Thanksgiving with Barrie’s Feather Sky & Fun Yogis

 A Blessed Day in Barrie: Thanksgiving Sahaja Yoga Meditation Public Program & Seminar (October 20, 2013)

Feather Sky in Barrie - during Meditation by Lake Simcoe
Enjoy what we are sharing with this article: Thanksgiving with Barrie’s Feather Sky & Fun Yogis! After the public program, most of the yogis that teamed up for this event and that had arrived to Barrie from all corners of Ontario – had felt to go by the Lake Simcoe, and enjoy the water, the sky, the Earth in a “sahaj way”: collectively and spontaneously. We ended up by having a great time together with childlike fun (yes, we were caught on camera so this cannot be denied!), catching up with each other’s progress at the Free meditation classes in our own towns, also we had meditated by the lake, even took a footsoak with mantras as well . The nature was so cooperative and blissful. Enjoy the video below – and don’t judge us, feel the vibes instead! – we had a beautiful ‘sahaj time’ outdoors after a very beautiful and intimate sahaj time spent indoors during the Thanksgiving Public program offered in the Central Library, Barrie. We met with wonderful seekers, the vibrations at the class were so pure and clear, a nourishing ‘treat’  for our chakras and for our Spirit! Special thanks go to Igor our yogi brother from North York who played few meditative though joyful melodies on his accordion towards the end of the class. Everybody applauded; then we enjoyed some healthy snacks provided by the local Barrie group. Thank you everyone from Barrie and around!

Feedback by Email + Collected from Barrie Free Meditation Meet-up Group 

“Today we had a group of yogis come up from the Toronto area. I was looking forward to the higher vibrations and was blown away by how amazing they were.

I could feel wave after wave of energy rising up my spine into my head during a video we watched, and was profoundly happy.

Something big was happening inside me.

 I am looking forward to my journey with Sahaja Yoga, and going deeper and deeper into this energy force inside me.” Miranda – Barrie Class

Feedback - Barrie Thanksgiving Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Public Program - Oct 20-2013

“It was great seeing you today and seeing everyone! An amazing experience. It is making me want to go more in depth with things. I noticed on the website they have an online ‘course’ and I will be looking into going through them and seeing what I can learn. I think it was Jon’s message on the (R/Evolution testimonials) video that I resounded with, that he had always been searching for something, but didn’t know what he was looking for.

It feels the same for me. Just wanted to send out thanks to you and everyone involved in bringing this to Barrie!

How often do large groups of yogis get together to meditate like this? It would definitely be worth a drive to be part of! :)”  Miranda -Barrie Class

Sahaja Yogis caught on camera 🙂

Sahaj Thankgiving Day in Barrie – With Blessings from  Lord Krishna, the Patron of Ether (Sky) Element  

Another side of Shri Krishna is was that He was extremely creative. In His childhood, He did all these things, these pranks. When He was a child, He used to wear a small little piece of feather from the peacock.” Shri Mataji

(quote from a discourse on  Vishuddhi Chakra and Shri Krishna offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation during an international yoga seminar in Italy on 20/08/2000 )

– In the short quote above is described Lord Krishna, the great personality that had incarnated the qualities of the Vishuddhi chakra (represented by the American continent at the level of Mother Earth- also the element Ether which is known literally to be the clear sky,  the upper regions of air beyond the clouds. For more info check this link-article). Shri Krishna is the same with the Creator venerated by Native Indians and is known under many other names in different traditions. Basically it represents the divine principle that is awakened by Kundalini energy when passing through or own Vishuddhi  chakra (the subtle energy centre placed at the throat level) – when this principle becomes active within us all sub-plexuses will start manifesting their qualities (collectivity, diplomacy, divine discretion, detachment, sweet communication, genuinely loving and respectful relationships.. just mentioning a few :-). This is the reason that for clearing and/or nourishing this centre one will use mantras in Sanskrit invoking mainly Lord Krishna as well the affirmations / prayers may refer to Shri Krishna in a meditation focused on the inner growth at the 6th chakra level.. ) So having that one surreal feather on the Barrie’s Sky, above us, all yogis had been reminded by Shri Krishna. 🙂 and we felt inspired to share it here with everyone. 🙂

feather Sky transformation - photo by Shulin from Oakville Youth Meditation Program
Farewell Beautiful Barrie –  We stayed long enough to enjoy the Feather Sky transformation – photo by Shulin from Oakville Youth Meditation Program

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  1. Holly

    This was an amazing day to share with yogis from all over and especially with the newest ones from around Barrie.
    You could feel the hunger for knowledge in the new seekers during the Barrie class and also the surrender to the spirit!
    Thank you all for bringing collectively amazing vibrations to this native land to help our brothers and sisters grow in peace!
    Love and Peace,

  2. Draupadi

    So nice to see You all there!!! With Love from Austria!!!

  3. Glenn Pattison

    Looks like you all had a great day – wish you well for many more!!


  4. Shivangi & Nehit

    Had very good time in Barrie – Very deep meditation and Sahaja joy. Thank you Barrie team.

  5. letitia

    de fiecare data reusiti sa transmiteti multa bucurie.Multumesc pentru video si cer.

  6. Anjali

    Only in Sahaja Yoga, we can become so subtler as to notice the beautiful play of the elements – in this case the feather in the sky so show that we’re one with these elements and they are communicating with us. thanks for the picture Shulin!
    I really hope that seekers of truth find the Barrie Sahaja Yoga “class” and finally enjoy that which they have been seeking. Great work everyone

  7. Mohinder Sidana

    Had a great time in barrie
    Heritage park is beautiful
    Vibrations were so cool

  8. Sahaj

    I clearly see the feather and very sure of it’s significance. Amazing photography. Nice click Shulin.

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