Join Burlington’s NEW Free Festival of New Beginnings – Messages from a Powerful Mother – Earth Meditation – Energy Balance Workshop (Sun, Mar 17)

In March we celebrate International Women’s Day, the Spring Equinox, the Festival of Iranian New Year (Nawroz)  as well – as sahaja yogis – we celebrate the Birthday of the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation that falls in March 21. Let’s celebrate with a free community event event dedicated by Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation group to our spiritual enlightenment and inner balance. Join us!

When? Sun, Mar 17, 2019 between 1:30Pm and 2:30 PM

Where? Tansley Woods Community Centre in Room 3

Address?  1996 Itabashi Way, Burlington, ON


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Wisdom in an Ocean of Love and Peace on March 21st – Shri Mataji’s Birthday – The First Day of Spring – Inner Peace Message

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  1. Paula

    Another fascinating event to look forward to this weekend. Great for people who want to learn how to be a positive change in this world. Through yoga connection we can transform ourselves and the world around us.Looking forward to a new beginning for spring 🙂

  2. paula

    I look forward to each and every new beginning when it comes to these wonderfully themed, inclusive events. We are all part and parcel of each other and the universe, so let’s celebrate together with a heartfelt meditation that will do welfare to the whole world. The world needs us right now to join together across all limits of the mind. We go beyond the mind with Sahaja Yoga meditation, we cross those limits to the unlimited possibility of inner peace and outer peace.

  3. Sigal Matasaro

    Thank you for the great meditation on the festival of new beginnings! Thank you for making the world a better place to live in and for opening our minds to the new possibilities that were waiting for us to rich out. Thank you for helping me become the best version of myself. Peace, Love, awareness!

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