Seniors Experience Serenity and Joy with Meditation

Burlington Seniors Experience Serenity and Joy with Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshops

Rose brought by Ioana – meditation instructor with 100 Seeds of Joy initiaitve – from her garden on Nov 28th, 2023. Outside was snowing!

Let’s find out about the “Morning Meditation with Inner Peace and Self-Realization” workshops

These are Special holiday sessions with the Creative Community Hive at Next Door Kitchen in Burlington, hosted by Jennifer J. and the volunteer instructors from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. We are glad that our 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative reached to that corner of Burlington, just in time for this jolly season.

Please take this article as an opportunity to get to know us and what we do in our community, check the articles shared below, especially, don’t miss an older article from a wonderful Senior member of our Burlington community: Elsie.

Getting ready to start the morning meditation with a group of lovely Burlington Seniors and their leader.

Let’s describe that morning of Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 (before the Meditation workshop)

This morning first thing we’ve seen was the snow covering with a thin blanket the neighbourhood. It was a beautiful view, with an almost full moon still shining stronger then the sunlight.

Burlington Seniors Experience Serenity and Joy with Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshop

This was practically the first day of winter here in Burlington. Jennifer was right: not many dared the cold to come to this session. But it’s alright, the 100 Seeds of Joy initiative is not about ‘numbers’ but about ‘quality’, meaning that we aim to be in the ‘mental, emotional and spiritual health’ service to our community. If during our workshops the participants reach to a state of inner peace, calmness, relaxation, possibly geting a glimpse for ‘self realization’, then we are completely satisfied.

Feedback provided verbally and collected in written from the Seniors about this Meditation workshop

First Impressions from participants right after the “Rainbow Shaped – Guided Meditation”

‘I am very relaxed’ said one lady, while apparently for us, was first time smiling since we met her.

‘I felt energy flowing along the arms and being released towards the ground’.

‘I was so relaxed that I was almost falling asleep which surprised me, as I suffer from chronic insomnia.’

‘The affirmations about letting go of the guilt and no judgement, really worked for me’.

‘I was relaxed, enjoyed it but I did not feel any sensation’ said a gentleman.

These are not exact quotes, but what we remember from what was said, as everyone had a chance to provide direct feedback, as well was asking questions. This was the second Meditation session offered at this location. Those that joined for both sessions, confessed that it was easier for them to get into the peaceful state.

Check the video-clip! After meditation we were singing a ‘Kundalini Song’ that everyone enjoyed.

We have to give credit to Jennifer who reminded our promise that we will introduce also some songs and mantras in a session offered to her hosting group. After such a peaceful meditative atmosphere, followed up by questions about Kundaini energy, the ‘musical moment with positive energy’ came like the cherry on top. Listen to it, and feel it too!

Video-clip with our “Kundalini song” that increases the Inner Joy and the positive vibrations all around, Check it out!

Objectively speaking, the circumstances were very different compared when our team was invited first tine to offer a “Morning Meditation with Inner Peace and Self-Realization” workshop. Our team was not familiar with the location and the set-up was not so “meditation friendly” because people were facing the door and the windows, plus there was quite some traffic going on through the entire session, combined with loud voices from the shop next door. 🙂

However, our meditation instructor remained focused on leading the collective meditation through all this hoops, and Paula (helping from Sahaja Yoga Meditation teanm) was helping out with chairs for the later arrivals. It was nice to hear after the chakra workshop that were people asking us if we offer healing 🙂 , some felt clearly the energy, as well entered into a state of profound relaxation.

We were told that Shirley, a sprightly 86 year old, took the initiative and showed a lot of enthusiasm in collecting all the feedback and typing it out to share it with Jennifer from the hosting party.

Here there is, the written feedback collected by Shirley after that day’s meditation workshop: ‘I’m sending you exactly what they wrote down and also told me.”

‘I enjoyed the yoga.  I had never known about it. ‘

‘The meditation speaker was excellent!! 

