Lamiya’s “Toronto Star” Mantra: ” Slowly but surely the City of Toronto is mastering the healthy living.”

February 2017Lamiya (and Sahaja Yoga meditation) in Toronto Star:

May 2017 – Lamiya is talking to the Mayor of Toronto on Women’s Day

October 2017  – Lamiya (and Sahaja Yoga Meditation): recognized by the City of Toronto on Diwali – “The Festival of Lights”

“Tonight’s Wellness Event at Metro Hall with over 100 participants from various divisions. Sharing the stage with incredible panelists, such as Josie Scioli, Deputy City Manager, Internal Corporate Services and panelists Nicole Welch, Director, Healthy Communities, Toronto Public Health and Stephen Linton, Street Outreach Programs Officer, Shelter’s Support Housing. Slowly but surely the City of Toronto is mastering the healthy living.”

Notably, the last message from Lamiya was sent today — when Toronto is celebrating Diwali – The Festival of Lights.

The above three moments seem like candles aligned by Serendipity 2017 into forming a row of lights that bring awareness on the importance of Mental Health and Wellness for the women and all people living in this great city of the World. If only more people/Torontonians such as Lamiya would transmit this vibrant light through their own example of healthy living, being connected and spiritually awake. Happy Diwali Everyone!

           We celebrated Diwali tonight @ Burlington Sahaja Yoga Class 

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Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRC) has Sahaja Yoga Class! 

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  1. Shivangi

    Awesome …Happy Diwali everyone and keep Meditating the way Shri Mataji teach us

  2. paula

    This article is like a gift to anyone who can feel it’s truth…Lamiya you are absolutely inspiring and your message is a powerful one. What an opportunity to “be the change you want to see in the world” by simply being YOU, enlightened. The great vibrations are undeniable! You are in the right place at the right time, as we all can be, spreading light and opening the heart. Marvelous initiatives, with a mainstream impact to the masses.

    1. Lamiya

      Thanks Paula 🙂

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