Condo Residents asked for 100 Seeds of Joy Meditation Classes (Appreciation Letter and Photos)

On Monday April 15, 2024 we received a Thank You card from the organization that offered us the 2024 Halton Volunteer Impact Award and on Tuesday we received the envelope with the Thank You Letter from the Social Committee who arranged for the April 16th, 2024 meditation session.

Let’s revisit the day when the 100 Seeds of Joy team was invited to offer a Special Meditation Class for the Condo residents from this part of Burlington

We had the pleasure of being invited by Sally and the organizing Social Committee to collaborate on a special Meditation Class, in fact to make sure that we provide a relaxing and even joy giving program that includes an intro to Sahaja Yoga Meditation, as well an actual guided meditation with some “chair exercises / physical yoga” tips.

Paula took this photo during the session offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.

It seems that on Tuesday, April 16th, 2024, we just did that! We checked all boxes on our intended Agenda.

We were truly impressed with the excellent organization of the event and the overall welcoming atmosphere.

We announced everyone about our next big community event: The Festival of New Beginnings (on Sunday, May 5th, 2024). Photo by Ioana @ Seniors Club.

In fact we had a deep class and it seems that the 32 participants were able to enjoy the meditation and even access the thoughless awareness state of pure meditation. Some were surprised how totally relaxed they felt.

By the end of the class there were several participants that wanted to approach our team directly with questions and provided further positive feedback.

We were even asked if we are coming back the following week and if possible can we return maybe at least monthly?!

Somebody asked if they should meditate several times per day, as we have three meals per day our meditation would be beneficial so they were ready to make it part of their daily routine.

We hope they do! Of course we invited everyone to join our (every week day!) FREE Lunch Recharge meditations as well.

The Appreciation Letter (excerpt) received from the Social Commitee for the Meditation Class offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network

Sharing the Gift of gratitude received in the form of beautiful flowers

Ioana took this photo on Sunday at the Earth Day program offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.

In fact the potted flowers we received from Sally and Gail on behalf of the organizing committee, eneded up being shared the very next day with another member of our 100 Seeds of Joy team when we celebrated Gratiela’s birthday at our weekly in-person Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class.

However, the flowers returned later that week , actually on Sunday when we had a special “Cool Kids and Parents” meditation workshop in town (photo above).

Our 100 Seeds of Joy team prepared two public events that weekend, both dedicated to Earth Day. One was on Saturday and the other one on Sunday. We were so busy that we wrote an article only about one of the “Cool Kids and Parents” classes.

(click) Check to see How was the First Cool Kids Earth Day creative Workshop in 2024

Enjoy the Feedback received from other two more recent Meditation Classes offered to the Seniors in Burlington:

(click) You should check this Article to watch and feel a truly remarkable series of Meditation Classes offered to the Burlington Seniors in Winter 2023

Experience Serenity and Joy with Meditation and Yoga classes brought by the 100 Seeds of Joy

We are closing this article with a Note of Appreciation received from the Director of Recreation that invited us to another Seniors Club. We had no time to create an article about the event as our team is busy sowing seeds of Joy all across Burlington and beyond. Enjoy!

Read the Email from one of our collaborating parties that are lending a hand to bring the 100 Seeds of Joy team everywhere there is a need. Where isn’t?!

(click!) Meditators become Champions in Burlington Community

We recommend you to learn what it means to be ‘champion’ in an ideal world, by visiting the Article shared above. That is also a reference to the fact that we were recognized and included in the group of Champions in our comunity; this is how the Events Committe knew how to contact us as they met our team at the VIP Party from last year. Cool!! Let’s do it again!

We wish you to continue enjoying the beautiful Canadian Spring! Contact us if you want to bring or send our 100 Seeds of Joy team somehere.

Also it would be nice if you drop a comment to the article!

Video filmed by Ioana P from 100 Seeds of Joy team (somewhere in Burlington, by the Lake). Watch this video until the end, it’s a Joyous Meditation!

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  1. Adina

    It’s great to hear that more and more people experience and appreciate the benefits of the Sahaja Yoga meditation! ❤️

  2. Paula

    The common room in the condo complex was full with eager seekers who wanted to know more about their higher self. The room melted with the guided meditation and the silence of the cosmos feeling inside and out…it was so peaceful. We felt part and parcel of the whole universe in that powerful time together. Chairs were occupied and several who preferred to sit on yoga mats closer to Mother Earth. It was a pleasure to be among social butterflies with a soothing group meditation. I and my mom Carmela look forward fo meditating with this assembly of condo residents in the near future. We loved their social activism and their open heartedness. They were truly peacefully silent, following along and present during the program

  3. Kruti

    It seems that various organizations in the community are reaching out to be involved with the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative brought by the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team. It’s a heatfelt trend that helps so many people to enjoying their workshops. That people are helped to enjoy meditation is a fantastic news. It brings so much happiness in my heart to read about the experiences. Let’s continue to spread the positive vibs in the neighborhoods around us.

  4. Isabelle

    Good news. So much needed.

  5. kathleen

    Thank you Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team for reaching out everywhere in the community. Hope more Condo residents can benefit to what meditation can bring, inner peace.

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