Why Diwali ? Subtle Connections + INVITE to “COOL KIDS DIWALI” Celebration

Happy Diwali 2017!! Let’s Celebrate it @ Burlington Class on Nov 1, 2017diwali-clay-lamp


Next Wednesday, on November 1st @ Burlington class  EVERYONE is invited — children, parents, uncles and aunties, friends and neighbors – to our Sahaj Diwali Celebration in Halton/Niagara.

There will be an evening of Togetherness (yes, be ready to dance on a multicultural collection of songs, learn more about Sahaja Yoga, sing and enjoy). Same evening we are hosting the “Cool Kids” session for November, so make sure your children are invited too, they will make their own “Diwali Clay Lamp”

Please contribute to our Diwali Potluck  with a dish of your choice, or fruits or sweets — anything that you love and love to share with a family of enlightened souls.

Below there are 3 links to “prepare” you for this experience, find unexpected connection and to get into the spirit of this very special celebration.

(click#1) Sahaj Diwali Journey from Christ to the White House with Aayi Diwali Song

 (click#2) VIDEO FEEDBACK (Laughing, Crying, Singing and Dancing) with Yoann Freget & Nirananda Band

(click#3)  Awakening Diwali Letter from Shri Mataji (1976)

Axinia candle world

Let’s honor the legacy of the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – and become an enlightened candle for this world and an “open lotus that gives light to others”.

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