How was the First Day of Spring (March 21st) at Western University during the Western Students Research Conference??

Enjoy Shulin’s Report with Photos, Stories and Videos

You should know that there will be stories involving the Canadian Nobel Prize Winner, a beautiful Pow-Wow and even a few slides from the  Western Student Research Conference. Better pay attention to Shulin!
march 21 2015 - Western Uni Students Research Conference

Shri Mataji
We were invited to the 1st ever STUDENT RESEARCH CONFERENCE at Western university by my sister/yogini/friend Abi! I was super duper excited and proud to see her as the presenter, selected among other fellow high-­achieving students chosen to represent their faculty at Western’s first multidisciplinary faculty-student undergraduate research conference.
Ana Bianca - Title research
Plus, a great chance to spend an entire day to see what is university all about!  but we also harvested many more unexpected beautiful spring flowers on the way 🙂 The first sight about arriving at her university was Abi dressed in beautiful and professional suite as a presenter!
Ana Bianca and her poster research presentation
Wester university - First Conference for students
She led us into the conference building (the Student Success Centre) and to our great  surprise that  a Pow-Wow event is also happening in the same building!
So we got to enjoy beautiful dances and their handmade costumes during the intervention of the very-intense scientific reports. (I filmed some dances too!)
Pow-Wow at Western University

 We were so impressed to find out that there is such a powerful Native Indian presence in the London area as well at Western University. We had the chance to learn more and to connect to the young people that were present at the pow-wow.

Young native Indian Dancer at Western Uni

The entire conference was organized by students and was dedicated to the topic of Interdisciplinary Learning,  I got to see many university students researchers from different fields of academics, who have worked in teams and were presenting the results of their research of interest at the conference, medical, social, political and even music!

Ana Bianca presenting

The whole idea of  interdisciplinary is to have the vision not limited to one subject but in relation and connection towards different fields.
I love this idea as it is one step closer to the Sahaj oneness and the unity of all subjects in life.
(photo: Shulin and AnaBianca – friends & sisters yoginis – ambassadors for inner peace and self-realization)
And this idea was emphasized again in the panels/lectures with the professors who were advocates in university education of interdisciplinary skills. As well through the Posters displayed on this special day of March 21st:
Western Uni poster on March 21 2015

There was a great presentation of Dr.Cameron Norman, researcher at Ivey’s Centre of Health Innovation, University of Toronto that talked about the importance of Ana Bianca Popa - presenterdefining what one is passionate about, what we love, what we are good at instead of being permanently stressed out by our weaknesses. Then only we can make a difference in our lives, of course with lots of work and perseverance. Then I was very impressed by a playful professor Dr. Brad Bass, who was a Nobel laureate in 2007 with a loooot of other titles and positions. But he was very kind and patient, he expressed interest about Sahaja Yoga meditation in the correspondence we’ve exchanged after the conference as he is practicing meditation himself!  Also he so kindly agreed to connect our Youth Inner Peace -Life De-stress Team with one of his former student Abeera who started an annual conference to promote multiculturalism to Youth in Brampton. And he also wanted to come to my high school and offer the COBWEB workshops that he has developed to introduce “a conceptual framework for discussion complexity (attractors, resilience. collapse. sensitivity to initial conditions, self- organization etc.,)” And I have already sat up a workshop with him at Bronte Creek Project where I used to study and where our Sahaj team had ran a Inner Peace Workshop at the youth Seminar there.

Shulin connecting to prof Brad
I was also proud to see that he actually came over to Ana Bianca’s presentation and he listened to her and had shown interest in her research and kindly offered her his business card. We both, Ana Bianca and I would like to join prof. Brass at his summer courses about the COBWEB  revolutionary software, at Toronto University. We had even convinced our common friend Samantha (also a sahaja yogini from Youth team) to come with us!
Abi -before presentation
I had the amazing chance to connect and talk with another very inspiring professor Josh (from the panel hosted by Bridging Academic Minds) who expressed interest in Bridging Art, Science and Spirituality workshop at Western. He found the Sahaj view on collective unconsciousness and the innate nature of knowledge as a whole and unity very impressive.
So that was our day of March 21st – it revealed itself to be with lots of surprises and opportunities for us and we felt a lot of gratitude for knowing Shri Mataji who has brought us all together through Sahaja Yoga and taught us the holistic benefits of meditation and the essence of self realization . Annnd..  after such a rich and intense and long day we had a nice  dinner/family celebration with uncle Razvan, aunty Ioana and Abi at a middle eastern food restaurant .. yummy 😀


Let’s feel the great energy – what we call “vibrations of our Spirit’s Joy”  – and for all readers that practice sahaja yoga meditation for a while, one can experience the dancing of Kundalini energy  (that represents the reflection within us of the living energy of Mother Earth), while watching these videos. Enjoy &  drop a Comment!

More about Two Youth Ambassadors: Shulin and Ana Bianca

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  1. Kasthurie

    “Beautiful, Amazing, Wonderful work”

  2. Kruti

    This is such an amazing news. Youth bringing Sahaja Yoga to a whole new level in universities is just so inspirational. very interesting article. Congratulations to all the youths involved. So proud of you guys.

  3. Ish

    Proud to see my Yuva sisters doing an amazing job 🙂

  4. Elsie Kuly

    Shulin wrote a most interesting overview of the events at the University. Western Univ. in London is highly regarded – one of the best Universities in Canada.
    It was delightful to see Abi standing in front of her presentation board. She displayed a professional attitude – and also she looked elegant. I’m happy to note that one of the profs came over and spoke with her. Thanks for this e-mail, Ioana.

  5. paula

    What an incredible story, reported fearlessly by Shulin, and highlighting what strong advocates and examples young people can be when they are shaped by Sahaja Yoga. Abi with her amazing presentation was like a magnetic force bringing in more opportunities to connect Sahaja Yoga to everything else. I found the “interdisciplinary” themes so interesting, because of course, nothing is black and white, and everything depends on each other, so of course, all of it relates! As Shri Mataji has said, if we are one, who is the other? We have to accept and feel the truth that we are all connected and our words, actions, deeds can affect others in a very positive way, if we are true to our higher selves… Very interested to see what happens next!

    I loved the pow wow, I felt the power, and the oneness. We hope to connect with indigenious peoples more and more, it is no coincidence, that sahaja yogis feel so connected with them and feel their truth.

  6. Patient Guedenon

    I really enjoyed and encourage our sisters and brothers yuva-shaktis to keep on using every opportunity to spread Sahaja Yoga in academic environment. Many scientists don’t believe in God. It is a great ignorance for Science and God awareness mix so well.

  7. Rabi Ghosh

    Thank you for the full illustration. I keep on watching at these amazing tale tell photo events. Ana dear you look wonderful. All our love and wishes from India . Shulin this is amazing article. I keep on watching them and reading these wonderful pages.

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