Appreciation Letter from Student Council (!) for Free Meditation Services

Appreciation Letter  from Niagara College Student Administrative Council to Sahaja Yoga (FREE) Meditation

Niagaar College Student Administrative Council

Appreciation letter from Niagara College -2013


We are Invited on June 27 back to Niagara College for another event, this time for the Staff. A small team with volunteer yogi instructors from Halton/Niagara classes will offer a 90 min session of meditation and yoga at the Support Staff Recognition Day in Niagara-on-the-Lake campus of Niagara College. Quite exciting!

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Niagara College is Awaiting for Sahaja Yoga Meditation
 Niagara College is Awaiting for Sahaja Yoga Meditation … but not for long! We are coming! 🙂

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  1. Elsie Kuly

    What a wonderful letter of appreciation and thanks. I appreciate the time and effort that you all have in carrying the message of Sahaja Yoga to many areas of Ontario. As the letter said the health benefits that it will bring to the students is something the College can’t provide

    The picture of the courtyard evokes a peaceful setting. I wish you could come to my granddaughters’ school I know they and other students would not only love it, but be greatly helped in their life journey.

  2. Surjeet

    Great Work! Love you all…

  3. Kathleen

    Such a sweet letter, so proud of Sahaj for initiating it and hopefully we can come back soon 🙂

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