NEWS: LIFE De-Stress FREE Program for YOUTH in Halton/Niagara (ONTARIO)

Spread the news: The series of classes – unique in their format and intention.

Youth Meditation Classes in Oakville  - for Students and Young Adults - Free weekly classes

A small team of yogis-meditators from Halton, including teenagers from Halton & Niagara classes that already love sahaja yoga meditation are looking forward to this new series of programs that are offered only to teens and young adults.

The location is offered generously by Guido, one of our keen participants to the regular Halton classes and events. The room is spatious with wooden floor and for these ‘meditation meetings’ we encourage all participants to sit on the floor. Chairs will still be available as an alernative :-).

Attention: parents and adults that are offering rides to the young participants will have to leave and return by the end of the meeting; no adults will be in attendance, other than the dedicated group of teachers/instructors (Ana Bianca who is 19, Sam who is 20 and more seasoned ones such as Ioana, Isabelle, Jon, Guido, Holly and Kathleen). The genuine intent of this ‘only for youth’ series of programs is to provide the ideal environment for openess and trust and pure collectivity so everyone can blossom naturally (sahaj!)  towards their inner confident and Self-respected yogi/guru/meditator that lies within.

Questions? Please drop a line. Also check the meet-up for this program: here

Shri Adi Shakti - Painting by artist Brenda yogini from Burlington class - for Canajoharie seminar
Adi Shakti Power within Sahaja Yogis-Meditators -> painted by artist Brenda from Burlington weekly sahaja yoga class

(click) Ana Bianca from Youth Program (video testimonial) 

(click) Sam from Youth Program (testimonial on immediate benefits: physical, emotional and spiritual)


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  1. Amrit

    This is a great idea! If this can expand to Brampton, my boardroom is available.

  2. Cristina

    Great ideas! A group of Spanish young meditators have just started something similar – well in reality it´s a summer tour, in which they invited young people from all over the world and together they are going to tour Spain and teach people to meditate, especially but not only young people.

    Meditating from a (very) young age can really give you a good start in life. I know because I´ve started at 27 and I´ve been observing people around me who meditate since childhood or adolescence – it really makes a difference.

  3. Lucien

    What a wonderfull commiment just to share love and vibration, to guide the one who desires it to the bliss of inner silence, just for free.

    Continue guys, you are so cool,



    Great Idea! May Shri Mataji bless

  5. Shashidhar

    Have just returned from a realization program in a small town in Karnataka, India. The center there is looked after by a student of Veterinary Science.

    There were over 200 (!!!) seekers despite some rain on the first day.

    The Gods are on the side of the youth! All the very best to Guido, Ana, Sam and the rest of the team.

  6. Devindra

    That’s great, I wish we had something like this in Vancouver.

  7. Debbie

    This is a great initiative which can only bring about positive changes – what a beautiful painting too!

  8. paula

    This is an idea whose time has come! Dedicated to youth, it is for everyone of course, but this is how we can take care of young people, trying to find their place in the world. There is such power in it, as each individual discovers this power they have inside, and it gives them the gravity to stand on their own and face the world.

    It is great that there are “no parents allowed” so to speak, so that they can claim it as their own power and develop and grow into even more beautiful human beings.

    I absolutely love the painting above by Brenda, full of vibrations, and the poster is perfect to attract youth, please send me in an email again, so I can poster in my area. Brenda, you are truly an instrument of the divine.

    I heard David Suzuki once say in a recent interview that when they were trying to make positive changes for the environment and use science to expose damage to the planet, they felt at that time, that they didn’t have time to inform the youth, they just had to fight it by educating the government and other groups. And you know what he said? They were wrong…because the youth needed to be enlisted in this cause…so we have enlist today’s youth to change the world, to get involved, to get connected to get enlightenment so they can evolve and influence others. The youth are our future. So many young people are already doing Sahaja Yoga, but introducing this empowering meditation to mass amounts of youth will change the mental health and welfare of our generation, and generations to come. We are evolving every second of every day, it’s time to discover that peaceful, powerful force from within. With that power, one feels completely connected, to everyone and everything, and one is never alone. We are all, as Shri Mataji has said, “part and parcel of the whole.” Nothing less than world peace is possible.

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