Feedback#1 The World Inner Peace Day in BARRIE” 

feedback March 23 2014

Miranda from Barrie class had started exploring the larger community of yogis and meditators in Ontario. When she joined the Special Valentine’s class in Burlington, as well our Halton-Niagara Seminar in February in Niagara Falls, she brought with her beautiful crochet (such as in the image above) hearts and flowers that melt our hearts into cool vibrations! This March I received this photograph from Austria where yogis at a seminar created these flowers, while meditating on their feelings of love and gratitude for the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – whose birthday was celebrated on March 21st (also the 1st Day of Spring). Quite a connection! Also we have to mention that the feedback was collected as snapshots from the Barrie Meetup. Join us there!

Crochet Flowers-  Miranda

Feedback#2 (VALENTINE’s Seminar in BARRIE)

feedback from Barrie Class February-2014

(click!) Miranda’s Testimonial from Barrie on”This Amazing Experience and Feeling

(click!) Great feedback from Barrie Class

(click!) Barrie Celebrates The World Inner Peace Day on Sunday, March 23 @ Public Library



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  1. anjali

    Shri Mataji has always encouraged hand made gifts and crafts. The crochets are so beautiful and lovely gifts from our Austrian sahaj family for our divine Mother.

    Miranda it would be so lovely to learn how to make these from you someday and may be we here in ontario can also present Shri Mataji with such beautiful creations.

    looking forward to hearing more from barrie. It is so joyful to hear all the great feedback.

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