Learn about Various Types of Attention & How to Concentrate and Balance for “Attention Savings”


Learn about Various Types of Attention & How to Concentrate and Balance for “Attention Savings”

Attention – Develop Your Balance 

“We have to be extremely careful. Because the Attention of the Divine is not raising you directly. It is a Balance. You are all the time in a balance. Remember that! You have to be extremely careful how far you go with that balance. So now, how do you develop? So how do you manage this attention? Now let us see what are the States of Attention.”

Cunning Attention

“Either your attention would be a cunning attention: anything you see, you see from a cunning angle; many people develop that, in an ego-oriented society, and moreover if you are sort of possessed by cunning bhoots (evil spirits, evil tendencies), then God save you, and save others. Like the cunning attention would be that anything you see, you start thinking: what advantage I can take out of this; how much money I can save .. You see, it’s very quick: ‘It would be cheaper this way;  If I go by this way I’ll save some time.’ (like this) You see, save pounds, save time, save everything, and save your own Self.

So just, ‘to save‘, you are going on. The attention becomes cunning when you try to save money. Save here, save there, with your own calculations. But if you try to save your money spontaneously ; actually there is nothing to be tried, just it happens that you save. But the cunning attention tries all the time to be smart about things ; it argues, it gives explanations, ‘is it better…. ?’

This  cunning attention, is also very fussy attention. Here it starts saving money, and then, there it is in the evening, it must drink. So all the saving goes into the gutters of drinking. Just see ! The sum total of such a personality is what ? So, this mentality has to be controlled, specially for ego-oriented people are extremely calculating, most surprising it is.”

“These days it’s such a cheap thing that you go mad really. That kind of a horrible attention, is useless. With that saving also I’ve not seen anybody becoming rich.

All the time the mind is on that level. So the mind that is destructive is only calculating. If you have such a mind, know yourself that you have to get rid of that kind of a calculation. Cheap things you should just give up. Keep in the centre. You should not be, of course, over-indulgent.”

Awakened Attention

“But you should not be also going all the time for this kind of a calculation. Because you are wasting your important awakened attention, which very few people have in this world. Must know that you are realized souls, you are not ordinary mundane type of people.

You are special people and you are not to waste your attention in useless calculating-money. I never calculate you know that, but I live very cheaply and you can also do that. 🙂

People who are not calculating, are not so rich. They are very generous, they always have money because they are not so calculating. To them, to do for others, not for yourself, but for others; to spend for others: “Alright, open your heart, now this is the time to spend !” Not for drinking and self-indulgence, but for the indulgence of doing for others; that’s their practice and tradition. So in this respect, you have to take to that tradition :” Oh they have come, (to our home), Let’s spend now .” This is the main thing one should understand, those who are mostly self-indulgent are extremely miserly people.

So the attention which is cunning, is the worse attention, because you see, cunningness also cheats yourself, it is cunning with you, and you think : Oh I’ve been smart enough, you see, I’ve savedBut you have lost your soul. You are no more a Sahaja Yogi.’

So your attention should not be on saving material things and worldly things and all that; but the attention itself must be saved.

Ask, “Where is my attention” ?!

Ask a question, “Where is my attention” ? I’ve seen in the programs some people are concentratedly listening to me, but some people cannot. Some are concentrated for a short while, and some get disinterested after some time.  So how much attention you have saved is the only concern of a Sahaja Yogi. Forget about others who are not seeking, who are not of your quality.

Now what do you have to save ? For example somebody is a king. what is he bothered to save is his grace and dignity.

What is important to save for a Sahaja Yogi ?!

For a Sahaja Yogi the most important thing is : ‘you must save your attention’. Is called as Chitta Nirodha. Nirodha: saving, of your attention. (Ask yourself about your attention): ‘Where is it going, It’s such a precious thing for me. Where is it running’ ?

How to save your attention ?

Then how do you save your attention ? Is through concentration. Concentrate. Try to concentrate. Don’t allow your attention to wobble. Gradually you will develop concentration.

You can watch my photograph, that’s the best.

Concentrate, bring it in your heart, let it be integrated in your heart.

