(video!) Throat Chakra – Personal Experiences (Ana Bianca & Rajani)

These are two short video-presentations from Vishuddhi Chakra Team, part of the Sahaj Guru Game 2011. Enjoy Ana Bianca and Rajani,  presenting  their sincere introspection on the status of their “personal relationship”  with Vishuddhi chakra, at one of our weekly Free Yoga Meditation Classes, in Oakville – Halton region..

(video) Ana Bianca‘s Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi centre-Tips, Qualities, Introspection

(video) RajaniLove To Sing (Shri Krishna bhajan live!)

Thanks go to Ahilan for filming and arranging these videos. Let us know if you have enjoyed ..open-up your Vishuddhi chakra (= communicate!) and write a comment please 🙂

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  1. Teo Anghelina

    congratulations to Ahilan for filming and that very good sound on this time, meaning it is enough loud & clear ! We can taste without effort these veritable sincere conffesions of these inocent girls, which I simple adore them ! They are delightful video of Ana BIanca and Rajani, whose song sounds really professional ! I would like to listen to her again and many-many times.Please, don’t stop just here !Thank you girl & boys & Ioana dear, with love, from Romania, Bucharest

  2. Hema

    wow! You have a beautiful voice, Rajni. Please keep singing. Would love to hear some sahaj bhajans in your voice.

  3. Chandra Sekhar

    You are such a beautiful daughter of Indu.
    Your voice while talking was itself music, let alone while singing!
    You are a great Sahaja Yogini, it shows up in your face and in your smile.
    I am Glad I know you and your children, they are blessed to have you as their mom.

  4. Chandra Sekhar

    Do I need to write about you? is it not sufficient I say we all love you!

  5. paula

    With all my vishuddi thank you Abi and Rajani for sharing your voices to introspect about this chakra! Let’s all nurture the quality of divine diplomacy within, where we become the instrument, when we speak! Humbly presented! So easy to relate to the material presented…there is so much more to learn to know our “selves”.

  6. Rabi

    Abi you are a gem.Never knew you could speak and convince so well. Its trick of the Vishuddhi again. Rajni you brought out a very subtle relationship while explaining Vishuddhi manifestation that is act of Ego and Superego. I loved it. I did not know but you and Rajni both really did a magic that clicked my Vishuddhi open.Hoping to hear more from you both. Lots of love to you dears.

  7. Elsie

    Abi, you did an excellent job of explaining the nature of the vishuddi, in an interesting way. It was enjoyable to watch you. You have a lovely presence.

    Rajini you have a lovely voice and sing from the heart. It was so enjoyable to listen to you. With love to both of you

  8. Pimpernel

    So great to hear of the experiences of you both.. (very useful for my vishuddhi at the moment & all the time ;))

    And by the way..Abi gooood job!!! i didn’t know u do this – we want more!! 😀

  9. Elke Wirth

    How inspiring! Thank you for giving us insights in your Vishuddhis and letting us hear this beautiful voice of Rajani!

  10. Lalit

    Nice Creative Work. Rajani sings very well…
    Thanks to Alihan for filming and editing so that we all can share so much wonderful experiences from our sisters.
    Jai Shree Mataji.
    Lots of Love from India.

  11. Colleen

    Wonderful videos, Rajani, you have such a beautiful voice. When the camera panned back and I saw everyone meditating to your singing it brought tears to my eyes. Keep it up and share the peace, it’s so beautiful!!!
    Thank you.

  12. vibhu jakhmola

    very nice video.
    jai shree mata ji

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