Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRC): New Weekly Class on MONDAYs, starting March 7th

Poster native Indian -web

Important Notes:

Serenity at Niagara Falls

Teachers – Volunteer Instructors:

Phyllis MCkenna




Phyllis -Group Photo - march of the Penguins

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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    Wonderful news.

  2. cheryl

    what a beautiful and well appointed poster! Dear Phyllis wishing you sincere and full participation in such an offering of Love.

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    Dear sister Phyllis ! You are doing a great job by spreading sahaja yoga
    may all divine power bless you
    All my love, blessings and support

  4. Howard Swinson

    My sincerest good wishes to you on Monday Phyllis.

  5. phyllis

    Thank you for all the warm wishes and the vibrations of love and light that i feel from each and everyone of you and for allowing me the honor to share this amazing divine experience to others. You have all been such a blessing to my inner spirit. It is so wonderful to connect with like minded realized and aware people. Shri Mataji has brought us together and made us family. The community has made me and my son so happy to collectively come together and unite to bring more seekers of true knowledge to heal mother earth!

  6. Carolyn Vance

    Congratulations on the Native’s Women’s Resource Center venue! If the Natives learn more about how to use the power that they were born knowing they had….well, they can lead us into heaven on Mother Earth!
    love, Carolyn

  7. purnima clifford

    Dear Sister Phyllis,Shri Mataaji,came in a dream to me here in Australia a little while back and told me that “the Canadians have to forgive the past”.It is with great joy that we receive the news of the new programme that you as an Objiway native Canadian Indian will take.From Australia we send you all best wishes from our hearts that you will begin a new wave of healing for Mother Earth and all indigenous people,Love your sister Purnima

  8. Jayanthi

    Dear Phyllis, Shri. Mataji has timed everything to get the support you needed to move this movement so without any doubts move forward and show the strength of forgiveness and love.
    With lots of love.

  9. Rosalba

    Really good, always wishing this, all the best with your programs

  10. Colleen

    This is wonderful news and the beginning of something great!! With all the love of Shri Mataji and the power of the Divine behind you, wishing you all the best for these classes.

  11. Letitia

    Bandhanul e facut.
    Ce veste minunata,intotdeauna mi-au placut arborigenii,curajul lor,intelepciunea, si doresc ca programul sa aibe succes sa deschida inimile.

  12. paula

    Phyllis you and your son are just shining, true instruments in spreading joy giving vibrations to everyone. Extremely proud, of both of you, and your words, actions, deeds speak subtle volumes of vibrations like a ripple spreading across all the lakes of Ontario. The last speaking engagement you conducted during the Sahaja Yoga Event March of the Penguins I felt there was an ocean of waves splashing around inside of me. It was pure joy in the present to feel you speak your truth and make positive, beautiful, natural connections with ancient indigenous teachings and Sahaja Yoga principles. Just glorious.This is when we know and can feel another person’s electromagnetic vibrations, that can influence many more for the better. You have such a strong but sweet guru principle. There is no stopping what you can achieve in this lifetime! You are unlimited now, connected to the unlimited realm! We can all achieve this with Sahaja Yoga and being true to our inner self. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

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