Broad-Mindedness Knit in Bond of Wonderful Love – Letter from Yoga teacher

Enjoy this Powerful Letter from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Note: Shri Mataji was in England at that time and wrote to Her  disciples from India (English translation)

Photo showing Shri Mataji visiting Scotland in 1979

 Shri Matai’s Letter is translated below:

My dearest Sahaja Yogis :

My Blessings to you all,

News has been conveyed to me that a new Center is functioning in Muskwadi Village (Rahuri), where thousands of people are getting Realization. The achievement has been made only because the “workers” over there have knit themselves in bond of wonderful Love. They never try to complain to anyone about anything but instead overlook and ignore in case someone commits what may be described as an error. This broad-mindedness is capable of generating feelings of happiness in one’s self and acts like a magnet where others are concerned. This Broad-Mindedness is the quality of a human body and gets multiplied with the awakening of the Kundalini. This is the manifestation of Divinity. But, those people who remain in “artificial” environments only, they cannot enjoy this Bliss. Your Kundalini has been awakened; and it has pierced the apex of the brain  (Brahmrandhra); but still the heart also has to feel ‘awakened’. In case one’s heart is like a stone and he is unable to shower Love on any one; he uses unpleasant language in conversation with others and is very particular to stress that he himself is really someone special; then he is not fit for becoming a Sahaja Yogi. Of course, such is the nature of certain people. Many a time, I have observed that before myself, some of you try to push others or frown upon them with anger, etc. When someone speaks harshly to little children, then I feel a stab on my heart. Tell me, in Sahaja Yogi, should not there be exhibition of loving feelings ?! People who are the off-springs of the same Mother very often fail to realize that they are the children of their Mother in reality. This fact is well-known to you. Then, why should you have the feeling that someone else is superior or inferior to you. Are you without blemish and capable of being such a judge ? People talk of universal brotherhood of man but is this feasible if we don’t love each other as we should?! At the moment, all I have to say is that you must use Introspection and Discrimination and rid yourself of such ‘poison’ as it is only then that you will make a real Sahaja Yogi. In case a Sahaja Yogi comes to your place, invite him as if he is one of our own brothers. Look after him nicely. This will purify your household. I cannot understand how and why Sahaja Yogis form ‘groups’ as with every passing moment your position improves or deteriorates.  Such formations can lead to total annihilation of the Self. You should try to own whatever is good in others and ignore what is not so as this can be looked into by me. In meditation, you will realize that this is the Door to Eternal Bliss.

One who remembers you always,


England, May 1st, 1977

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  1. adrian

    “he uses unpleasant language in conversation with others”… Shri Mataji is refering to someone who is acting “artificially”. Later she mentions that… “some people do this to push others away or to frown upon them”.

    I feel the focus of this article is to show the power of love… especially so in giving to others. Yet I also feel that those who do not allow themselves to feel the love that they have within themselves… and for themselves… then do not know how to express their love to others… hence they use anger and reaction to express what they think is love.

    So here is my own thought on the power of the love that we have within… The power of our belief to love or not to love ourselves as well as others can work to be life affirming or life denying.

    1. adrian

      You may choose to strive to be…

  2. Carmen

    What a beautifull letter full of Love, Truth and Wisdom, the tone is so simple and sweet. Exactly the example on how we should speak to each other.

    What a bliss.

    Thank you,


  3. pooyan

    Dear Ioana, you really made my day reading the letter of Mother, Thanks a lot.

  4. Shilpa

    Ver beautiful and Profound..This is also an answer to those yogis, who asks why Sahaja Yoga is not spreading fast.. 🙂

  5. Behrunda

    Habe diesen wunderbaen brief gerade gelesen.

    und wurde dabei immer kleiner.

    danke für diesen brief

  6. Debbie

    What a simple and beautiful letter shared by Mother to her children. Let’s open our hearts and bring joy and love into the lives of others.

    Lots of love always.

  7. adrian

    Shri Mataji’s quote…”Then why should you have the feeling that someone else… is superior or inferior to you”.

    The most difficult thing to understand I feel is that we are all Divine… I say this because we acknowledge that we are not this body, we are not this mind or this emotion. We are Spirit… we are already Divine… it is the degree to which you believe… and hence it is not about superior/inferior nor is it about right vs wrong and not even good or bad… these are all aspects of the external world we can choose to experience…

    Yet we are Firstly Divine.

  8. Rajendra Tosawar

    elaborately depicted meaning of love and broad mindedness.
    thanks for sharing.

  9. anjali

    Shri Mataji has provided such a simple but effective formula for us to experience the eternal bliss. Yet we are too busy looking for faults in others. Why not see the positives and see them as children of Shri Mataji just as we are. Why even discuss someone and make them into a topic at every gathering that too before Shri Mataji. This way we can be never free from the cluches of negativity that tries to break our relationships. It’s something to really introspect on and allow ourselves to bring out the love we all have for each other.
    Thank you for such valuable words of Shri Mataji. Its truly enlightening.

    1. Arie

      Dear Anjali

      It is so nice to read your words again… to reaffirm the importance of “seeing and feeling” the positivity in others.

      I am… reminded that it is always a choice to focus in those varied aspects of others, as it is to listen carefully to self.

      So… by choosing consciously we can help ourselves to better realize and experience our own Divinity, as well that of others.

    2. Aser pour le collectif sahaja duy Congo Brazzaville

      Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir été gratifie de cette mine d’or la lecture des lettres notre Mère Nous a beaucoup édifié, veuillez nous faire parvenir bien d’autres merci quel Mère vous bénisse.

  10. Tracy

    This letter has some very powerful words in it and they are words we should live by and try to use everyday. I am so glad that i read this and as of right now i want to live by this to have a more bissfull life.

    Thank you Shri Mataji


  11. Sahaj

    Love is eternal while jelousy/ anger is the play of destructive forces. Essence of yoga is oneness which is not a mouth service but felt at heart.

  12. Diana

    De ar Ioana, you enlightened my day with this lettre, thank you so much.

  13. Anjali Gandhi

    Each time I read this it presents a new understanding. Broaden the mind and awaken the heart. Use introspection and discreation to ride your self of poison.hmmm something i will meditate on for sure. Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  14. Kruti

    Beautiful vibrations and every word that Mother used emits love. It’s a good reminder to me what I need to work on and improve on, one step at a time. Loved reading all the comments from the yogis as well. Thank you for this post dear Ioana.

  15. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks for your post Ioana. Mother’s profound divine guidance on eternal love, introspection , humbleness and bonding of Sahaj family is truely enlightening .Every teaching of Mataji is empowering our blissful and condition free global sahaj family . I feel blessed that I am experiencing it too. Jai shree Mataji.

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