Be a Better Human Being in No Time! – Cool Breeze from Jayanthi

My name is Jayanthi and I work at the library, one day when I was passing by our bulletin board I noticed that some one posted Shri Mataji’s poster with a beautiful blue picture.

One of my colleagues asked me who the lady in the picture was.


I couldn’t answer but it motivated me to go to the class to find out more, so without a clue I went to the Oakville class!

In the first class itself  I noticed that certain things happened within me without my effort, one thing for sure was this Cool Breeze in my right palm. At the end of the class when Ioana asked all of us if we felt anything in our body the first two words came out of my mouth were: Cool Breeze, even today I can remember the way Ioana looked at me with a big smile of confirmation.

Later on I found out that these two words were used all over the page in Sahaja Yoga, so I saw a connection in a spontaneous way through Shri Mataji.

jayanthi-feeling-cool-breeze-in-her-handEver since I have trying my best to practice everyday and still trying to be punctual in attending the classes.

I would like to tell everyone not to give up, it is within us, we were born with it.

So please explore, understand and pay respect to the ultimate reality/truth.

You will be a better human being in no time.

Jayanthi (click for Jayanthi’s experience with the Crown Chakra)

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  1. adrian

    just be… in awareness of self.

  2. Anjali

    This is really very sweet and encouraging aunty. Thank you for sharing. I see a light on your face and a sparkle in your eyes which I didn’t see early last year. It’s always so pleasing to see the serenity on your face and feel the peace within you.

    Love, Anjali

  3. Jyrki Nygren

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds very beautyfull.
    Best wishes
    Jyrki Nygren
    Sahaj yogi from Finland

    1. Jyrki

      Jai everybody. Mother, My deepiest thanks to You

  4. paula erskine

    Jayanti it is lovely to hear your story, you are beautiful inside and out. One time we had a newcomer in the class who found the notion of surrendering difficult. And you, Jayanti, said, “what if you thought of surrendering not as losing, but as gaining something, as actually winning?” I was so moved by your wise words! We are not giving up anything, just our conditionings that keep us in a holding pattern, not progressing, just on stand-by…but what if we just surrender and evolve out of old habits and actually nourish our every need by being present and joyful? I can not even think about anything the same way now! Thank you Jayanti for your genuine and lovely presence.

  5. Murali...India....Kerala...

    Thank you for sharing your experience

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