Day 2 & 3 – Enjoy VIDEOS & Stories – “Art & Spirituality” Tour in Mississauga

Reporting about “Art & Spirituality” Programs in Malls (WestDale Mall)

Paula, Burlington:

Anandita debuted at Westdale Mall Nov.25 and 26 and she was wonderful! Several yogis came, Carmen (our great organizer of this event!), Margaret, Ann, George, and a few others. Anandita articulately and fearlessly explained to the audience about the energy inside of them and gave about 20 realizations, and we all talked to a few people each and gave flyers to promote Square One and Glen Abbey classes.

One of the best moments was Anandita giving realization to teenagers, about 6 of them, they seemed to represent the united nations! The other students tried to coax them to leave to get back to school on time, but they were in the moment…and one of them told their friends to “chill” and continued meditating! Another friend filmed it, so he could remember how to meditate because he learned it as a child but had stopped.

A few people wanted to take pictures with Anandita in her beautiful Indian dress. She also spoke to a few couples who were visiting the mall and curious about her so she answered their questions and spoke to them and drew them in.

Anandita sang so beautifully it really made our Kundalinis rise up, I felt like I was melting into bliss from her voice! Near the end an older gentleman came and Anandita gave him his realization on the spot, and then sang just for him as he closed his eyes! But I definitely enjoyed it again!

We have many photos, they are coming! I encourage everyone to visit the last few opportunities we have in Hamilton, Whitby, Ottawa, Montreal, Oakville, Toronto and Burlington. I cannot emphasize enough what a great instrument Anandita is for promoting Art & Spirituality, and of course Sahaja Yoga Meditation among Canadians.  Thank you!!

Ricki‘s Video – Everyone dances Bhangra with Anandita in Westdale Mall, Mississauga

Carmen, Mississauga:

We have it even better yesterday Thursday November 26. There were a lot of people and more yogis came, Rikie, Hema, Maryana, Malti, Eron, Emad plus George, Margaret and Ann.

We had another group of yongsters and the people that work at the mall all of them very interested on what we were doing.

We danced all of us yoginis with Anandita, she played salsa and invited us to the stage so we all dance and that draw more seekers.

As the previous day Anandita gave  Self Realisation (meditation with the awakening of Kundalini) and she  sang while we meditated, it was just wonderful!!!

A gentleman was so impresed he was inquiring about Anandita performing at his Mall, he wanted the same thing done on his Mall.  Anandita gave him a card and referred him to Eron.

This time we also had a better sound, the Music could be heard in the whole mall!!

Afterwards, Malti, Margaret, Ann, Maryana, Hema and I took Anandita for lunch at a chinese restaurant and we were so happy there. I think Hema was filming not sure. Eron can also make a report for you.

Thank you, Carmen

Ricki‘s Video – Anandita’s Invitation to Dance in Westdale Mall

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