Videos & Photo Story from Sahaj Latino-Indian Fiesta -Check it!!

Great Event for Kids ALL Ages

carmen-1See for yourself in  this article shri-ganesha-with sahaja yoga meditation festival in Oakvillethe beauty of  this explosive sahaj spirit that was reflecting the beauty of that gorgeous last weekend of the summer.

Even more, LISTEN  & WATCH 4 VIDEOS that are bubbling of Latino Rhythms & Indian rhythms.

Oakville was dancing and singing downtown allowing itself to fully surrender to the powerful spontaneity and creativity of Shri Ganesha – The Child Within that removes all obstacles! As you can see its image on the right hand side, seems that he was fully participating to our fiesta!

Salsa Sahaja Yoga Great Fun in Oakville  – 1st  Video:


And Yes! Kids all ages did come and took advantage of all was offered on the spot: Free Meditation, Chakra workshops, Kundalini experiences, learning and dancing Salsa, joining Bhangra, practising Dhandia Stick dance, getting cool designs with Henna while meditating under the refreshing Wellness Tent before or after participating to lovely Mexican traditional dances, listening or joining singing Bhajans dedicated to this subtle principle that sustains  our innocence, the wisdom of the common sense and the pure joy (all are qualities of the first chakra-  Mooladhara energy centre)

Bhangra Dance – 2nd COOL VIDEO!!

Sweet and Lovely Mexican Dance from Spanish Fiesta- Video #3

Super Dandhya Stick Dance –  Such a Collective Joy!!! – Video #4

“Cool Rhythms” Slideshow – Everything & Everyone is IN!

Even more “cool rhythms” videos will be made available soon, so check out in the next few days this link. Meanwhile I hope you’ve really enjoyed the slideshow that reflects the multi-facets of this very generous event, generous  not only in activities but also in quality energy: offering pure positive vibrations in community!!

Hopefully everyone after reading and watching what happened that day, had sincerely felt that we were all in fact joyful KIDS at this festival – that was ..

Simply celebrating the Rhythms Of Life .. So Sahaj!

Now let’s hear how you’ve felt about this festival … even only by watching the videos/photos..

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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    What reply do you want us to leave here! We are spell bound. No words.

  2. Amar

    Your dances put me in silence and simply in the joy of being present…


  3. Elsie Kuly

    the dancers were great – Salsa music terrific. Joy was in the air and passed on to me. I wish I had been able to be there

  4. Angie

    So beautiful Sahaj joy!!!

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