How to Meditate ?! Just “Tell Him” (Music VIDEO – Lauryn Hill & Yoann Freget @ Trane Studio)

Let’s open our hands towards the screen  ..  absorbing the Vibrations .. turn ON the speakers .. Listen & Feel .. singing-telling Him .. and feeling the Creator .. in the form of Music… answering .. transmitting .. Meditation will happen spontaneously = sahaj …

Now, simply let’s remain more in meditation, opening the heart to Him .. as Nature… feeling it?!

“Yes, Meditation .. can be as simple as that .. Sahaj ” .. Omar & Yoann are sharing with us ..

Thank you Omar .. Thank you Yoann .. you are both blessed with the Gift of Teaching the Sahaj /the efortless meditation through your Soulful music … always offered as a tribute to your spiritual teacher: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi..

** this was just an example of how to meditate in One Step: by listening to Music that has Cool Vibrations because the musicians themselves are already connected, in meditation while they are singing their music .. because their Kundalini energy is awakened and it easily takes them to the yoga state (union with the divine) when the true meditation happens .. and whatever we “do” in that state .. will emit cool vibrations of the divine blessings that are bestowed upon us when we are balanced (= have our subtle energy system pure, free of blockages) and in a state of oneness with the Whole.. Hope you’ve enjoyed this Meditation in one Step.. 🙂  Was it Cool?

If “yes” .. then let us know .. and share this article further on ..

Simple Morning Meditation on VIDEO with Murmur of Starlings & Sea Rose

Sweet Meditation with Children Singing Mantras – Audio Experiment

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  1. louise

    I love this song! I used to listen to Lauryn Hill sing this… and now Yoann! I feel blessed for meeting Yoann and experiencing his most magificent gifts- praising and sharing his love for life! The vibrations are most incredibly beautiful!

  2. Debbie

    This was so sweet, pure and full of beautiful vibrations. This message resonates – “If you don’t have love you have nothing at all” and “if you speak wrong then what’s the sense of having wisdom and knowledge”. What a great message. Yoann and Omar continue to radiate like beautiful stars in the great big sky. Thank you so very much Iwona for sharing this with us – we are so blessed to have you and Shri Mataji’s guidance.

    Lots of love always.

  3. anaic

    Just listen and every thing happens very easerly : vibrations come in a very natural way as this is Sahaj, the way we like it, enjoy it, and live it through our Sahasrara.
    Love, Anaïc

  4. louise

    Now your singing my song! The answer to my prayers- the way for me to meditate…. Music… this song…oh Ioana- thanks so much for sharing and sending.

  5. Özlem Gibeau

    What a sunlight filling our hearts through theese two sweet souls Yoann and Omar.
    Thank you for your generous hearts.
    With all my love,

  6. vivek

    it’s really cool and amazing…shared further with all my friends. thanks alot family. 🙂

  7. Karin Chottova

    This is the best song of Yoann, It’s so calm and sweet! Yoann you have the most sweetiest voice ever! Keep doing well!, see U in march!
    Your soul sister!
    Karin 🙂 x

  8. Jolanta

    beautiful song! thank you

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