What is a New Year for a Sahaja Yogi?! Make Your New Year’s Resolution an Important List

Find the answers to this question: What is a New Year for a Sahaja Yogi?!

This is a 12 year old article, yet its content is as vibrant and meaningful every day of  every New Year. It gathers a collection of quotes from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – along with a couple of videos that truly “transmit” what we need to feel replenished and hopeful in what comes as New in our lives. Enjoy!

“Every moment is a NEW YEAR for a Sahaja Yogi because he lives in the Present and neither in Future nor in the Past gone by. For him every moment is a New Year, a new surge of joy, a new wave. Just as one, while already swimming in the ocean of love is lovingly tossed every moment by the love all around, so also every Sahaja Yogi is to live in complete joy (‘anand’), love (‘prem’) peace (‘shanti’) and blissful delight (‘alhad’).

The question is whether we have learnt to swim [in this Ocean of Love]?!

Only he should be called a Sahaja Yogi who has achieved complete satisfaction and tranquility and his pure desire has been fulfilled. He should now enjoy the supreme and unique bliss of his immense capacity to Give this to others .”

(Advices to Sahaja Yogis in Delhi, on January 3, 1984 – from the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation)

Let’s find additional wise answers in the following quotes and video excerpts from Shri Mataji’s lectures

“If you can enjoy love, you won’t enjoy anything else but love for other people and not for yourself. On the contrary, you will see that your body, your mind, your thoughts, everything, are directed towards creating love for others and not for yourself. The whole attitude changes. Like in the darkness you can’t see anything.”

“But if even there’s a small light, it spreads all over. Nobody tells the light that: ‘You have to spread the light all over’, but it does. In the same way, you are all enlightened people.

You are all enlightened with Love and the Light of this Love spreads automatically, spontaneously, Sahaj!

Spontaneous dancing at Public Program celebrating the 10th anniversary of Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes.

“I saw so many of these Yuva Shaktis (young people that are practicing sahaja yoga) dancing together, forgetting their caste, creed, everything and enjoying each other’s company. This is something that has to happen, in this country and in every country, that we should all feel Oneness and Enjoy the Oneness with each other. If we do not enjoy, we are like a drop outside the ocean, which can be dried any time. But if you are a part and a parcel of that ocean, then what happens is that every movement of the ocean you carry with you and you are part and parcel of that ocean, absolutely, because you do not have separate identity.

So all these things that make a separate identity in our society or in our culture or in our behaviour, in personal lives, all should be completely curbed down. And this will settle many problems, from family life to national life to international life. So we should curb down all such feelings of separateness.

Gradually, all nations will become One. I am sure of that, because great times are coming and so many people at the helm of affairs will take to Sahaja Yoga.

So we should all be together, whatever may be the differences. In different families we are born. After all, all cannot be born in one family! But now you belong to Sahaja Yoga family and this Sahaja Yoga family is One.”

The List We All Should Do

“I was really very much touched, because now the New Year is coming, with a New Challenge for All of us..

For which, all of you, from every country, should have thinking, how you can do it in your country and other countries. What are the problems in another country? Put your attention outside, not inside, this way that you should say that: “I need this, I need that, I need that.”

We should know what other people need, what is their need, what the people in our society, in our nation, in our world require.

Better write them down, what do they require. It’s better, it will work, might be. It might be corrected.

It’s very important for Sahaja Yogis to sit down and write down What the World needs and what is to be done. It will be a nice idea for all of you to really aspire for that kind of a homogeneous society that we have here today.

And we will one day, you will be surprised that we will be the ones who’ll guide and lead the rest of the people with our love, attention and care.

So it’s very important time and at this time we should all think on those lines..

So thank you very much. May God bless you!”

(Speech on “All Nations will become One” – on March 21, 1999 in Delhi – Shri Mataji)

Video from Mari-Joel (explore her new music Album here)

“So I have to tell you that ‘Keep the Connection On!‘. Not only that, but try to make it stronger and stronger and become one with that Divine Force permanently, which will flow through you and will not only enlighten you, but will give you so many powers and you will see the new life in this new year.”

