Whiter Than Snow on February 23, 2011 – Silk Detachment Farewell Bow of our Mother Guru

“.. on Guru Day, Mother would like to wear something of a lighter shade; White, the pure color of silk, complete detachment. But in white all the colors are mixed, then only it becomes white. Such a Balance and Unity it is. It should be that YOU should become White and Whiter than Snow.”

“DETACHMENT IS PURITY, IS INNOCENCE. INNOCENCE IS SUCH A LIGHT, LIGHT THAT REALLY BLINDS YOU TO ALL THAT IS FILTHY. You would not even know that a person has come with bad intentions. A person comes to you, comes to steal. You’ll say, ‘come along, what do you want ?’. You’ll offer him tea and all that, then he says, ‘ I have come to rob you’. ‘Alright rob me, if you want to’; so he might not rob you at all. That is what is innocence, which one may develop, only through DETACHMENT. Detachment is of the ATTENTION. Do not allow your attention to get involved into something, even rituals of anything. Say, now we have not washed Mataji’s feet, alright! It does not matter. You love me, alright. If some mistakes may be committed, what does it matter ? If you see on the abstract plane: it’s Love! This is just a step forward, like somebody ran very fast and fell down before reaching me and says, ‘Mother, sorry, I fell down before reaching you, I should have not done that. But, Mother see, how I prostrated before you’.

It’s a Complete Poetry: Detachment.”

“So, one has to develop that Detachment to be a Guru.”

Enjoy below the cool breeze coming from the poetry of heart, as well a collection of Letters from Shri Mataji and a Whiter than Snow experience from a Burlington .. and the explanation for this article-tribute ..

(click) I have met Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


This article is dedicated to Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and beloved spiritual mother and yoga teacher – who left her bodily existence on February 23rd, 2011.

More articles will be shared so more of us can express their tribute to Shri Mataji as well for all to see a glimpse of Shri Mataji’s role in the spiritual advancement of the entire humanity.  The excerpt above is from a lecture of Shri Mataji on Guru Principle, in London, UK, 29/07/1980. Thanks go to Richard (one of the earliest followers  of Shri Mataji, he is a Canadian friend from Vancouver) for creating such a beautiful, honest and from the heart ‘description’ of Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji had reached out to all the corners of this Mother Earth and had offered her guidance and wealth of knowledge only for free, with tremendous love and respect to everyone as a Mother to All Seekers, and She would say at the beginning of all her public programs:

“I bow to All Seekers of Truth.”

Shri Mataji’s Advise on Fragrance & Trust  (click)

Lord Ganesha & Collection of  Four Letters from Shri Mataji (click)

Ann’s Whiter than Snow Burlington Experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation (click!)

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  1. Suhas

    ” Behold this moment, the Devi sakshat has blessed our lives.
    Coming into our small little worlds, She has truly touched our lives.
    In eons to come, people will ask of you Her remembrance
    Were you there? What was it like? What did you experience?
    Could you say more or could you say less than that:
    She was the embodiment of the pure Love that is the causal force of this creation.
    She was, is and will be the only path to salvation”


    With love and hugs to all who have been lucky enough to share in this Love,


  2. Anya

    Thank you for the wonderful memories and talks of our beloved Mother!

    I feel like my real Mother would pass away! Shri Mataji was more than words can say for me! She gave me more than I could ever ask for and she helped me out in the most difficult moments in my live so they were turn into beautiful expierience by her!
    I feel that I lost the support of a physical form but slowly I start to feel how she is in my heart and around me in vibrations and in that formless form! It is more than divine ! It is not to be explained in words!
    I love you Mother and still you are there to give me what I realy need!

    thank for the overflowing divine pure love and attention! Even more than stronger than ever!
    Love and respect to all my brother and sisters all around the world 🙂

    1. Chandra

      “I feel that I lost the support of a physical form but slowly I start to feel how she is in my heart and around me in vibrations and in that formless form”.

      Thank you.

      1. adrian

        Shri Mataji is reborn in you Chandra.

  3. Jack I

    Wow, awesome post! I prolly read it over at least 3 separate times, haha. Actually, I found it a few days ago but just had to read it once again today. You just gained another return visitor, lol! All kidding aside, thanks a lot for taking the effort to article together.

  4. Kalpana Kaamt

    Dear Ioana,
    So beautiful. It’s just a pure bliss. Thank you so much for translating the meaning of the same. Also thanks for putting up relevant rare letters/ quotes addressed by Our mother.

    Thanks Anna, for translating Italy newspaper clippings. It just gave in insight of that divine place and looking at the pictures I could feel the vibrations..

    Thanks once again

  5. Debbie

    What a beautiful tribute and dedication to our Shri Mataji. Thank you so very much.

    Lots of love always.

  6. Tracy

    What a beautiful title. Thank you for giving us this very simple, beautiful and perfect tribute to The Mother we have grown to love, cherish and adore. This posting unites our hearts and attention with the pure love at this special time.
    Bandhans of Love to all brothers and sisters of the Divine Mother

  7. Rabi

    Every day and every moment we are reborn when we see everything in Shri Mataji and also see Shri Mataji in Everything…. A blissful existance and blessed persons are we when we recognize Her within Us and feel the collectivity(bundle of love in family with such beautiful people) with in Her.

  8. R.Venkateswaran

    Now Shri Mataji’s 2nd Aniversary. A sahaji who has gone to participate in the ‘Divas’ has phoned me from the Mahasamadhi site of our beloved Mother, where vibration is flowing. He even made me talked with an Australian brother. Thanks Mother. Please bless and guide us all.

  9. adrian


    In detachment…
    Lies the wisdom…
    Of our Heart.

    Gratefully received…
    And shared.

  10. Rabi

    Unconditional love on platform of truth and realization makes us yogis. It’s only one aspect of H.H Shri Mataji . To surrender within and recognition makes us the Spirit that our Mother promised us in this lifetime . We remember this day to introspect what Mother wanted out of us. We are Her flower children. Let us all pray collectively to become that what Mother promised us. On this day and forever. Amen!

  11. Rajendra Tosawar

    thanks for sharing this wonderful with full of love GURU-ELEMANTS.
    It is always soothing………..

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