List with Celebrations of The World Inner Peace Day in Ontario, 2014

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2014 – List with FREE Inner Peace Workshops in Ontario

March 17:  “The World Inner Peace Day on St Patrick’s Day” – Open to Youth

Where: Youth Life De-Stress Program

OAKVILLE, ON (click to see the poster and agenda)

March 19: “Morning Inner Peace Workshop”

– Where: @ Scotia Bank

BURLINGTON, ON ( click to read the Appreciation Letter received from the bank)

March 19: “World Inner Peace Day & Tribute”  – Public Program

– Where: @ Brant Hills Community Centre

BURLINGTON, ON (click for ‘how was it – video‘)

March 19:  “World Inner Peace Day & Tribute” –Public Program

– Where: @ North Kipling Community Centre

ETOBICOKE, ON (click for ‘program’s agenda’)

March 21: “The World Inner Peace Day” (for Students & Teachers)

Where: @  Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School

BURLINGTON, ON (click to watch the video on “how was it” + click to read the Thank you letter from school)

March 23: “The World Inner Peace Day ” -Public Program

Where: @ Central Public Library

BARRIE, ON (click for ‘how was it’)

March 25: “Morning Inner Peace Workshop”

Where: @ Canadian Mental Health Association

BARRIE, ON (click for Letter of Appreciation received for this program)

March 28:  @ Cool Kids FREE Program– (open to Kids under 12, with their Parents)


April 22:  Earth Day with “Inner Peace for Children and parents”

Where: @ Girl Guides of Canada

RICHMOND HILL, ON (click for Thank you Letter received)

May 2:  “Inner Peace Workshop for Students @ Multicultural Week”

Where: @ Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School

BURLINGTON, ON ( click for video)

May 6: Open House for Cool Kids & Youth Meditation Class

– Where: @ Lawfield Secondary school

– HAMILTON, ON (click for cute short video!)

May 23: Teen Day 

    – Where: @ West Oak public school

      * We facilitated 4 Inner Peace sessions for Students (Gr 7/8)

  – OAKVILLE, ON (click  for thank you letter & photos from Teen Day )

June 1: “Fun Inner Peace Program for Children & Parents” 

Where: Etobicoke City Hall (public program)

ETOBICOKE, ON (click to see how great it was!)

June 3: “Inner Peace Workshop in FRENCH” (for gr 9 Students) 

 Where: @  Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School

– BURLINGTON, ON (offered during the French class)

June 5: Health & Wellness Night (1st one in Brockville’s school! )

– Where: @ Brockville Public School

  * We provide  a session of “Inner peace with Sahaja Yoga Meditation”
– CAMPBELLVILLE, ON (click for photos& stories – Thank you Letter – will be shared)

June 19:“Care Fair”: invited by the Health Action team (the organizer of this event)

         – Where: Richard Beasley School (“Inner peace workshops for JK +SK)

 – HAMILTON, ON (click for story & Appreciation Letter received by our team)

June 23: “Inner Peace in School with Free Sahaja Yoga meditation”
– Where: Lawfield School (meditation workshops for Gr7, Gr 3/3 and Gr 5 students and teachers)
HAMILTON, ON (thank you letter + story will follow)
August 10:Adam’s Day” (invited by Azeemi Sufi order)
– Where (offered an Inner peace workshop based on Self-Realization experiment
MISSISSAUGA, ON (click for story, video and photos)
September 30: “Inner Peace for Young Parents
– Where: St. Martin’s Manor Youth Housing, Young Parent, Infant and Children’s Catholic Centre
November 20: “Bronte Creek Project/Trailhead Empowering Youth Conference
Where: Camp Sidrabene 
(“inner peace via meditation” workshops+inspiring guest speaker from sahaja yoga meditation)
November 21:“Celebrate Our Inner Peace” – Public program
– Where : Glen Abbey Recreation centre 
OAKVILLE, ON -(click for program)
November 25: “Inner Peace for Young Parents”
– Where: St. Martin’s Manor Youth Housing, Young Parent, Infant and Children’s Catholic Centre
December 10: “Exam De-Stress Program with Sahaja Yoga Meditation ”
            – Invited by University of Guelph’s Inter-hall Council
– Where : Guelph University (“inner peace workshop”) 
Ontario - 8 Inner Peace programs -up to march 25 2014
The Ontario map with the Inner Peace Programs/workshops in March 2014 (so far).

Check out the map for the World Map and World-Wide Initiative: 21 March 2014 The World Day for Inner Peace

We will keep the flame alive for The World Inner Peace Dayevery day onwards! Join hands with us and accept our proposal to bring this simple yet beneficial solution into our Canadian communities, starting with the ones in Ontario. Let’s prove that WE CARE for Peace Within and Peace in the World. Thank you. Inner Peace Burlington march 19 2014

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