Sahaja Yoga is Instant Nirvana! Christmas & Lord Krishna in Spontaneous Gift-Coincidence Article

“Another side of Shri Krishna was that He was extremely creative. In His childhood, He did all these pranks. And when He became a grown-up person, He became the king of Dvaraka, of that area. And He was to dress up like a king. After all He was a king. When He was a child, He used to wear a small little piece of feather from the peacock.

“All that greatness was there and He was extremely creative. He built a beautiful,  very beautiful castle, or we can say palace, in Dvaraka, out of gold. Can you believe it? Shri Krishna did it. And it was all then covered with water. Now the intellectuals in India, all trained by Western people, I think, said that: “It’s not possible. There’s nothing in the water and He never built His palace there, it’s all a story, just like a myth.” But some people believed in it and they dug up: they went down and they found there was a very big palace. There was a little bit of gold left, but not all of it was there. And they were amazed: such a huge, big palace He had made. Under the water it had gone, but it was there.
Like this, all these incarnations who came were extremely creative.

If you are not creative, what’s the use of Self-Realisation?

Now what is the greatest creative thing you can do, very easily? It is to make other Sahaja Yogis.

That is the easiest and most joy-giving thing, is to make others Sahaja Yogis and give them the blessings of the Divine, which they have been seeking for ages.

By giving them, you don’t know what a solace, what a blessing you give them.
So now that you have got your Self-Realisation. You got it very easily, I must say. They all say that it is ‘instant Nirvana’. Sahaja Yoga is instant Nirvana. It’s true!”

“But, whatever you get so easily and instantly, you don’t understand the value of that. They always say for India that they got their freedom so easily… They didn’t get it that easily, that’s why they did value it. But it’s true, if you get anything free, firstly, and without any special effort, then you don’t value it, you don’t understand. You think it’s a matter of right.

But do you know how much people have suffered for getting Self-Realisation? They used to go on the Himalayas, stand on one leg, sometimes on their heads, for months together. And they didn’t get Realisation. I’ve heard of some people who lived in a room for 28 years, to get Self-Realisation. And why did they live like that? Because they thought by keeping away from other people, other bad atmosphere, everything, they might get Realisation: they never got it!
So one must understand, though you have got it very easily, it’s something so precious, so great. It’s not very easy to get Self-Realisation. You read about the people who are Self-Realised; perhaps they did not even know how they got it. They did not know even about the Kundalini. But they got it. Through their guru maybe, maybe their efforts…”

“Buddha, how much He had to suffer till He gets His Realisation… Think of Him, how He got His Realisation. I mean you shudder to see of His life; ultimately He dies of hunger and poverty.
(But) You have got it without any difficulties, in a very sweet manner, all of you.You don’t have to pay, you don’t have to do anything about it. But that doesn’t mean you should not value it. Like a seed which is put in the Mother Earth, spontaneously sprouts and gives life to the primrose which grows, can grow into a shrub and then into a tree. But you have to put water, and you have to have the care of a Gardener.

“In your case, you are the one who has to do all that. First of all, you have to put the nourishment of compassion and love. Have you got that compassion and love? Do you love people? Like, somebody told Me today, I was shocked: “I don’t like children.” I said: “You don’t like children?” “No, I like other children, not mine.” Just imagine… How can you be doing that? How can you say such a thing? You don’t like your own children… Anything…
First of all, for all of you I would say, that you should never say: ‘I like’ and ‘I don’t like’. These are anti-mantras.“

‘I like this...’, it’s very common. Who are you? ‘I don’t like this cup, I don’t like that silver thing…’ Who are you?! Can you make one like that? To take a decision of that kind, it also shows… They think it’s very spontaneous: it’s not. It has come from your conditionings. That you think you have a right to say: ‘I don’t like, I don’t want...’ But who are you?!”

“If you are the Spirit, you’ll never use these words, because it might hurt somebody. You’ll never say something that will hurt others. You’ll never do anything that will be dangerous for others. But always, you’ll say something that will be extremely loving and compassionate and peace giving. You will emit joy for others. There is the power of Spirit that it gives joy to others. If you are a glum person, grumpy person, then you are not Self-Realised.

You should be able to give joy and love and compassion. And it should happen absolutely spontaneously.”

The quotes above are from the same lecture offered on 20/08/2000 at Cabella Ligure in Italy (during Shri Krishna Puja) by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – on “Nirvana” and Lord Krishna, who is the incarnation that worked on the cosmic Vishuddhi chakra (situated at the throat level within the subtle energy body). We had spent a wonderful Christmas time this year with our family (yogis and non-yogis) from USA. We are so grateful for knowing so many beautiful people that inhabit this vast continent (America) that is ruled at the subtle and planetary level by Lord Krishna. Let`s all imbibe and reflect his divine qualities, thus contributing to a much better world!

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  1. Anjali

    Dear Ioana, thank you for allowing us to feel your joy through this article, pictures and Mother’s talk. These are such beautiful moments – just like precious pearls that enhance beauty in our life – these “coincidences” are messages for us from Shri Krishna Himself to live and enjoy in “togetherness” – only in Sahaja Yoga one can really feel the essence of His message and imbibe in it. Indeed it is instant Nirvana and what a joy to be a part of it. What a great way to celebrate Christmas and start the new year.

  2. Elsie Kuly

    Sahaja Yoga is instant Nirvana. When one feels the strong vibrations, it brings such joy and peace.

  3. Rose Hutchinson

    Hi Ioana, I am in the Lansdale collective. I enjoyed your visit so much, and thanks for putting our picture in your news letter. I love Sahaja and I really love all the vibrations that visitors bring to our collective.

  4. Jolanta

    It is so true that people often take “free things” for granted. Thank you for this article so beautifully demonstrating the connection of the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to recent experiences/events.

  5. Kartikeya

    Creativity is overlooked and often goes unappreciated. The gold castle which Shri Krishna made in Dwarka shows the amazing magnitude and caliber of his creativity. This article shows how to be creative in many ways not only one way but several. Thank you!

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