“As I requested you, we have to work it out Now.  The other things, whatever problems you have will be solved, in no time, but the main problem is yourself. It should be solved by you, by meditative methods. And so much attention we are paying to all our extra-curricular activities, but that will definitely fail. It will boomerang on you if you do not have the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. It’s very important to keep attention on your Spirit all the time so that whatever you are doing, whatever you’re projecting has the base and you just don’t get lost. This is a very important thing and I’m sure that you will understand that without the nourishment from the Roots you cannot grow. So this nourishment must be kept alive.

May God bless you. Thank you very much.”

(Shri Mataji in the New Year Celebration, 1991 in Kalwa, India)

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  1. Amanda

    What the UK needs –
    1. Jobs with a decent wage for all the men so that they can feel self esteem and are able to look after their families without the wives having to work as well just to keep a roof over their heads, so that the women can be housewives, mothers and look after the husbands, home and society properly without being rushed off their feet all the time.
    2. Proper housing with community gardens and spaces, not more tower blocks which only add to the gang culture.
    3. Government underlining that marriage and family are important to the structure of society and their implementation of a proper social network of useful support.
    4. Corruption in politics, the police force, MI5, NHS, local and national councils, and the banking system routed out and made apparent for all to see. New and equitable systems adopted by Government, accepted by the Vox Pop and put in place.
    5. Children educated according to their gifts, in multi racial and multi religious schooling systems.
    6. Much more use of and a Government sanction of ecological methods of energy before all the fossil fuels run out.
    7. A local police force in every County actually aware of local needs with sufficient power by law given to them to keep the peace.
    8. Social workers given sufficient powers and funding to do their jobs proficiently and effectively.
    9. Housewives and mothers given the respect and sense of place by the Government and society that they richly deserve.
    10. More ecological farming methods adopted and implemented by law. Population taught free of charge to grow their own food and given plots of land in which to do so.
    11. More encouragement and support given to artists and musicians so that they can survive and make a living at their art.
    12. More encouragement, support, grants and self esteem given to men and women who make handcrafted products so that their products may be correctly and fairly priced so that they can make a living.

    Thank you!

  2. paula

    The age of innocence video and music is so beautiful, as is all the music, I was really moved…it was a nice surprise I found just randomly browsing the website for inspiration…the music expresses what my words cannot…the message is clear!

  3. Debbie

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful message. I heard this song Hallelujah during the month of Dec and I loved it so much. Seeing that it came back to me, I plan on learning how to sing it. I felt such joy and happiness. Thanks so much Omar, Abi and Ioana.

    Lots of love always.

  4. Michael

    Our Global Intentions for 2011 from the Burlington Group:
    That governments will streamline the adoption process resulting in more orphans finding good homes and loving families sooner.
    We ask that the family of the 7 year old boy who fell through the ice and community of Niagara on the Lake will find strength and support in their time of grief.
    We focus our thoughts wishing that all the people affected by the Haiti Earthquake, Queensland Flooding and all other natural disasters will get the help and resources that they need to rebuild their lives.
    For the Homeless, our intention is that communities will find innovative and uplifting ways to help them become productive individuals and reunite with loving societies.
    We pray that the collective consciousness of the world will continue to rise up, creating a world based on love, harmony and cooperation.

  5. Peter

    This is our Global List of topics for Bandhans for the new year from my group at last week’s Burlington meeting.

    1) Raise the consciousness of all humanity.

    2) Respect, appreciate and take care of Mother Earth.

    3) Grow awareness of Oneness. Erase political, social and racial borders.

    With wishes for a peaceful, harmonious new year.

  6. Chandra

    In the Milton meeting yesterday (10th Jan 2011), we made three groups of 4 persons each. They collectively came up with these following resolutions:

    1. Promoting Sahaja Yoga in our environment.
    2. Eliminating Drinking and Smoking, especially in younger generation.
    3. World Peace.
    4. Drug-Free World.
    5. Food for everybody.
    6. Stress-free world.
    7. Healthy living for everybody.
    8. Self-realization or people just knowing themselves.
    9. People being responsible for their action.

