How to Fight out Negativity – Importance of Archetype Saint Michael Bhairavanath Principle – The Importance of Having Fun for Chakras, the Lunar Energy Channel and the Collectivity

Shri Mataji: “I think we have not understood the significance of Bhairavnath who runs up and down on the Ida Nadi.”

Note: Shri Bhairavanath represents the subtle principle known as the Archangel Michael in Christianity and who plays a subtle role within the chakra system, representing the energy flowing along the left subtle energy channel).

Shri Mataji: Ida Nadi is the nadi (Sanskrit for ‘channel’) of Chandrama, of the Moon. So this is a channel for us to cool down. So the work of Bhairavanathji is to Cool us down.For example, people have a hot temper with their ego, with their liver, whatever it is, and if a person is in a big temper, then Bhairavnath plays tricks on that person to cool him down. He organizes everything under his own control with (the) ganas (angels) help, with Ganapati’s help (Note: Ganapati is the lord Ganesha that reigns the Root chakra and he is known as the ruler of the Ganas) ..  to cool down your temperament, to give you a balance. So if somebody is a very hot tempered person and he crosses all the limits of his temper, then somehow or other, Bhairavnath will organize, also with the help of Hanumana (same with the Archangel Gabriel) , to show that this stupidity of anger is no good. So, for example, people who are depressed or who become left sided, Hanumana tries to help them to come out of it, no doubt, but also Bhairavnath helps them very much more to come out of it. Now a person who is left sided (= has problems with his left energy channel) cannot be collective.”

“It is very difficult for a person who is very left sided, who is all the time feeling very sad, unhappy and worried, cannot enjoy the fun of collectivity… while a hot tempered person, a right sided person, does not enjoy any collectivity, does not allow anybody to enjoy collectivity, no doubt, but tries to be in the collective so that he can assert – because such a person tries to show the superiority, is something superior – naturally he cannot enjoy the collective. On the contrary, the person who is depressed, all the time thinks: “Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me, I’m so depressed, this, that,” – all the time expecting something from others, also cannot enjoy the collective. Such a left sided person will find everything is something unhappy. Like the other day, I went to Moscow. There was a lady with us who was a Sahaja Yogini – a left sided Sahaja Yogini. So we went to have our food and it started raining and they couldn’t get a taxi, but then a car came in and we went there. Then they said that you are very late so you have to sit on the other side, you have to take the seats which are more expensive.So this lady started saying: ‘What all problems, no taxi, it is raining and we can’t get a seat.’ I said: ‘This is all fun; this is not something a problem.’ This ‘problem’ – word should be given up. This is a new word I have learned, because ‘problem’ we used to use only for geometry in our young age! 🙂 Now this sort of an attitude, negative attitude – to find everything negative – is the way we really spoil our Left Side (subtle energy channel – the moon channel).

Shri Mataji: ‘But then a gentleman who had invited us came and he said: ‘We are sitting on the other side waiting for you.’ So we went to the other side, enjoyed nice food, everything was fine, (and I) said: ‘See now, you are only counting how many negative things there are, and you were not seeing the fun.’ So she asked me: ‘What should I do?’ I said: ‘You take Bhairava’s name, sit with your left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth and that’s how all your bhoots (=dead spirit in Hindi) of negativity will go away.’ So Bhairava always has a light in his hand – always light in his hand – and he runs up and down Ida Nadi to make light for you to see that there’s nothing negative. And this negativity comes to us by many ways. One of the negativities are that: ‘This is mine’, like: ‘My child, my husband, my property,’ – ‘MY’. So then, you see, once you get attached in this manner, what you find (is) that your children also become negative.But if you want to be positive, it is very easy and for that you should see: WHERE IS YOUR ATTENTION?”