‘The yoga was good.  A bit of a surprise that it was so much work!  But I liked it.’

‘From attending the meditation, I learned a few new approaches for thinking and doing about mental focusing.  Will consider to go often in Oakville.’

‘I found my hands where very warm and heavy after the meditation. ‘

Feedback from sister volunteer organizations

Thank you Jennifer for providing your feedback and support

We also honored the Remembrance Day during our 1st “Meditation – 100 Seeds of Joy” workshop at this community hub

Jennifer: “Thank you so much Ioana, Paula and Carmella for brightening our day and ‘ centering’ us before getting on with our day:-) Some pics from today …”

Photos and videos were provided as well by the co-host of these sessions, Jennifer from community hive.

Join our Online 30 min FREE Recharge Meditation sessions avilable from 12:30PM to 1PM EST on

A Luxury to clear my mind for a few minutes a day

Jennifer: “.. as I mentioned, it is really a luxury to be able to close my eyes and clear my mind for a few minutes in a day !.

.I am sure the same is true for so many others….caught up between juggling too many personal and professional commitments. However when I do it,  It does give me the peace and calm…even if it lasts for a brief while, it also helps to focus afterwards.

I should be doing this more often, but as I said, either the timing does not match or some or urgent commitment comes in the way. My work load I am hoping will reduce from mid Dec to early March, so I am hoping I will be able to attend sessions either online or in person more regularly. Its too bad that the attendance dropped this time. But I was glad to hear that the ones who attended said for themselves that they understand and can feel a change more in  their second session today!”

Our volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network are happy to be of service in our community and will answer the call whenever a workshop or collaboration with our 100 Seeds of Joy initiaitve is required.

“100 Seeds of Joy” workshop offered for a private event in Etobicoke. Some of the participants became so interested in meditation that they started joining our classes and events that we are offering in Burlington.

Check the following three older articles — we are amazed that our team of volunteers had been sowing so many Seeds of Joy practically “everywhere” and for quite a long time! Enjoy!

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Ioana P. took this photo from her caar while prearing to return home from the “Morning Meditation” session on Nov 28th, 2023. It looked like a painting outside!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article dedicated to the “Morning Meditation for Inner Peace and Self-Realization” with format variations for each of the workshops offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network volunteers for the Special Creative sessions scheduled over November 14 and 28. See you soon!

We provide also explanations during our 100 Seeds of Joy workshops: this is a video-clip recorded by our host Jennifer, with Ioana’s answer during the Q&A session

We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Contact us at [email protected] or on the blog if interested in a workshop after Dec 10, 2023

(click) Listen to Elsie and Get her Present: The Gift of Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

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  1. Paula

    It was a privilege and a pleasure to participate and witness the seeds of transformation sprout among this group. Positive energy peaked through, between the thoughts, prolonging the thoughtless state. Spontaneously the energy came from within and around us like a fresh breeze. One lady said she felt cleansed. Wonderful initiative of both groups coming together to share pure love for community.

  2. Kruti

    We are so proud of our seniors in the community to brave through the cold weather and make it to these amazing meditation sessions. It’s just a joy to see them in the classes. A big thank you to Jennifer and other volunteers for making a positive difference in the community and connecting people with each other no matter what their age is! This is so encouraging.

  3. Carmen Pavel

    Such a beautiful initiative! Reaching out to the seniors in such a challenging time, giving them joy and comfort! Thoroughly enjoyed the Kundalini song.

  4. Anjali

    Lovely photos..indeed the photo from car looks like a painting. So very beautiful and the big moon illuminates the sky making it a magical sight. When the attention is on the beauty around it can penetrate that same beauty and peace in meditation. So glad the seniors got an opportunity to become aware of the stillness and peace within. This form of meditation is healing and we are eager to share it with our wonderful Halton community.

  5. NITI

    I really appreciate your efforts of providing peace and joy in the whole community regardless of any age ,country,race .Thanks Ioana,Paula,Mama Carmela and all the participants in this meditation session.

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