My Dream with the Prophet & A Muslim Seeker’s Journey

My Spiritual Journey leading to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“Last Wednesday we were talking about this seeking of truth within us and our connection with divine and this whole being. My yogini friend Paula (we are both going to free meditation meetings in Halton) had asked me to write down my experience. My dream with the prophet and journey of seeking this knowledge. Just briefly I tell you about my childhood; that from my early age I’ve been searching the answers of the questions which come in my mind that who we are and what’s the main purpose of this life.`

I had a Dream with the Prophet when I was 11 years old ..

I had a dream when i was 11 years old that Prophet Muhammad was sitting on mat on floor and some students were sitting around him to learn and i was there too and he gave me some water to drink. I told my parents and they ask about this to a scholar who interprets dreams and he said that it means this girl going to get very pure knowledge and wisdom.
Life goes on and in my heart there is a desire all the time to find the ultimate truth however going to all the places and mosques and other Islamic classes I couldn’t satisfy myself, because my seeking is aboutKundalini” which I know now. Anyways, many things happen in life and generally I was a person who never complained so much about life’s ups & downs and I felt my-self as a leaf flowing on a water where the flow take it I go and I was surrender my self to divine.
Four- five years back suddenly something happen which i don’t know what it was because it was not me. I started complaining about life and i was totally not happy with what I had and felt un-satisfied in me. Can you believe that it happened when I have everything which i wish for and instead of being thankful I became unhappy and cranky person and started feeling that I want this and I want that, not ending state of having everything perfect. Three years before, I was talking to my best friend who knew me more than 15 years, and knew that I was not that type of un-satisfied person. While talking to her I told her that I found that I took a wrong exit of my journey of life and know that I am completely lost. But in my heart was a strong belief that God will guide me the right way and show me the light.

I had a Dream Again .. in Canada

Then we moved to Mississauga and after moving in this house .. I had a dream again which was so nice and my heart filled with blessings and light… I dreamt that
I dreamt that I was with my family somewhere near a beautiful lake and many people were going in the cottage which was having some sort of party and my family also went in. I was alone and suddenly I saw a big bright full moon shining on the lake and it was so bright and super big that my eyes cannot take the light and all the light made the lake’s water like it was sliver and sparkling and I can’t explain how my heart filled with joy and and happiness. Suddenly I surrendered and bowed to the divine power.
I asked my uncle’s friend who is a great scholar in Montreal about this dream and he said soon you will get a pure knowledge. I couldn’t forget this dream and then got busy in life.

My Self-Realization & My Sahaj Family

In March 2010 when I found out about Sahaj Yoga classes that were starting very close, just five minutes to my house, I start feeling that something special is coming for me and I was so excited and the first day Ioana told us about this Kundalini awakening and about this spontaneous union with divine. I felt that my search is over and I got my right exit and slowly and gradually I will get the ultimate truth ofNir Anand” which Shri Mataji said that it is a complete state of Thoughtless Awareness.

Can you believe that the first day I got my realization I was feeling that my whole body was filled with joy which I can’t explain and I was so awake that day till late night and was laughing and happy like a small kid.
Otherwise, I became so serious and cranky person. One more thing I like to share that i was a good cook before going to the wrong exit of my life and then i lost my cooking passion and love with other blessings as well.
But while doing this lovely “Sahaja Yoga” i got my blessings back and the joy, peace and content-ness within me. I also I got a very loving Sahaj family which I’m always eager and excited to meet them.
During the sahaj guru game I feel so much connection with Paula’s mom who was in our Vishuddhi team. Actually in Halton family she is known as a wonderful Gruha Lakshmi (having the nourishing and caring powers of the left Nabhi chakra :-). About the beautiful sahaj family we have, I can say that all the time I met you guys my heart is filled with more compassion and love which cannot be able to explain in words. It only feels like an Ocean of Compassion.
Love to all of you: my Sahaj Family. Yours, Ayesha
The photo above captures a sahaj event in GTA:  `Shivaratri festival` 2011, when many ladies from our Halton sahaja yoga meditation have decided to try and wear a Sari. As you can see, they are radiant! That evening was so special, because we also have celebrated the bday of Shri Mataji – founder of sahaja yoga and we had our Aarti – Halton Music group perform for the very 1st time.  About Ayesha’s story that you had just read it above, our Thanks go to Paula who wanted to make Ioana a surprise (yes, she did!!) by collecting more testimonials on meditation experiences from Halton classes for our website.  Did it make a difference? Let us know, drop a comment and why not, read 2 more articles. 🙂

