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Card from Sunnybrook - to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

About Gratefulness for Achieving the State of Collective Enjoyment from Connection  

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (March 21, 1923 – February 23, 2011):

“I know so many names; practically everybody’s name I know, practically everybody’s Kundalini (energy) I know. I also know whose Kundalini is alright and whose is not. I know so many people. So many ask me: ‘How do you know so many names, and how do you remember them?’ You see, I don’t know that part, but it is that whenever I see a person, I see his Kundalini, and from that Kundalini I know who he is. There can be thousands and thousands of Kundalinis, but I know who is who – because I love them.

If you love somebody, then you know what he is. It is not stupid love, as they call it romance and all that, it’s a very deep feeling.

When you enter like into the Garden of your Heart and you feel the beautiful fragrance all around when you think of such nice people as there have been as saints,

Bee - Blue flower by Jean Louis- France

 great saviors, and now the Sahaja Yogis, you feel so much grateful that you have achieved that state of Collective Enjoyment.”

(excerpt from Shri Mataji’s speech on her birthday celebrated in 2001)

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  1. paula

    It is so true that before sahaja yoga, I felt the weight of the world, my family, my friends in a very unnatural, unrealistic way, it was overwhelming and I thought that, I cannot be a sounding board for anymore people, I cannot hold on to anymore problems for people. That is how I used to deal with life, unknowingly.

    But then I started going to classes, feeling lighter, and got stronger with every class, then I was feeling so wonderful and admiring all the realized souls coming to class and wanting the same inner peace as myself. And I got so enthusiastic when I felt the cool breeze flowing through my hands and shared with others who were also feeling so much lighter. Then the joy expanded, as in, my heart got bigger, making more room for joy. And I discovered a different kind of pure love for others. It is that I want to help others to feel better, lighter, inwardly stronger, and enjoy each other’s company in meditation, enjoy the good vibrations we feel together. Together we lift up the whole world, Sahaja yoga is collective and works powerfully when we meditate together. We can change the whole atmosphere, starting with the attainment of inner peace. It starts with sahaja yoga meditation.there is an expansion of joy from within. And the world becomes our family.

    1. Jolanta

      Thank you for sharing this great news of spreading Sahaja Yoga, and for posting transcripts of Shri Mataji’s talks.
      I have found this website (reading the articles / viewing posted videos, and connections to the real world and real people) very helpful in the years
      I have been practising Sahaja Yoga, and trying to make more sense of Shri Mataji’s teachings.
      Thank you Shri Mataji for coming to this crazy world to help us enjoy our humanity.

  2. Bhanu Vohra

    This is a remarkable step to sahajyoga awareness among our Canadian brothers and sisters.

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