    Everyone in each group picked up one of their issues and spoke a minute or two how they perceive that issue and how they would contribute throughout the year to accomplish it. Everyone was asked (and agreed) to take one issue to heart and ponder over it all through the coming year to bring it to reality. It was a very productive and “become involved” session. Everyone went home with the idea that they have a job to do in Sahaja Yoga this year.

    In addition, received a one-page wish list already prepared.

    1. Job stability. The employers should appreciate and recognize the hard work of the employees and when tough times come not treat them as a “number”.

    2. Better facilities for mentally and physically challenged individuals.

    3. “Meditation” must be part of the school curriculum as these young individual who are the members of the future society be able to handle life’s challenges.

    4. Financial independency to mothers to look after their children, to spend quality time for their emotional, mental and physical development and not to be misused by babysitter or daycare.

    5. Programs to help people to be off streets and live above poverty line.

    6. Maintain a better balance between work, life and wellness.

    7. Better marriage and immigration laws in order to avoid broken and abused marriages.

    8. More resources and funding for the children of the third world countries who are displaced from homes and lives due to political situations in their countries.

    Indu added beauty to the meeting. We all enjoyed it.

    Thank you, Ioana.



  7. Stefano

    Our Global Intentions for 2011 from the Oakville Group:
    – May we be more conscious and respectful of our environment
    – May all people find peace and balance in their lives through meditation
    – May we help people in living with dignity
    – Give strength to the government of Haiti so their people can be helped without an agenda
    Thank you
    Peace Stefano

  8. Ping

    All are well said, Jai Shri Mataji!!!
    May her vision come true in very near future, which is everyone will have their SR.

  9. adrian

    “The main problem is yourself”… this quote by Shri Mataji was in relation to understanding how to solve problems outside of YourSelf… by turning in to your SELF.

    … by Realizing your SELF.

    1. adrian

      Quote by Shri Mataji

      “on the contrary, you will see that your body, your mind, your thoughts, everything, are directed towards creating love for others and not for yourself”

      Now this does not mean that you should not know how to love yourself!

      For in knowing how to love yourself, you have allowed your ego to be set aside/released!

      Love is the seed that was/is/and will always be there… for that is who You/I/we realy are!

      Once you have that Divine Knowledge of Self realized in your mind/heart/and body… then you have the Wisdom… to extend that to others

      So there is this time/space/and realm in which you/I/we expand into who we/I/you Are

      It is in this period of introspection and reflection that we are growing into who we can become… by ridding ourselves of who we ar not.

      That is when we/I/you begin to awaken into the reality of “loving ouselves first”… and then to gradually expand into extending that kernel of Love to others.

      So for me the first question is… do you know who you are?

      And if you know who you are… why not share that with others!

      It is simple… when you are wise!

  10. Divya

    Thank you,

    I agree so much with the following for families world over:

    ….Jobs with a decent wage for all the men so that they can feel self esteem and are able to look after their families without the wives having to work as well just to keep a roof over their heads, so that the women can be housewives, mothers and look after the husbands, home and society properly without being rushed off their feet all the time……

    Wishing everyone the very best in the New Year

  11. armaity

    Wow ! Such beautiful thoughts, such beautifully sublime desires, such high level of collective consciousness !
    No words left to say anything more !


    Thank you

    Happy New Year for all .
    Wishing everyone the very best in the New Year.

  13. Mohinder Sidana

    Videos are full of vibrations
    Thanks for sharing and let us hope we enjoy every moment of our life by giving love to others
    Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year

  14. Colleen

    Amazing videos! Such wonderful vibrations. Everyone looked like they were having such fun in both videos. Thank you for posting.

  15. Colleen

    Beautiful vibrations. I just watched the videos and read these articles again and it all reaches my heart deeper. Thank you. With Love.

  16. NITI

    I happen to go through this article in 2023.As mother said,every day is new year for sahajyogis,amazing article about mothers new year resolutions. ,which is immortal love,the love of living the pure love for all the universe and the creation of God Almighty which is the source and the root of spreading peace inside and outside without any cast,creed and race and any other conditioning of dead matter in us.May the mothers and all the primordial masters vision of peace comes true.Thank you mother again and again.Thanks Ioana for all of your efforts.

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