Are you a “Positive Attention” type ?!

You are lucky people. So when you are concentrating in Sahaja Yoga, absolutely fully in Sahaja Yoga, then you are controlling, saving your attention. This is one type of people… so called positive ..

Are you a “Negative / Disaster Attention” type ?!

Then the another type of an attention, what we call, are the people who are sort of-take every ‘negative’ attitude.  Who are saving money, saving everything that is useless; the second type are the archbishops of all that is disaster, misery, mishaps-this type of an attention. If you read newspaper every morning you will have an attention like that. All the newspaper people have that kind of an attention: to find where is the disaster. I mean, in a sinister way, they feel happy there’s a disaster. I’ve seen people : ‘Oh Mother, I came to the seminar but the problem is, you see, there was no water.’ The attention is in finding disasters within and without: ‘What happened ? There’s a disaster! What happened ? ‘I lost a pin’. 🙂  ‘Absurd, to have such stupid ideas. They will cry and weep and make everyone miserable, “Oooh I I’m so miserable.”  Such people are extremely self-indulgent as far as their relationships are concerned. They make everyone like that : “Oh the person didn’t talk to me nicely and he was this way and that way“.

They feel hurt at the slightest touch. And by that, they think they are saving their emotions, if not the material things.

Such people are very frightened people to talk to anyone, and anybody says nice things also, they get a fright, like this-they’ll frown. The reason is they do not know what they have to save- is not their emotions at all. There’s no need to save your emotions, you are protected. What does it matter if somebody says anything to you ?  You are wasting your attention all the time by trying to save your emotions. There’s nothing to be frightened of anyone, because somebody is going to say something, harsh word, that’s why you don’t want to do something –such compromising people, so called, have not understood Sahaja Yoga.

Save the Diamond – Sahaja Yoga

There is no compromise in Sahaja Yoga at all. It is just like a diamond. Diamond will remain a diamond, whatever you do, it’s for ever and ever. It’s like that.

So one has to understand that the attention should not be allowed to drift into this kind of an indulgence which is of a drunkard. That they are the most miserable people, the drunkards are, just imagine. They’ll be always crying, weeping, and people would think they are very miserable. So what you have to save at that time is your attention, from such indulgences into useless expression of your fear about your emotions .”

(Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: Talk on “Assume your position”  at Lodge Hill Seminar, UK on 23rd of July,1983)

Learn about Various Types of Attention & How to Concentrate and Balance

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  1. Jolanta

    It is always a pleasure to listen to Shri Mataji’s talks and pay full attention.

  2. Rabi

    Beautiful compilation. Especially bringing out the distinction in type of attention. Never ever judged or analysed so many type of attention could exist. Very profound speech excerpts and videos. Loved it immensely.

  3. Oresta

    Interesting article on attention. I liked it when Shri Mataji said you should not let your attention drift into this kind of indulgence which is so true. She mentioned where your attention would go if you continually read the news. I feel it’s so important to fill your mind with positivity and inspiration materials.

  4. Paula

    The most generous people are often those that haven’t much material means. My brother once told my mother, with one hand, she is always giving to all those she loves, to all those she feel could do with some pure love and kindness. Anytime she receives, she finds a way to give back, to someone who needs it.

    And there is a flow there, where she is aware of the blessings of often receiving, and gets so much more joy when giving. She has a pure love for humanity and she is compelled to express her pure love even to strangers. Being creative and Giving just keeps us in the flow. It is a principle of generosity and love and empathy. Where is our attention? Are we frittering it away on the material gains? Are we going with the kundalini flow? A wonderful reminder about reigning in our attention from Shri Mataji. I could watch these videos 10 more times and get something even more out of them every time. Thank you for these resources. Such a gift to humanity amd a pleasure to share.

  5. Jolanta

    Very useful, practical advice on how to introspect, which is the key to self improvement, and the enjoyment of Sahaja Yoga. Thank you!

  6. Kavitha

    Article has been beautifully compiled with Mataji’s words and videos. There is so much to learn and follow. Read it few times and understood some aspect of it. Will be coming back to read again.

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