Appreciation for the Benefits of Having Weekly Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes for Students

School’s Appreciation Letter for Sahaja Yoga Meditation

 Impressions from Students and Teachers about our Self Realization with Yoga Meditation Classes

 -Loved it!! Relax and control yourself… I really never in my life could even think that this is really working.  After doing class I’m more concentrated and calm.  Really helps to relax after hard work.  
-Learned a lot. Very relaxing.  Thank you.
-It was very relaxing and fun to participate with everyone 
-I like this form of yoga a lot and I think that it’s a good way to clear my mind and relax.  It’s nice that we get to learn new things as we do it too. 
-Today’s session was very relaxing and fun.  I liked the amount of movement and freedom that we had. 
-It was really cool.  I felt very relaxed and de-stressed. 
-It was so great to be forced to stop, clear our minds and breathe together.  So good for the students and the community.  (*note: I think this is from the teacher)
-Very relaxing and it really allowed me to calm down and forget about all stressors đź™‚
-I enjoyed what we did today.  I enjoyed also the physical activity it was fun. 
-It was very interesting.  I learned about things I’ve never learned about before. 
-Informative in terms of individual balance and learning about equal sides in our body.  (* from another teacher) 
-I loved it! Just if people would take serious. 
– Eye opening based on self-reflection. 
– It was really fun and calming  
-Very relaxing and calming.  Thank you for all of the sessions this month! 
-It was very calming and fun.  Thank you for coming to teach us. 
-It was really relaxing and fun to do. 
-Great work
–Calming, united with myself.
-Very relaxing, enjoyed it
–The yoga is very calming and it’s a nice way to clear the mind.  It’s very peaceful and I enjoy it a lot.
-Very relaxing and mind clearing. 
-I felt it was really useful and very relaxing…  I love yoga!  Great teacher and helpers. 
– It was very enjoyable.  Thank you for your time!
-It’s very relaxing, it helped reduce my stress
-I thought that the yoga today was very relaxing
-It helped me see a new side of me. Thank you.
-Today’s lesson was relaxing and helped me feel more balanced, in control and aware of my body.
Our team of volunteers says Thank You for this great opportunity for sharing Self Realization techniques and Be with the future community leaders. Yes, we will be back!!

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  1. Paula

    it is so clearly heard and felt that the mobile inner peace team engages students through “thoughtless awareness” methods, guiding them to “get thought less.”

    when they have the tools to clear the clutter of their minds to cope with stress, they start to feel fresh and new, rejuvenated and revitalized.

    It helps to have yoga teachers that introduce some movements when necessary and how they can open up the heart and keep the students so interested and present.

    what a beautiful school letter and revealing positive feedback. Sahaja Yoga is a meditation that can empower students and teachers with knowledge of their higher selves.

  2. Kathleen

    The feedbacks are very sincere and loving. Just reading them actually opened my heart and made me relaxed and calm myself. Sahaja Yoga is amazing!

  3. Angie

    Such beautiful experience!! A blessing for all these girls to know Sahaja Yoga.Congratulations for Ioana and Sahaj Team!!!

  4. Colleen

    That appreciation letter from the school is incredible, reading that would make any school/organization want Sahaja Yoga Meditation involved in their day, not to mention how amazing the *feeling* that’s coming from all the feedback comments!!! Being able to be flexible and *change* the program to suite the audience I feel is vital to keeping people interested and inspired. This is a perfect example of that. Thank you

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