Shri Mataji: “Are you only seeing problems or you are seeing some FUN  ?! There are people who cannot make fun out of ANYthing. If it is a sunny day they will cry: ‘Oh God, what a sunny day,’ and if it is a day with clouds they will say: ‘Oh, what a day.’ Nothing can please them! But to enjoy the positivity in every negativity is the capacity of a Sahaja Yogi! The negativity doesn’t exist – it’s an ignorance. Also it is not ignorance because ignorance also doesn’t exist. If everything is the all-pervading power, then how can there be ignorance?! But supposing, in the force of this power, if you hide, run away, you will say that there is negativity.  Like, you hide yourself in a cave, close it properly, and say that there is no sun. So those people who cannot become collective are either right sided or left sided but more left sided. But left sided people can be collective in negativity. There is a very big fraternity of bhoots (negative dead spirits – posessions).You see some drunkards sitting together… They cannot see FUN at all, they cannot enjoy at all, and they become very – sort of think they are very meditative, they are some higher people, they are something superior … in negativity..  So this emotional attachment is too much and to emotionally worry about somebody, that this is my child, this is my this thing, this is this, this is that – and all the time wasting your precious life in these things is not the way a Sahaja Yogi should live. If a Sahaja Yogi cannot become collective then know that he is not a Sahaja Yogi.So one has to know that this is the work of Bhairavnath within us.Another work (is) that he gives us light in darkness, is that he destroys all the bhoots (negativity) within us and all kinds of bhootish ideas and funny ideas about attachments and also the depressive-ness.

So today I am very happy that we are worshiping Shri Bhairava because he is very much connected with Ganesha. As you know, Shri Ganesha is at the Mooladhara (the root chakra) while Bhairava moves onto the left side and goes to the right side. So all kinds of conditionings, all kinds of habits, can be conquered through the help of Bhairavnath. In Nepal we have a very huge, big Bhairavnath statue which is really a Swayambu and people are more left sided, so they are afraid of Bhairavnath. So if somebody has a bad habit, say, of stealing, they take him in front of Bhairavnath and put his light there, make a flame. I mean, the police take them and they ask them: “Now, say before Bhairavnath, confess it.” And they confess what wrong they have done.“So he protects us also, from doing wrong things, sly things like thieving. Whatever we think we can do secretly, can be hidden, but you cannot hide it from Bhairavnath.If you don’t change then he exposes you completely. That’s how he has exposed all the horrible false gurus.So today we are here to worship this great deity of Bhairavnath who incarnated on this earth later on, ultimately as Mahavira also.So he stands on the gate of hell and stops people from falling into hell. But if you want to go to hell, if it is your desire, is your willpower like that working – that I should go to hell -then he says: “Alright, you can go.’ But as you know, now the hell is also full of people 🙂 , so (it) is better that we should try to fight our negativity and become fun loving, enjoying others, loving others, not worrying about what others are doing to you but only thinking what good you can do to others.

Chakra Workshop at Festival of Inner Lights 2018 in Burlington. ON, Canada

So today’s special puja (= veneration in Sanskrit) for Bhairavnath (the subtle principle governing our Moon/Left Energy Channel) … we offer, to give us a sense to laugh, to enjoy, to have fun. May God bless you all.”

Sahaja Yoginis enjoying a potluck dinner together in Burlington 

(the above are excerpts from an informal talk offered by the founder of sahaja yoga meditation, Shri Mataji, right before the celebration of Shri Bhairavnath during an international yoga seminar at Garlati, Italy, on 6 August, 1989)

CollectivitySahaj Definition with Descriptive Photo

“The Collectivity which attracts all of you from all over the places .. try to enjoy that collectivity, but the basis of collectivity, the foundation of collectivity is very deep ..

and the deep understanding can only tell you that: the basis of collectivity is
Detached Love.. love is the only way .. it is not possible to have collectivity unless and until you have Detached Love..”

Sahaha Yogis taking care of the Oakville Free Sahaja Yoga meditation classes (2018)

Shri Mataji (short excerpt from a lecture on Collectivity offered in 1989-07-09)

** this article is dedicated to this beautiful bouquet of sahaja yogis seen in the photos above ..various ages, backgrounds and so on, but having in common Sahaja Yoga Meditation ..  they gathered together on that day to help with a  Special Class in Oakville – enjoying their and each other’s Self!

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  1. kesh

    A very beautiful and helpful talk by our Mother,and lovely photos.thank you for this lovely website.

  2. Betty Cooper

    Thank you so much dear Iona for the lovely words of Shri Mataji and these fun pictures! Very joy giving to see them having such a good time…and reminds us how much fun we as Sahaja Yogis all have together. Yesterday after our puja there was a spontaneous frisbe game in the backyard of our host family. No photos but lovely new memories of how much fun we have in the collectivity of Sahaja culture.