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  1. paula

    Ayesha, your joy is overflowing.The cake is beckoning! The lake is so peaceful. The painting is inspired. And your newfound-extended family adores you! Especially Mama-Carmela! Thank you for sharing your story in an article that was compiled with such love. It’s so natural and would cure society if we just thought of each other as brothers and sisters. I felt also that my heart just expanded when I began practicing Sahaja Yoga. I was searching also for transformation or growth to help me in life. I even thought, I have enough friends, I will not make any more. I will just come to class and try to improve myself. I felt such peace in the classes. And then my heart just got bigger. It feels like I gained alot of “family” members from all cultures and walks of life which continues to give me joy!

  2. Sailaja Rani Ginka

    Very inspiring story of Ayesha that really brought cool vibrations and filled the heart with love and compassion. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this hard core seeker’s experience, who finally came into the path to Kingdom of God filled with true love, peace and contentment. May all such seekers who wish to know the truth and get inner peace be enlightened by the spark of Sahaja Yoga – the ultimate spirituality and reality. May this world accumulate more and more sahaja yogies and ultimately be filled up with them, thus creating peace all over. Thank you so much Mother!!!

  3. Chandra Sekhar

    By telling your story, you opened many eyes and removed many conditioning in many people. I am for sure one of such fortunate ones. In that aspect you are my Guru today.

  4. Prakash

    What a great dream you have shared with us. There could be so many true seekers and new comers whom we can ask them to write their experience and make them read this.

    By the way, what is this Sahaj Guru game, if you can share with us, we will try it out in our collective too at Bahrain.

  5. Javad

    Such a nice cool experience; Mother Shri Mataji told to us that have a notebook and write whatever that happen to you as your experience or as your new idea.
    truly yours Javad

  6. NAVIN

    It really nice to know your experience , the power of kundalini (buraq) can do wonders and create pure, knowledgeable and true seekers of truth linke you Ayesha,

    UAE colelctive wishes you a soulful spiritual journey where we will interact often as tiny cells in the body of almighty (virata)

    Nirmal love from UAE collective

  7. yvonne hullin

    thank You very much.
    It has warmed my heart and filled it with love for all mankind. It is equal in which country we are at the moment. We are the devine love and a global family. Thank You that i can fill it so strong now. All my Love for you all.

  8. armaity

    Thank you Ioana and Ayesha for this wonderful wonderful surprise full of cool vibrations.
    And it makes it all extra special because I now know Ayesha and from day one after I met her, I realized what a beautiful and honest soul she is. I really don’t feel that I’ve just known her recently.
    When you are a genuine seeker it just clicks and I know this from my own experience. I have a gut feeling that Ayesha will be an instrument of the Divine to bring in many seekers professing Islam who keep away due to religious conditionings.
    I thank the Divine that now I am a part of this truly beautiful global SY Halton family brought and nurtured so lovingly together by Ioana. They all try and live up to the sahaja ideals and it’s a joy to be with them.

  9. Rajesh

    Beautiful and jouful experience. Congrats to Halton collectivity for sharing such beautiful sahaj stories.
    -Rajesh, Haridwar (India)

  10. Nira

    Happy belated birthday Ayesha! Beautifully vibrant stories..
    Big hug,
    Nira ( Dubai)

    1. Isabelle

      Perfect timing. Her birthday is today! But we celebrated that day because we felt like it. Happy Birthday Ayesha. Loved your story. Before Sahaja Yoga I used to read Chicken Soup for the Soul but reading these blogs brings me so much joy and it is so special for I know them and am able to call them my family.




  12. Patient Guedenon

    It is such a beautiful seeking story. It gives me lots of joy and vibrations. Let us pray Shree Mataji to grant to more and more people the Nir Ananda.
    Patient, Benin

  13. yoggita

    This is such a beautiful story….

  14. Deepti

    Ayesha Di, I enjoyed reading the whole article with so many vibrations and full in smiles.. Thank you for sharing the same 🙂

    Nirmal Love,

  15. adrian


    It is so nice to share a birthday moment with you…

    “Dreams and Truth”… so subtle and revealing as you say…

    About Mohammad and his guiding you…

    And the realization that the simplicity of Love… is there to behold in any moment and at any time… “like the silvery reflection of moonlight on the lake”.

    You see, because you want to see.

    Happy “birth” day

  16. Jolanta

    It was a pleasure to read this very special story.

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