“There’s nothing to it and science agrees – meditation works!” – Article in Sydney Morning Herald (Australian Newspaper) – July 12, 2011

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“Melissa Lahoud
July 12, 2011 .

No thoughts whatsoever … Toni Martelli believes ”mental silence” meditation has played a large part in shrinking the tumour on her throat.

YOGIS have sworn by it for years, but now there is scientific proof that meditation eases stress and promotes better health.

Meditation triggers change in electrical activity of the brain, improving the mind and body in measurable ways, the latest study on work stress, led by Dr Ramesh Manocha at Sydney University, reveals.

“Within the context of meditation and stress, it’s the largest study in the world … and we’ve applied some rigorous conditions,” Dr Manocha said.

The secret to the success of the study, he said, was the ”mental silence” traditional approach used in Sahaja Yoga.

“What authentic techniques should do is show you how to widen space between thoughts until the space is so large you have no thoughts whatsoever in that moment,” he said.

The clinical trial participants, 178 full-time workers, practised twice daily at home, for 10 to 20 minutes over eight weeks.

The improvements for mood and depression were twice as high for those practising ”mental silence” compared to the ”relaxation” and placebo groups. …. Source /Read more: here

Workplace stress costs the economy $15 billion a year. Sydney University runs a non-profit program teaching workers and students meditation during classes over four weeks, with about 10 large companies involved over the past few years.

Dr Manocha said people could meditate free using such websites as freemeditation.com.au.”

Source /Read more: here

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