For You, My Diamond Friends – on May 7, I Thank you

“What I am trying to tell you is that, with these vibrations, you enter into the divine ether. This ether exists in everything…but it is nothing that you have to do because you are one with the divine ether. And when you start just paying attention to someone, that ether just goes and acts. So your attention becomes collectively conscious and collectively active. Thus you become great friends. There is no quarrel. There is no jealousy because you know you are part and parcel of One Personality. The second thing that happens to you is that you know the truth. The fundamental truth is that you are the Spirit. You are neither this body, nor this mind, nor intellect, nor ego. It is like a Diamond lost in the mud. And as the diamond is cleared out and brought to the light, you are no more the mud, so you reach the Absolute.”

This day you made it special. My way of thanking is to show you how I really see you and know you. The above quote – from Shri Mataji, my beloved spiritual teacher –  says everything that is in my heart  for you and the above photograph reveals it perfectly. Please, feel it and enjoy it.


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  1. Anjali

    This is so beautiful Ioana. I felt it and enjoyed it thoroughly. I felt so much love and joy. Enjoy your special day!

    1. Ayesha nadeem

      I realy like this beautiful picture of shri mataji, and i am kind of attach with her day by day I cant control this connection

  2. Debbie

    At one time or the other, we were all diamonds in the mud and have the opportunity to realize the beauty when we are connected with the Divine.

    Lots of love always.

  3. Carmen

    Dear Ioana:

    This picture is just so Divine, I cannot describe the feeling. As Shri Mataji says “you don’t have to do anything”.

    Thank you,


  4. Claudia

    That we may keep sparkling as a diamond does with our kindness. Claudia

  5. patrice

    tanks iona for all the great things you make us discover.
    i need to be in contact whit you because ther’are a lot of things i need to in italie(parma)but i dont know any sahaja brother and i feel alone.please if u can help me in that side i would be very hapy.
    whith love,patrice

    1. Ioana

      Dear Patrice, I had contacted few sahaja yogis from Italy and they will get in touch with you soon. As you know this weekend there is celebrated Mother’s Day which is very important for Italians so they might be busy with family reunions,etc.. but soon after for sure somebody will contact you directly. All the best, thank you for being Halton’s website friend and Enjoy Parma!

  6. Manga

    “Heart has no language, heart speaks to heartMahatma Gandhi”.I we know this language is vibrations which are all pervading transmitting through tanmatra, ether. Atmanye Atmana…sprit recognises spirit in others, this is an experience that Moher gave us. She made us angels and saints, a saint recognises another saint, their relationship is beyond all human lacunae for they are embedded in DIvine LOve, belong to same family, the family of pure love. Love you Ioana.

  7. Raj

    Thank you Ioana. This is indeed so soothing….

  8. Liz

    To my very, very good friend!!
    I just love you sister!
    Thank you for this article.

  9. chandra

    We all love you. That is all.

  10. armaity

    Ioana , I have no words to thank you for this deep message which on face, looks so simple and easy. And thanks for this beautiful picture of our beloved Mother. I bless the day I met you at the Kettleby Seminar years ago, when I recognized and felt and knew that you would always have a special place in my heart. Our spirits did the talking & my beloved sister, we did not have to do anything, then or thereafter !!

  11. ann

    Dearest Ioana,

    Yes I feel the beautiful connection of each of our brothers and sisters hearts and so see their diamond shine!!!

    Love Always

  12. Kusum Chandok

    Thank you Ioana for this beautiful article and picture of Mother. I cannot find words to describe how I feel. The picture is really just so beautiful and divine. I feel very cool vibrations. My daughter is sitting next to me and she loves the picture and article as well. Thank you so much,

  13. Elsie

    What a beautiful article describing divine ether and how we are the ether, not the body. I think of you, Iona and how easily you make friends, because of the love you project. Thanks

  14. Chandra

    some times I wonder from where this little lady (Ioana) gets her strengths! You, Ioana, are a fountain of Love, and planted the seed of love in our hearts, it is amazing!
    we all love you.

  15. judith cecilia

    Gracias queridos hermanos, por compartir todas estas experiencias, que son maravillosas.

  16. Sigal Matasaro

    Beautiful , clean Truth. Thank you from the button of my heart. Ioana.?????

  17. NITI

    When we are one with the ultimate truth that we are nothing,not body ,mind ,jealousy, ego but pure spirit then all of our impurities will drop out completely and we will shine like a sparkling diamond pure and clear.Thank you dear Ioana for this amazingly article of Shri Mataji.

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