Radiant Miracle Photos Celebrating the Sun that brings Change and Self Confidence – Learn about Makar Sankranti Festival’s Subtle Significance

Shri Mataji:“Sankranti means the Energy of the Sun, i.e. Self Confidence.
” Sun is energy, it is Effulgence. Now it depends on us whether we have to burn ourselves in that effulgence or gain Self Confidence from it and become Radiant…”

(Sharing a yogi’s recollection  from Sankranti Day celebrated with Shri Mataji, on 17th  January 2008, Italy)

‘Shri Mataji spoke on the microphone and announced that today is Sankranti.

She said that Sankranti meant the happening of something New. That with the Awakening of the Kundalini within us we have become new. But on the day of Sankranti we should know that we should appease the Devi residing within us and should know how to please the Devi (= the divine feminine power that acts as the creative energy of life in the universe and that is reflected within us as the Kundalini, the innate motherly energy). Referring to the customary ritual of Makar Sankranti when we give Til & Gud sweets (sweets made of Jaggery and sesame seeds) to others she said that this is for spreading Love amongst ourselves. She said we should thank the Sun a lot. Because of the Sun’s Grace so many things happen. Today everyone should  offer Namaste Namaskar to the Sun. The Sun’s energy, knowledge & light should come within us. Mother (Shri Mataji) further said that we are all awakened. We have Chaitanya (Divine energy, Vibrations) flowing within us. Now we should use this Chaitanaya. Bring energy within yourself and bring peace within yourself and tell the world that within us only is this energy and that we should get it. From your qualities and from your truthfulness you should increase this and grow this. Today’s occasion is special because of the Sun’s special Grace on us. For this there should be Thankfulness. You have got a lot and you should be getting more and will be getting more. This should be increased. Shri Mataji said that we have done a lot of Puja (an ancient veneration protocol)to Her and She wondered that by doing such Puja what we desired of Her. She said that She desired that we become good Sahaja yogis and show the right path to thousands of people and teach them goodness and for ourselves She said that we should experience the energy that is flowing within us. Shri Mother said that She was very joyful on seeing all of us and.. Smilingly asked whether now She may go ..

and then She Laughed ..

and so did the Sahaja yogis and Sahaja Yoginis present there.

The above photos aren’t fake; they are simply giving back to us the Reality of the Present and the snapshots were taken innocently by photographers like me and you :-), that had no idea what Inner Beauty their cameras will reveal about those special moments. There are thousands more that capture the light emanated by enlightened people (in the above photos there is Shri Mataji, our sahaja yoga Teacher and Master of Kundalini energy, whose purpose in life is to enlighten people so they can Radiate the Light of Love and enlighten many others. Hopefully the suite of photos are a Proof that this is happening! More articles on Sankranti Festival and its Subtle (Sahaj) Significance will soon come out. This article was based on a simple yet beautiful recollection (the author is unknown, one of the sahaja yogis present there ..)  of a get-together in Italy of sahaja yogis and their beloved and venerated spiritual mother, Shri Mataji on the occasion of the Makar Sankranti Festival. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! We’ll celebrate Sankranti Day in Halton with meditations on Sun’s Transforming Powers to be awakened them within us. We usually enjoy our Potlucks following the in-person events. It’s possible that we’ll be singing Praise to the Devi, the Power behind all Existence. Thus, we’ll be  experiencing the Yoga as the Connection to the Divine in a “Sahaj Family” loving environment.

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  1. Debbie

    This article made me really think about how many things in life we take for granted. It has allowed me yet another opportunity to acknowledge and be thankful for what we have.

    Lots of love always.

    1. adrian

      We have no idea of what is possible…
      It will be amazing…

      1. adrian

        We Believe…
        Anything and Everything…
        …Is possible.

  2. shashidhar

    The above photos and our experiences should convince us to change our approach. We need not helplessly look at the faults of others or the problems of the world. We are empowered to do something (bandhan, shoe beat…) about it!

  3. armaity

    Now I understand Michael Angelo’s saying “The sun is but the shadow of God ” which my school nun Rev. Mother Christopher had entered in my ‘autograph book’ !

    1. Isabelle

      Brilliant 🙂

  4. Pujya

    That is amazing!

