Ayurvedic Sugar-Free and Home-made Til-Gur Sweets Recipes for Makar Sankranti Festival – Yummy!

Shri Mataji: “These special things are made out of the seed of sesame to represent the oncoming warmth and the Warmth of the Sun.

#1. Ayurvedic Sugar-Free Recipe for Sesame Laddoos


1 cup roasted white sesame seeds (til)

½ cup golden raisins or regular raisins (kishmish)

2 teaspoons ground ginger powder (sonth/sunthi)

2 inches fresh ginger, finely diced 2 teaspoons roasted and ground cumin seeds (jeera)

1½ teaspoons ground green cardamon (elaichi)

2½ tablespoons ghee (clarified butter)


Blend all ingredients in a food processor. Make round laddoos and serve. Ayurvedically speaking, sesame is not only nutritious, it is a grain that supplies the much required heat to the body, especially in cold and windy January when Vata dosha is particularly high. Sunthi and fresh ginger both serve to aid the digestive fire, pitta. No white sugar has been added to this recipe as raisins provide the required sweetness. (source: Internet, various)

Letter & Home-made Makar Sankranti Ladoos Recipe from Armaity

(poetess, musician and sahaja yogini friend from India that recently had visited our Halton region and who is a fan of our website too :-))

Wishing all of you a Very Happy Makar Sankranti for the 15th of January. May the Sun always shine in your lives and continue to give his blessings and light . I just made some Til-Gur sweets for the occasion as it is a custom in India to offer these sweets on the occasion. For the benefit of those who are not from India I would love to share below my recipe.”

Til -Gur Sweets: Til Laddus & Til Chikki Recipe


1 cup til (Sesame seeds)
1 cup chopped fine gur (Jaggery or unrefined brown sugar cake) (you can substitute with brown sugar if gur is not available)
a pinch of salt.
pinch of elaichi powder (cardamom powder)
pinch of jaiphal powder (nutmeg powder)
a few small pieces of chopped cashew nuts or few pieces of chopped almonds
1 tbsp. ghee (clarified butter) or unsalted butter


Clean the sesame seeds and dry roast them either on stove top or in a microwave for 2 mts. In a vessel, put gur and 1/2 cup water and boil, till it reaches a thick consistency. Stir while it’s boiling. Try and put a drop in a bowl of water. It should remain separate and not dissolve. Do not overboil and make it too hard. Add  salt, cardamom & nutmeg powders and ghee. Remove from fire. Mix the toasted sesame seeds to the gur and after slightly cooled ,with oiled hands roll into tiny balls and keep on a plate to dry. (These are called til laddus) Alternatively, you can pour the mixture in a greased tray or plate  and when slightly hard, put cuts to make it into small squares or diamonds. (This is called Til Chikki)”

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Now, who will bring some of these Sweets at our Halton Sahaja Yoga Classes, in  Burlington, Oakville or Milton?! We’ll “use” them to learn how to check the subtle energy (the vibrations) for the food as well we’ll sing together the Mantra for sending positive energy / vibrations to the food before “including” it into our system .. so let’s try to be in Meditation when we make these Laddoos to  contribute towards better chances for all of us to Enjoy some Cool Sesame Sweets 🙂  Now, I’m just wondering who will be our courageous and generous and balanced cook-yogis that will feed us next week some good sweet vibrations?! 🙂 See you soon and Let’s all have a Happy Makar Sankranti Celebration and use the traditional greeting we’ve learnt today from our friend Rabi (who is also a fan of the Halton website and a good yogi-friend with Armaity): til gud ghya, god god bola”

‘Henceforth, let there be ONLY

Sweetness, Good Thoughts and Love

that may prevail  between us forever and ever!’

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Sesame sweets prepared by a dear Indian yogini friend

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