Group Hot Chocolate’s View on Global Issues

Letter from Cuneyt on behalf of The Hot Chocolate Team

“Hello Ioana, I’m Cuneyt (pronounced  as June-8). Below are the issues we’d like resolved in the world :
* Peace should arrive in Syria.
*Those who suffered the hurricane Sandy get back to their normal life and find ways to heal their wounds.
*Poor can find enough food to survive.
*After the shooting in Connecticut last month, kids hopefully get over the trauma and make a good start to school.
*People should know how to get over their fears.
*Seniors waiting for care should be provided.
*Child labour in India must come to end.
*Bullying in every form must stop.
*Society must come up with creative ideas for the homeless people.
*People must learn how to protect theemselves from floods.
*Income difference between the poor and the rich should be reduced.
*People should work within reasonable working hours.
*Corruption in India must come to an end/

I hope this message adds to the global conscience and humanity reaches a better level of living.

Thank you,
Note: This week at Burligton sahaja yoga meditation class (that’s always free), we have gathered together quite a serious bunch of people – all ages. Beside sharing our ‘seeker’s story’ and our ‘results’ we obtained so far on our spiritual path, and beside mentioning our reasons for coming that night of the first week of the new born year 2013, after we enjoyed the collective meditation and the chakra workshop with mantras … we had started the game of ‘Making an Important List with What we Care for as Global Issues – Those that Come Spontaneously in our Mind on the Spot‘.  So, we had made ad-hoc and spontaneously 5 groups and each group had meditated on global issues and came up with a ‘priority list’. Above we have shared the one coming from the team that entitled itself “Hot chocolate” and we had Cuneyt that believe it or not, had joined that night our meditation class for the second time, first time was on Christmas Special class when he joined us for the Carols singing! He felt the energy (what we call ‘vibrations’) and he fully had embraced this ‘game’ of becoming a ‘global personality’: spontaneously sharing what we are inspired to ask,  pray for and care for the global issues. We thank to Cuneyt and to his team members that had made a strong hot chocolate with healing-awakening powers for all of us.
To sahaja yogis that read the list above, please do bandhans for these global issues. For everyone else, please let’s meditate – pray in Silence.

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  1. adrian

    Thankyou for the global list…

    I would like to reinforce one of those in particular…

    It is the block to the healing energy of God’s Love.

    When we understand what fear is then we can begin to move it… it is at the heart of all those other issues on the Global list!

    My understanding is as folows…

    We choose(subconsciously) to create fear because of our past conditionings…

    No one can give us fear!
    So why not choose to release that which we do not own!

    Fear manifests itself in us…
    AS anger, hatred and finally “di-ease”
    then suffering and disease.

    So why not understand… thru introspection and reflection… how it is that we continue to choose to create fear through our subconscious conditionings!!!

    Yes… we create or co-create
    our own anger
    our own hatred
    our own suffering

    Do not blame others…

    Take responsibility…
    And learn how to “let go”
    That is why you have learned about how to “Self Realize”.

    The time is now…

    As Yoda(Star Wars) so nicely put it…

    “either you do or do not… there is no try”.

    1. Colleen

      I agree with you l00% Adrian, fear and love are both a choice and we all need to choose love for any *problem* to be resolved. Every moment of every day we make a choice of which path to follow, let us all choose the path of LOVE!!! When we change our own thoughts our feelings will change and then the outcome of events around us will change. The ripple effect.

  2. adrian

    One of the global isues mentioned was…

    “People should know how to get over their fears”.


    However… first they may want to understand how it is that fear is created?

    And…secondly how each of us plays some role in creating or co-creating those fears!

    Then… to consciously take responsibility for letting go those fears.

  3. Rajendra Tosawar

    FOR GLOBAL ISSUES every person should know his responsibilities,rights,liabilities DHARMA and take action accordingly.

  4. Ayesha

    Thanks for this lovely group of “Healing Hot Chocolate”, seriously and please believe me I was thinking these all things on New year Eve and pray so loud to God to listen and solve these issues and give all human-beings peace and knowledge of Divine Love.
    I am also stuck with the fear problems and do not know how to let go ,please Adrian if you help me more to get out of this constant feelings of fear. we all should put our attention on these issues collectively

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