  5. kirtian photo can show divinity/sahaj is ultimate pl help us to achieve your goal Adishakti

  6. paula

    It is the energy and light that permeates our beings and glows from within, it is the light of the spirit invisible to the naked eye, but a photo incorporating all the elements can reveal such beauty! You can clearly see their kundalinis dancing, and intertwined like sisters, feeling the oneness with everyone. Thank you for the photos, I have seen several and it never ceases to fascinate me.

    1. adrian

      When the Eye…
      Is no longer Naked…
      Then you will See.

  7. Pujya

    I have never seen such miracles before!

  8. sandy

    all aren’t photogoraphs of the sun, some are simply expressions of shri mataji’s powerful and radiant chakras.

  9. Malti

    It’s amazing to see such tremendous vibrations emnating from Shri MataJi. I am dreched in Divine Vibrations. Thanks for such beautiful pictures and the article.

    with Love

  10. dr ak sharma

    world is same as it was even after the advent of adi shakti/we as sahaji need to focus more on macro than micro problems to full fill the dream of smji/more intra than inter/people have seem sun on my heart also/control of rain/heat /wind/sea and other elements/pl use this power as blessing of smji/for peace on earth/jsmji

  11. dr ak sharma

    lets pool our energy for +ive action /we are the choosen ones pl dont waste life on trifles/must save the world /jsmji

  12. Anil Kumar Nigam

    The photgraphs are amazing, seen them before but not in this perspective, this collection of photographs and the presentation on Makar Sankranti has only enlightened a new dimension of Mahamaya that is Shri Mataji, Many many Thanks to all those who contributed for this article.

  13. Rabi

    When words transforms into meaning meaningful sentences emanating from ones’ heart then we see the reflection of simplicity in any complex structure. But, at other times when we intellectually start analysing some aspect we frequently turn even simplier aspect of creativity/ composition/meaning into a bundle of conflicting complexity. Ofcourse that is so humane…

    This article is an example of one such feat where expressions are so articulated and photographs are so expressive that only one can but praise effortlessly ….’soooooo soothing’ and ‘sooooo sweet’.

    In fact we have heard so much of the qualities of Sun and boons that God desires to provide to Her creation. But seldom we absorb it or even understand the simplicity. Most of the time we read and pass on leaving it behind as complex structure to understand. Here is an example of one of such simplicity of a complex subject …

    Thank you Ioana for bringing out such delicate subject.

    In Indian dilect in the State of Maharashtra the localites with Marathi dilect greets one another offering the sesame bleded with jaggery sweets on this very day wishing

    ‘Til Gud Ghya, Go(r)d* Go(r)d* bola’. Which means “Take the sweet(Til+Gud= Sesame+Jaggery) and speak sweet”

    * phoenetic pronounciation like pronouncing ‘God’- emphasizing the word ‘d’in God blending it phoenetic ‘r’in-between.

    So Haltonian collectivity here is a lot of sweets packed from india. Please do enjoy teh Sunday gathering as scheduled to enjoy this very day and its significance…May Mother bless us all to understand each other and love unconditionally.

    Thank you for this beautiful write up and pictures.

  14. amruta and radhika



    THANK U.

  15. Priti

    Thank you for sharing miraculous picture.We feel this energy as cool vibrations and now we can see this divine power. Thanks to the cameras. So beautiful so beautiful.

  16. Col. (Retd.) Sasanka Shekhar Swain

    Simply Amazing.
    Shri Mataji kindly bless us, your children to achieve the noble goals that you have set before us: to transform this world that we live in. We now know for sure that it is possible, because it is being done by you and you alone , through your instruments. Shri Mataji, kindly accept our heart-felt gratitude and guide our steps, lest we falter…

  17. Jayanthi

    Ones we surrender our ego and super ego all the invisible things will be visible to open our heart and we get to witness miracles around us.

  18. Colleen

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!

  19. Debbie

    Open up our hearts and let the sun shine in! Let this illumination brighten the way to the paths of many others who are willing to take this journey.

  20. Shulin

    The sunrise was extraordinary this morning <3 now i see why! Beautiful! Sahaja yoga is the beauty in everything!

  21. letitia

    Ce fotografii frumose,articolul plin de iubire,multumesc

  22. Julia

    Wonderful article

  23. Jolanta

    Amazing photographs!

  24. Helen

    The articles, the talks are wonderful!
    Thank you!

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