initiative launched in March 2014 across the entire community: “Inner Peace Free Workshops” immersed from the desire to honor the legacy of the founder of sahaja yoga meditation: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (March 21, 1923 – February 23, 2011).

Ioana / Halton – Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Collection of VIDEOS/Interviews-Public Speaking)

Ioana -May 7 2014 - Bday Bouquet
Such a special birthday this year; had the blessing to talk about what I love: sahaja yoga meditation and our projects in community, later in the evening had the privilege of meeting with my dearest yogi family from Halton/Niagara sahaja yoga classes, and late in that night I had enjoyed a ‘slice of heaven’ with my intimate family. Thank You!

(VIDEO)  Ioana / Sahaja Yoga: Special Guest Speech @ SUFI Adam’s Day (2013)

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  1. Chandra

    I am sure, I am sure Divine SHE was standing behind you with all the pride and happiness, with HER blessing hand on you.

    SHE always said “I am with you whenever you think of me”.
    You, Ioana, are an inspiration to many of us who sometimes bogged down with mundane worldly things.

  2. letitia

    LA Multi Ani! si felicitari

  3. Rabi Ghosh

    That was a great treat to read this so beautifully articulated article and posting. I am sure with your birthday on one hand and TV airing on that same day on the other must have been a grand birthday gift for our dearest sister Ioana….

    Love just effortlessly flowed and echoed….seeing you on TV.It made my day too as I read this post.

  4. Shivangi and Nehit

    Wonderful 🙂 very very glad to see you spreading Mother’s work and love.

  5. Karen

    So glad to see the fantastic TV interview Ioana….feeling the vibrations & love from it and the articles xo 🙂

  6. anjali

    finally we are making our sahaja yoga known to seekers via television. thank you to cogeco for having us and hope this interview gets to many seekers. Hope we get to come back. We need to make ourselves known via television more and more.

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