Photos & Anjali’s Letter on YOANN’s Visit @ Crawford Lake

Photo Album .. and read below its Story 🙂

Anjali’s Letter to Sahaja Yoga Meditation group

Dear Sahaj family,

Some of us here in halton were privileged to spend some awesome time with Yoann on Wednesday, September 29. Since he is our special guest who is visiting Canada for the very first time, we want to take him to places that are emitting beautiful vibrations so that he takes back cherished memories of his tour! This is why we thought of taking him to Iroquois village where he could experience the powerful vibrations of the deities that are still awakened in that land. Especially at the Crawford lake. Check out the following link for a little touch of how sahaj this place is:

We were a little group of 5 – laughing, giggling and simply bubbling with joy to be out in a land filled with vibrations with our gifted brother, Yoann. As soon as we arrived, we meditated at the story telling place sitting on mother earth. Slowly our minds were calming down and we were able to feel the peace within and most importantly the connection with Mother earth and the divine. Then we walked along the trails discovering some of the principles by which the natives live and we, as sahaja yogis felt so one with their writings. We soon arrived at the lake where Yoann was very eager to do a footsoak. But due to the lake’s sacredness, no one is allowed to disturb the lake, so we simply settled down the on the rocks and meditated. Yoann could feel very clearly the presence of Shri Laxmi in the middle of the lake. Later during dinner he mentioned that he has never been to a lake with such powerful vibrations.

As we walked some more along the trails, we could feel the awakening of a child within us. We were in present enjoying and sharing stories, experiences, and love for each other. Sometimes with our faces so bright, we didn’t know how to contain ourselves as the joy was overflowing.

Many little pearls of sahaj happenings were experienced throughout the day with Yoann, many little miracles – too many to mention in this e-mail. We simply didn’t want the day to end!

Love, Anjali on behalf of Halton Family

Isabelle did this photo that captures our amazing connection with Mother Earth on that day. We’ve felt the reality that we are all her children and One with her and through her. Thank you Anjali for your beautiful letter and Thank you Isabelle for the beautiful Photos!

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  1. adrian

    “On Being”…

    It is interesting to contemplate… “On Being”…

    Why are we here…
    Who are we…
    What is our purpose…

    The photos…

    Show our inner beauty…

    Thank you for that.

  2. Rosalie Nickerson

    I know Yoann from France and the vibrations sparkle every time we meet!
    He is a beautiful singer and Canada is very blessed to have him there!!!
    May his little light shine on!!!

  3. adrian

    On imagination and creation… for Thanksgiving.

    Sometimes what we see is so much moe than what we orignally think we see… for example in the photo taken with two of our family members, with Anjali… they have their hands near a rock by Crawford Lake to feel the vibrations through connection. The rock is heart shaped.

    But there is more… notice the position of the two bodies, bent in a perfect way to also form the shape of a heart. And if you look carefully there is also the shape of a heart in the earth just above the rock, and in the lighted area immediately above that and surrounded by trees also the shape of a heart.

    It is a recurring theme of heart centeredness… very beautiful and very clever to think that we actually have a hand in creating this through feeling and with imagination.

    So imagine what is possible through the love of the heart.

    Giving thanks


  4. Elsie

    What a beautiful article Anjali has written describing Crawford Lake, a miramictic lake. She describes what the group felt “peace within and the connection with mother earth and the divine’

    I’ve visited Crawford Lake and know the peace I felt as I walked around the lake. the history of the place is fascinating also.

    I wish I would have been there to share the joy of the group

  5. Debbie

    Just beautiful…thank you so much for sharing. I love the heart shaped rock – how very Sahaj to be surrounded by so much love and beauty. Crawford Lake is very calming to the soul – a great place to meditate if you haven’t been there.

    Lots of love always.

  6. Colleen

    I can’t wait to revisit these places now that I can appreciate them on a different level, the Sahaj way. It will be a whole new experience!!! Thank you for the stories and the pictures.

  7. adrian

    Congratulations on the birth of your son Edda.

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