Sahaja Yoga Meditation: A Featured Exhibitor @ 13th FREE Annual Halton Eco-Festival (Sat, April 6, 2013)

Halton Eco Festival 2013 - Sahaja Yoga Meditation - A Featured Exhibitor

The above represents the customized poster that we had received by surprise from the Eco Festival’s show manager, Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights. Thank you Stephen!

Indeed, Sahaja Yoga Meditation had been a proud exhibitor for several years in a row already, to this beautiful and much needed community event in Halton region.

Enjoy (click on) some of our “memories” = experiences & photo-albums collected from the previous years.

WATCH Faina’s LIVE Testimonial on Sahaja Yoga Meditation from Halton Eco-Festival (2011)

(2012) Children Love to Meditate in Halton (Photo-Album)

  Hope to see many of our friends visiting out booth at this even and please of course, consider fowarding this link/info to your friends and contacts that might love to be introduced to this spontaneous form of meditation and to experience this spiritual awareness of what yoga is and feel the reality of  the subtle system of energy centres (chakras). Thanks again for all efforts you make to promote and publicize the 2013 Halton Eco Festival; it is definitely for a beautifully green cause 🙂

Learn from Mother Earth to be a YogiMeditator!

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