Day 4 – “Art and Spirituality” Tour in Hamilton @ Staircase Cafe Theatre

When Rhythm Becomes Meditation in Hamilton @ Staircase Theatre

This event worked out in a very sahaj way. The organizing team for Anandita’s Tour in Canada had found out about this lovely place – The Staircase, in Hamilton – from Liz who was a dear friend and a regular participant to both Burlington and Hamilton sahaja yoga meditation classes. Then, with much enthusiasm from sahaja yoga coordinators of these classes and with the great help coming from The Staircase’s manager, we were able on a very dark and rainy evening, to bring Anandita’s Light to Hamilton with this beautiful performance. Enjoy the Stories and Photos below.

Two Stories & Photos from Hamilton Program


Linda, Hamilton:

Perched on the 4th floor of the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, in a cosy intimate room, Anandita Basu , brought color, energy, warmth, song and dance to a very fortunate small audience.

The room was filled with the color of the decorations and Anandita’s bright costume.

The music was energetic and lively, giving the audience an authentic taste of India, Bollywood (is that a separate country?) and Colombia. Hands were clapping and feet were tapping!! It was a joy to watch and be part of.

Anandita with Colette from Staircase Theatre (co-sponsor of this evening) and Sujata, one of the coordinators for Hamilton Sahaja Yoga ClassesAnandita message about feeling the music within and allowing the joy to flow made everyone feel comfortable and part of the family so when it was time to get up and dance together there were lots of empty chairs! Her smile and infectious joy were impossible to resist!

The Chello Sahaji Group Band (consisting of sahaja yogis from all GTA) blended with Anandita’s singing and playing like they had all been performing together for a long time. A tribute to their excellance and committment. It was quite a special evening.

The evening ended much to quickly……..but it was a very memorable and enchanting event.

Sujata and the participants to this evening are checking the Vibrations at the level of Sahasrara chakra
Sujata from Sahaja Yoga Meditation- Hamilton, leading the experiment of Kundalini awakening through Sahaja Yoga Meditation; Everybody felt the energy!

Anandita in Canadian outfit .. with Sujata, Hamilton Sahaja Yogini

Sujata, Hamilton

On Friday November 27th, we met at the Staircase Theatre, to watch a performance of dance and music, but little did I know that it was going to be a life altering evening.

I felt so blissed out with the performance that i felt me energy centres dance. Anandita through her dance and voice had the crowd mesmerised. Every step she took and every note she sang you felt inside.

When the evening was coming to an end we were all jumping off our seats to try our talent a little as we were so motivated.

She was able to touch all our hearts and really connect us all together in that room.

Art does break all boundaries, especially when the artist is able to do that.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Experience in Hamilton

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Experience in Hamilton with Anandita sitting at the back

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  1. Liz

    My daughter and I had the honor of hosting Anandita in our home just before she preformed at the staircase theater. The girl can really sing (she gave me goose bumps!) She is also a great dancer.
    The band was awesome!
    The theater was cozy and colourful.
    We really enjoyed Anandita’s performance.
    My daughter kept commenting on how cool the air was!!
    Thank you for coming to Hamilton!!

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