  3. Antoinette Wells

    Very nice uplifiting article, I once translated Shri Mataji at an early Shri Ganesha Puja in Switzerland and we all laughed with Shri Mataji as I was struggling to translate the word ‘fun’ in French: there is no word for it!


    JSM JI

  5. anna

    every now and then I dip into this lovely website and invariably it gives me an instant uplift! thank u so much for the work u put in, this latest post on LS and governing deities is just beautiful (and so r the accompanying pics!!)

  6. ashok kumar misra

    hi, HA HA! Problems r in geometry? for yogis its FUN!…shall use this while spreading sahaja yoga.
    Also understood bhairavnath better. i shall take this mantra to drive away the evil (bhoots); have lots of FUN!….Thanx Ioana…

  7. adrian

    Shri Mataji on people not being aware that they create their own “problems”…

    Oh, it is raining outside… isn’t that awful. Oh, I couldn’t get a taxi… right away… how terrible. Oh, the kids are always making so much noise, it really bothers me… they are such a nuisance!

    Problems… some always see only the negative side of things… they see everything as a problem.

    Very left sided… very self destructive.

    The interesting thing about this is that we always have a choice with respect to the way we react.

    Yes… we always have a choice…

    The key is to be aware… that is what it means to be “realized”.

    So we could say…

    I love the rain… it is so beautifully silent, peaceful… so cleansing.


    Look at those children having fun… they are so innocent, so joyful in their exuberance to talk and laugh.


    There is always joy to be found… just start looking for it… you will find it… and it will find you.

    A good reminder by Shri Mataji.

  8. adrian

    On Rudyard Kipling’s …”IF”

    When we become more conscious
    Then doubt begins to Wain…

    When we let go of problems
    It is by that beautiful Rain…

    When we realize Life as illusion
    Then there is no thing to Gain…

    When we are filled with Love
    Joy replaces Refrain…


    1. adrian kraayeveld


      When we truely believe…
      Then we realize everything is possible…
      It is not about wishing…
      It is not about hoping…

      It is about believing in our “Mastery”
      To BE…

      When we meditate…
      We may choose to use the words…
      “I am”…
      And when we speak from the “Spirit”…
      We say… “I AM”…
      It is with this conviction that we actually believe in what we are saying…
      It is a quantum jump…
      That may invoke a feeling of uncertainty…
      Embracing this feeling of the unknown…
      Is the beginning of creating the new reality that you seek…
      This places the responsibility on YOU…

      That is simply what Shri Mataji is telling us…

      In believing… you take responsibility for that which you want to create and experience…

      So, when you say “I AM”… you are allowing that “I AMNESS” to expand into your entire being.

      Then you “REALIZE” the power you have to create your whole Life experience.


  9. Gayathri

    Such a wonderful article…. It made my day!!

  10. Sofi


  11. Rajendra Tosawar

    Very nice way to avoid the negetivities and to remain into the centre.thanks a lot for sharing

  12. anu wadhwa

    Thank you so much for the above .Was actualy looking out for something related to moon or like poornima,amawasya as to what Mother has told about it and came throught this page attached in a group of sahaj yogis on facebook thankyou SHRI MATAJI for the wonderful knowledge and thanks to you brother and sisters too for becoming the instrument

  13. Elsie Kuly

    It was highly informative on how we are able to rid ourselves of temper and negativity, two destructive forces in life. Also to learn about Bhairavanath. Life is to be filled with joy. Very interesting and helpful. thanks Ioana

  14. anjali

    Just the perfect article I needed right now. Jai Shri Bhairavanath. Thank you ioana for this article. And Thank you Shri Mataji for this deep knowledge. Just amazing.

  15. Anjali Gandhi

    I have read this article before a few times. Each time I read it, it presents a new answer for a situation I am dealing with. The words from Shri Mataji are the same each time but their meaning and the way I absorb them provide such comfort and solution. Thank you for all those that make this website possible. It is a treasure here.

  16. Isabelle

    Thank you for this article. I had an aha moment.

  17. Jolanta

    such an important skill: seeing positivity in negativity, aka positive attitude… as long as it is sincere and honest.

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